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Monday, 4 February 2013

Coronation Street's connection to Richard III

With the news today that the skeleton of Richard III has been found in a car park in Leicester, it's time for a blog post revealing the connection to Coronation Street.

Yes, there is one, well sort of.  And I apologise if you came in to the blog in search of serious academic thought on the subject. Regular readers of our blog know we don't do serious very well.

So the connection between Coronation Street and Richard III is Gail Potter-Tilsley-Tilsley-Hillman-McIntyre.

And here's why - Gail might have had five weddings, but she's only had four husbands.

Brian was husband number one, Martin was number two and she married Richard III.

See all of Gail's five weddings with pictures here. 

I'll get me coat.

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Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Richard Hillman bashed his ex-wife Patricia's head in and buried her in the concrete foundations of his new flats...maybe the car park of the flats?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Vera Duckworth's claim to have been of royal blood.

Tvor said...

HA! Well spotted!

Anonymous said...

I always got a laugh when Vera Duckworth referred to the Prince of Wales as "cousin Charles".

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