Sunday, 7 February 2016

Corrie weekly awards for Feb. 1 - 5

Harassment award: Jenny has an unfortunate past but she's not a thief and there's no evidence. Yet Sally spearheaded a campaign of bullying all week, made worse by the incident with Jack which also wasn't Jenny's doing as proven. Can't blame Jenny for finally getting her back up and warning Sally off.

Rude Boy award: Aidan. He's always shouting and rude. Then he tosses Eva into the van like a sack of potatoes. And *then* he seems to have allowed *her* to pump the petrol!! Aidan actually had Eva pump the gas into the van??? In that dress? His excuse? He wanted to call his father again. Which he did continually until the hostess called him on his bad manners at a dinner party.

Rude Boy II: Richie O'Driscoll isn't much better. What right does he have to demand personal differences stay out of the factory, the factory that he doesn't own. If his orders aren't affected, it's none of his business.

Continuity questionable: I refuse to believe that Eva, stylish as she is, didn't know what a pashmina was.

Fashion and Entertainment WOW: Eva

Musical ambience: Aww, Sean played I Will Survive just for Mary! What a wonderful, supportive thing to do and she lapped it up!

Bluff Award: Aidan wasted no time calling Sally's bluff. Fire Jenny or I'll resign? See ya!

Campaign fail: Tim wants to be supportive of Sally but I think he'd be happier standing behind her on the podium smiling than doing any actual campaign work!

Lines of the week:
Norris to Jenny "Have you flogging sweets to children? That'd be like something out of Hansel and Gretel"
Rita "If everyone that Norris insulted dropped dead, I'd be up to my knees in corpses in that Kabin"
Dev "It's just concern" Mary "That's how Norris dresses it up. But the minute he gets the scent of scandal in his snout, he's like a pig rooting around for truffles"
Sally "You're no Mother Theresa, Rita, you work in a sweet shop"
Carla "Johnny, I'm not a pork pie and pickled onion kind of girl" (but she does like a bag of chips now and then) "Would you like a pashmina?" Eva "Oh yeah, yeah, I'll drink anything" Aidan "Make that two. No ice"
Eileen to Jason "It's a metaphor, ya plank. Read a book!" Jason "You first!" (Bazinga!)
Fiz "We're tightening our belts, Prosecco Boy, remember?" Tyrone "If I tighten it any more might rupture me spleen"
Carla to Johnny "If I'd wanted someone to fight my battles for me, I'd have picked someone bigger and scarier than you!"
Tim "You should get one of those candy necklaces" (re a steady sugar fix) Sally "Oh that's all I need, surgary spit in me decolletage"
Sally "I feel like I've been waiting for this all my life, it's like a Call to Arms"
Jenny about Sally "She's like a fly buzzing round me head. You know what happens to flies? They get swatted!" (Yay, Jenny's starting to find her spirit again, which may or may not be a good thing, at least for Sally)
Leanne about Aidan "He is totally smitten" Eva "Yeah, about piggin' time!"
Tim "My brain's like a finely tuned machine. Possible a bacon slicer"
Mary to her friends "Amongst you all the corpses of dead relationships must lie 10 deep. And I know you feel my pain" Erica "Well she's not wrong"
Erica "If all men were off the menu, it would be a very bland diet"

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Cobblestone said...

I'm sure Eva does know what a pashmina is, but in that dinner party context, it was such a strange thing to offer a guest an item of clothing that I'm not surprised if she thought it was also the name of a cocktail. For a moment I was puzzled myself. I mean, think about it: your guest turns up looking stunning in an expensive evening gown, and what's the first thing you ask her? "Do you want to borrow a shawl to cover yourself up?" It was at best odd or at worst, plain rude.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the posts - the pashmina was really weird - just because it's a diner party you can't glam out? I couldn't figure that one out and I defo don't like the new Aidan - they have turned him into such a mean spirited person - they really had to take the van which Eva couldn't get into, then she had to pump the petrol?? I think Aidan needs to be taken down a peg or two - let him go back to the charming character he was with a glint in his eye.
I cheered when Sally was told "adios". She really has let this whole council thing go to her head. I think we are in for some great laughs with that storyline.

Newfy Pearl said...

I loved your post. I agree that Eva would have known what a pashmina was - very rude of the hostess. I can't believe that Eva would be allow a man to treat her as Aiden has thus far. Sleeping with her on a bet, then manhandling her into the van, making her pump gas, and the list goes on.
Ugh watching them together makes me cringe.

Tvor said...

I took it that she offered her the wrap in case she was chilly, as everyone else had clothing covering their shoulders.

Aidan really is dislikeable.

Anonymous said...

Pedants' Corner - Eva didn't 'pump gas', she 'put some diesel in'.
Sorry, I'll get my coat - or should that be I'll get my pashmina? ;)
BTW I thought Eva looked stunning! Wish I had her figure.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Erica to spell out what is wrong with the women on this Street. That there is no excitement in life without chasing after men - what year is this?

Newfy Pearl said...

Anonymous 18:08 - I will assume you are the same person who corrects the grammar of others as well. I would be very interested to know how one puts deisel in a vehicle without pumping it. See as a Canadian we have both petrol and deisel available in our gas stations....both are pumped.

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