Sunday, 7 February 2016

Is Mrs O'Driscoll a nasty piece of work?

Does anyone else think that Mrs O'Driscoll might be involved in the smuggling ring in Coronation Street?

Polish Mrs O'Driscoll has, to this fan, come across as rather cold so far and a little bit sinister.  And as we now know, the mystery girl who Eva found in the factory is also Polish.  Might there be more of a connection between Mrs O'D and the slave girl Marta?

Julia O'Driscoll is played by Malgorzata Klara. She comes from Warsaw, Poland) and has appeared in several television series and stage productions in her own country and in Germany. The role of Julia was her first role in the UK.  Malgorzata is on twitter at @malgosia_klara

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Anonymous said...

What is this thing Corrie has against the Poles? Wasn't Elsie Tanner's son-in-law a Polish man who was depicted as and evil "foreigner"? Didn't Carla use and abuse some Polish illegals in the factory, one of whom died? So Polish people in Weatherfield are only victims or evil?

Joseph Billington said...

I think that she's pure evil. She is fully aware of the fact she is unpaid and is nasty. But, you never know, she may be her secret mum...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Corrie is against poles, I think it just happened that way, after all aren't the Corrie St. meerkats all Russian?

John from Corriepedia said...

Ivan Cheveski, Elsie's son-in-law, was always depicted as a thoroughly decent chap, a bit headstrong on occasion, but utterly devoted to his family.

coconno196 said...

Yes, all these storylines show Poles in a sympathetic light. Plus modern slavery and sex trafficking is an increasing problem, so it's good if Corrie raises awareness of it, though admittedly it isn't just Poles who are exploited, but other Eastern Europeans and many other nationalities.

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