Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Coronation Street's Top 10 baddies

With the return of Pat Phelan to Coronation Street, let's have a look back at some of the best baddies to have walked the cobbles.
1. Joe Donelli. In 1968 American GI Joe murdered Elsie Tanner's second husband Steve. He later held Irma Barlow and Minnie Caldwell hostage before killing himself.

2. Alan Bradley.  Stole Rita's house deeds, impersonated her dead husband Len and tried to suffocate Rita when she found out.  He was killed by a Blackpool tram in one of Corrie's most iconic scenes.

3. Terry Duckworth.  Sold his son Tommy and did a runner with the money paid to him to donate a kidney to son Paul. An all-round nasty piece who broke his mam and dad's heart, over and over again.
4. Jon Lindsay. The fake airline pilot who pretended to fall for Deirdre and she ended up in prison because of his fraud.

5 Jez Quigley. My favourite Corrie baddie, ever. Drug dealer behind the death of Tony Horrocks and manslaughter of Des Barnes.  Died while attempting to kill Steve McDonald in 2000.  Altogether, everyone... "Steven James McDonald... come on down!"  Camp as Christmas.  Watch the scene below.

6. Richard Hillman.
  Such a good baddie I even wrote a book about him!  Norman Bates with a Briefcase. Left Duggie Ferguson for dead, killed his ex-wife Patricia, murdered Maxine Peacock and tried to kill Emily Bishop twice.  Kidnapped the Platts and drove them into the canal. They survived and he died. 
7. Charlie Stubbs.  Abused Shelley Unwin. General nasty piece of work who took up with the wrong 'un when he started dating Tracy Barlow. She killed him with an ornament.

8. Tony Gordon.  Murdered Liam Connor after he found out Liam and Carla were having an affair while Carla was married to Tony.  Escaped from prison, set fire to Underworld and died in the blaze Worse still, he pushed Roy Cropper into the canal.

9. Frank Foster.  Raped Carla when she called off their engagement. Such a nasty baddie that his own mother killed him.

10. Pat Phelan.  Creepy and slimy and great fun to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Can Tracy not nip over to Emmerdale and bash Charlie on the head again. Wooden actor and a boring character makes a bad combination

Anonymous said...

I agree with you FN - Jez Quigley is the best baddie ever.

Maybe you should've included Tracy Barlow in the list, she's done things far worse than some on the list!

Anonymous said...

Need to add #11, John Stape

Tvor said...

Jez was awesome and knocks spots off most of the others, but yes, I'd add John Stape as an "also ran". He was certainly more bumbling idiot than baddie but he did kidnap Rosie, kill Charlotte, hide Colin's body, kidnap Chesney and also kill Mrs. Fishwick. Not very scary, I"ll admit but he did cause havoc.

Anonymous said...

'Worse still, he pushed Roy Cropper into the canal.' lol - he truly had bats in the belfrey that Tony ;)

Anonymous said...

Mary's quite scary i have to say! ;)

Anonymous said...


C in Canada said...

Tony Gordon is my favorite Baddie. Couldn't take my eyes off him when he was on screen.

I agree with Anon above that Tracey should defo be on this list!

Newfy Pearl said...

I can't believe Tracy Barlow did not make the list!!!!! C'mon!
She is listed as killing baddie Charlie Stubbs...Charlie never killed anyone. He even saved Sunita from a burning building and Roy from a bully.
Tracy deserves full credit. She tried to sell her baby, date raped Roy without the actual rape, made Roy marry her then divorce her, so basically made Roy and Hayley miserable. She slept with her grandmother's boyfriend because she thought he was wealthy. She murdered Charlie Stubbs while setting it up to make it look like she had been abused herself by him. She betrayed Claire and destroyed her trust in humanity. She mocked freshly dead Ashley.....
Really? Tracy is not considered a baddie! Kate Ford deserves to be on this list. IMHO

Kristine said...

I realize that Kate Ford is an actress who convincingly pretends to be Tracy Barlow. And a good job, as we all loathe Tracy. I have to wonder, though if Kate is regularly abused in the street by people who don't separate the actress from her character.

Rebecca said...

I was worried for a minute -- I thought you had forgotten Jez. I will always remember that "Come on down" line too. One of those guys I love to hate!

Christine K said...

I love Terry Duckworth, I wish they'd bring him back to the Street! You get so angry with him that you know he's a great actor.

Anonymous said...

What, no Callum?
Just kidding!

Rapunzel said...

I'm old enough to remember when Terry was more of a boundary-pushing rogue than an out-n-out baddie. He loved his Mam, had mates that he was (reasonably) loyal to and fell hard for Andrea Clayton. He then left for a while and returned with all traces of remorse and empathy permanently excised from his personality. He must have attended the same London School of Villan-ry that Tracey and Todd later graduated from ...

Laura said...

Add me to the list of people who can't believe Tracy didn't make this list. Mad Maya would also be a good "also ran".

Anonymous said...

Wasn't David evil once?

C in Canada said...

Ah yes! Demon David. I don't know if he really counts (mostly bad mischief), he hasn't killed anyone. But he did:

- send cards to Gail pretending to be from Hillman
- shoved Gail down the stairs and left her for dead
- Put 'E' pills in Bethany's doll causing her to be in hospital
- tried to sabotage Sarah's wedding to Jason
- most recently, covered up (literally) Callum's death.

I'm sure there's more I missed.

Anonymous said...

Jez certainly gave me the willies! :)

Anonymous said...

In David's defense with regards to Sarah's and Jason's wedding,she was no 'innocent' either with her lack of sympathy over his suicide attempt in the canal and framed him to steal the job in Milan by planting drugs in the salon.I don't think she even loved Jason but felt the Grimshaws 'owed' her a wedding after she was dumped by Todd who came out of the closet.
Even now,I think Sarah has become a villain due to her dating Callum to spite David despite her family's warnings but sadly like Tracy will never get her well deserved comeuppance like other villains in the past have.

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