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Monday, 4 February 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 4 February

Coronation Street, Monday 4th February at 7.30pm

TYRONE’S SURE HE’S FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE. Tyrone’s outraged when his solicitor suggests he plead guilty to the charges Kirsty’s made against him. He refuses but when even old friends like Sally appear to suspect he’s a wife- beater will he change his mind?
GAIL TRIES TO SALVAGE SOMETHING FROM THE WRECK. Gail’s the picture of misery and Kylie feels guilty. But how will she and David react when Gail tells them she’s going to have to increase their rent?
MARIA FEELS THE PRESSURE. Maria decides it’s time Beth and Craig found somewhere else to live.
Elsewhere Tracy starts at the factory and is appalled to find herself working for Kirk in packing.

Monday 4th February at 8.30pm

KIRSTY’S VITRIOL SPURS TYRONE INTO ACTION. Tyrone visits Kirsty and begs her to let him have access to Ruby. He’s astonished when Kirsty suggests he moves back in and they wipe the slate clean. Desperate to see his daughter, will he agree or will he decide more extreme measures are called for?
AUDREY MAKES DAVID AN OFFER HE CAN’T REFUSE. As David and Kylie bemoan their housing situation Audrey offers them a surprise proposition. The couple are thrilled but how will Gail react to the plan which could see her pushed out of her own home!
MARIA’S PATIENCE SNAPS WITH BETH AND KIRK. Marcus and Maria enjoy a romantic evening until Beth, Craig and Kirk blunder in, ruining the moment. Maria’s had enough and tells them it’s time they found somewhere else to live.
Elsewhere Tracy enjoys winding Michelle up at the factory. Hayley’s suspicious as to why Sylvia has no money. 

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CanadianLovesCorrie said...

Beth, Craig and Kirk will be better off in their own space as their own family unit. I'm surprised that Maria let them stay as long as she did, particularly with her budding and complex relationship underway.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why are Beth and Craig still even at Maria's six weeks after they moved in "for a few days". Another tardis like home on the Cobbles.

Anonymous said...

Thank god I no longer live in the UK becuase if the justice system is anything like its portrayed on Corrie you could be arrested for looking at someone the wrong way.

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