Sunday, 19 April 2015

Interviews with the Coronation Street extras - Adam Bossons

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be an extra on Coronation Street, then wonder no more.

Canadian Coronation Street fan Christine Warren who runs the Coronation Street Fun Pages, has secured interviews with some of the extras on Corrie and has kindly given us permission here on the Coronation Street Blog to feature and link to each one when they are uploaded to her site.

This week it's Coronation Street extra  Adam Bossons. Read Adam's interview here.
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Coronation Street weekly update - April 19 2015

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Carla changed her name back from Barlow, legally and officially, to her other surname of Connor this week. I assume it’s to honour the love of her life Liam, rather than the Connor she married who went with prostitutes and bundled Leanne into the boot of his car.  She got cosy with Nick round her flaming fireplace this week, the two of them bonding over cake and business.

Speaking of bonding, Callum and Sarah go sub-duvet this week as she thinks she’s heading back to Milan and won’t see mi’laddo any more after a spot of how’s-yer-padre in the casa Platt.  But when Sarah doesn’t do some work that Uncle Stephen wants her to, cheeky minx Bethany lets Uncle Stephen know. He sacks Sarah and now Sarah and Beth are stuck. With no job to go back, they decide to stay in Weatherfield, and the casa Platt is getting awfully full.  Gail begs Sarah to take her daughter back to Italy but Bethany’s not having it and tells her gran: “Talk to the elbow, Gail, at least it’s got a point.”

Talking of points, Owen made his to Anna this week when he left her. He flew out to Portugal to stay with his ex-wife and Katy before heading to Aberdeen to start a new job. Anna remains as horrid to young Faye as she possibly can, forcing her to look after the baby that she still doesn’t walk. The baby does get named this week, Faye calls her Miley after that girl what does the twerping.

Talking about twerps, Tracy winds up Tony and tells him he should go after Steve’s share of the pub in return for the money he’s paid out for Steve’s wedding. She tells Tony to lie to Liz that Tony’s stony broke and sure enough, Steve offers his share in the Rovers to Tony. Tracy’s only doing this so that she can become the Queen of the Rovers together with Tony, it’s a plan that can’t, please Corrie, pay off. Not Tracy Barlow, not running the pub, please no.  The hotpot is already curdling.

Speaking of hotpot, Sean and Billy go out for a walk in the country and call into a pub for some lunch. They like the look of the place and decide to stay the night but when the landlord finds out that they’re a couple, he tells them the room has gone and he wants them out. Sean stands his ground and calls the landlord for what he is, a coward and a homophobe while Billy realises how much he loves Sean. In a lovely little scene on Eileen’s sofa, Sean invites Billy to spend the night there and the two of them kiss on the cushions.

Talking about cushions, Julie has more time to plump her own as she gets bad news this week when Dev phones her from India. He calls to say he’s staying out there for two months longer than he expected as his uncle has died.

Speaking about Julie and her sister Eileen (ok, so that link didn’t work), Adrian arrives to take Eileen out on a second date. He seems a nice sort of bloke, a fork-life driver. He’s ordinary, reliable and arrives to see Eileen with a bunch of flowers in his hand. Jason’s taking the new relationship in his stride, he’s seen enough of his mam’s fellas come and go. Meanwhile, Todd continues to wind his mam up pretending he’s Jeff from Dubai, a rich, successful and fictional online match that Todd’s made up for his mam.

Speaking of bunches of flowers, David gets suspicious when Sophie tells him that Gail’s been in to the shop buying flowers a lot in the last few days. He follows his mum when she takes a taxi with the bouquet, intrigued to know where she’s going, there’s summat strange going on. He finds Gail in the cemetery and the flowers have been laid at Gavin Rodwell’s grave. It doesn’t take long for Gail to break down and confess all the daft shenanigans that have gone on and David knows everything. What he’ll do with the knowledge is anyone’s guess and he warns Andy in the Bistro that might just start blackmailing him soon.

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This week’s writers were Debbie Oates (Monday); Perrie Balthazar (Monday); Martin Allen (Wednesday); Simon Crowther (Friday); Chris Fewtrell (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

Glenda Young
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WIN: Tracy Barlow's heart-shaped silver necklace

You may have spotted Tracy Barlow recently wearing this gorgeous heart shaped silver necklace on Coronation Street. The lovely people at Jewellery Web are giving one lucky Coronation Street Blog reader the chance to win a necklace the same as Tracy Barlow's in a competition exclusive to us here on the Coronation Street Blog.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this gorgeous prize is to answer the following two questions correctly. The winner must also be following JewelleryWeb on twitter. Answers to both can be found on the Jewellery Web website.

Deadline for entries is Tuesday 21st April 2015 at 5pm.  This competition is open to UK fans only. Sorry, overseas fans.

Entries from Loquax, MoneySavingsExpertForum and all other competition entry websites will not be included.

Here are your questions, good luck!
Q1: How much does the Double Star necklace retail for?
Q2: How much do the Antique Pink Swarovski Square Earrings retail for?

Simply email the correct answers to both questions to me at with NECKLACE in your email subject line, before the deadline. One winner will be drawn from all correct entries received, and announced here on Coronation Street Blog.

