Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Kevin Webster, Bomber Jacket king of Coronation Street

Type Kevin Webster into Google and look what comes up. Just look. Third one down, it's his bomber jacket.  Has there ever been such an iconic piece of Corrie clothing? It ranks up there with Hayley Cropper's red anorak and Bet Lynch's leopard skin tops.

Kev's bomber jacket even has its own twitter account - and fittingly, for such an outdated coat, the twitter account hasn't been updated for years.

Kev's coat has lasted well over the years. Does anyone know when it first appeared? It works well with beardy Kev...
...and clean-shaven Kev too.

It's indestructible.

And even behind-the-scenes it takes on a life of its own.

This is the earliest picture I could find of Kev wearing the big purple coat.

Of course, it's not the only coat that Kev's been attached to. In the Coronation Street book Access All Areas: Behind the Scenes at Coronation Street there's a chapter all about creating the look for characters.  In an interview with the wardrobe master about Kevin Webster they say that at the time of writing the book (1999) Kev was just about living in his leather jacket. 

The wardrobe master at that time says "Kevin Webster has had the same leather jacket since the day he arrived 16 year ago! Michael le Vell often points out to me that he's ever been bought a new coat!"

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Tvor said...

Heh. It makes more sense that the leather coat should have lasted all these years because they do. A cloth coat would have fallen apart by now I should think, if you wear it nearly every day as you would in reality. Obviously, it's a wardrobe piece that only gets worn during filming so it would last. Funny, when I picture Kevin i picture the leather jacket not this one.

Ancient corrier said...

I remember many many years ago, Hilda's old mac was so disgusting viewers beg Corrie to buy her a new one.

Newfy Pearl said...

I hate the bomber jacket...bring back the leather one!

Scott Willison said...


Anonymous said...

I had a manky jacket like that in the 80's - i gave it away to a jumble sale! Not cool, kev

C in Canada said...

Well it's not like he has a suit 'n tie job does he? The jacket suits the character, and nice to see characters use the same clothes again and again just like regular people do.

Alison said...

Bethany Platt wears one very similar!

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