Follow JewelleryWeb on twitter.

Good luck!

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Has Owen Armstrong returned to Coronation Street?

There was much excitement on twitter after Friday night's episode of Coronation Street, as a lot of fans thought that Owen Armstrong had returned to the show.  Not so!

The man who looked like Owen was none other than Corrie extra Jonny "G Force" Grimshaw. He's on twitter at and he once played the runner up in Corrie's Mr Gay Weatherfield competition.

Our blog team has met Jonny - and he's a smashing bloke. He says he might need a shave if people are confusing him with Owen! 

Read an interview with Jonny "G Force" Grimshaw here.

Glenda Young
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Corrie Weekly Awards for April 13 - 17

Got it Bad Award: Nick for Carla. She wasn't answering her phone but he decided to take a chance she was in anyway and he brought cake.

Name Game award: Carla keeps going back to Connor rather than Donovan. I suppose it's to do with business mainly.

Fashion don't. The hat is cute. But it doesn't suit someone Izzy's age. I don't even think Amy would like it!

Phrase of Doom award: Gail telling Nick "You wait until you have kids" and Nick replying "The best thing about that phrase is never having to hear it again" Oh dear.

Hypocrite award: Anna doesn't want Owen in her bed but she was shocked when he said he was leaving town and not coming back at all. She used Faye as an excuse but Faye's not Owen's kid and it isn't enough.

Only game in town award: Surely there are other corner shops or garages that sell cheap flowers for Gavin's grave other than Dev's?

Shock of your life award: David looking at a grave of a man he thinks is actually alive!
Pants on Fire award: Tony pretending he owes a loan shark.

Skulking award: David creeping after Gail.

Brotherly love: Nick does have the measure of David's cunning. Just like a corkscrew! And he's right! David needs to settle down and do what he does best. Scheme.

Pop Culture award: Sean telling the landlord not to check Trip Advisor!
Lines of the week:
Nick about the family dinner "I'll be on hand with a mop and bucket should any blood be spilled" (a very real possibility!)
Gail "We've not come here to be sniping and arguing. We can do that at home!"
Bethany about her mother "She is such a drama queen" (another one that gets it from her mother, then, both of them!)
Tracy to Tony "Would you rather be next door helping Old Ma McDonald put her rollers in"
Bethany "Talk to the elbow, at least it's got a point!"
Pub landlord "OUT!" Sean "Yes! And proud!... It'll be nice to get back to the 21st century!"
David "I thought *I* were the 'ead case of the family!"
Sean "Homophobia is alive and well and living in a pub in the Peak District. They do pub quizzes on Mondays. Stonings on Wednesdays"
Nick "This is about cunning, guile, fighting dirty and in that situation, there's not a man in the world I'd back against you"
Sarah "I've had a crisis but does anybody care?" (no, you brought it on yourself)

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Paula Tilbrook's Corrie roles

While I'm not a regular Emmerdale viewer, I do have some warm memories of watching it with my Nain when I was a boy in the late 90s/early 00s and so I was and am still fond of characters like Betty, Seth, Alan Turner and Jack Sugden. 

So I couldn't let the announcement of Paula's retirement go by without looking back at the various roles she has played in Corrie over the years.

They have all been minor roles, and so here are a brief synopses of each one:

In episode 665 (1 May 1967), she played a Customer

In episode 1351 (26 December 1973), she played Mrs Cleghorn, who rubbed Rita up the wrong way. See a synopsis of the character here.

She then appeared as Estelle Pimpton, an acquaintance of Annie Walker from the Lady Victuallers Society in episode 1741 (21st September 1977) who is amused that Annie's new carpet is from the old bingo hall!

In episodes 1978 and 1979 (17th and 19th of March 1980), she appeared as Olive Taylor-Brown, another friend of Annie Walker. You can see a synopsis of the character here.

Her final role was as Vivian Barford on a irregular basis between March 1991 and July 1993. Vivian was a member of WARTs and was an old friend of Alf Roberts who rubbed Audrey up the wrong way. She successfully persuaded him to re-stand as a councillor in 1991 against Deirdre. You can read a synopsis about the character here.

Soon after her last appearance on Corrie, she began her long stint on Emmerdale. Happy retirement Paula!

by Llifon

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Video: Billy the Vicar and Sean storyline teasers

Daniel Brocklebank and Antony Cotton, who play Billy the Vicar and Sean Tully on Coronation Street, were interviewed on ITV's This Morning, this morning.

The pair were there to talk about Billy and Sean's upcoming storyline in which they'll face a homophobic pub landlord who denies them an overnight room because of his homophobia. Sean will kick off big style, which will be good to see.

Daniel also recounted a homophobic incident in his own life that mirrors the one that we'll see on screen.

They talked about the future for Billy and Sean, saying that fans seem to like them together - but they revealed nothing regarding any future for their two characters, other than that the actors were having lots of fun and got on well together.

You can watch their interview here.

Glenda Young
Flaming Nora Blog / Twitter   

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Video: Melanie Hill on joining Corrie as Roy's new friend

Melanie Hill, who will be on screen soon in Coronation Street as Roy's new lady friend Cathy Matthews, was interviewed on ITV's Loose Women today.

They showed a clip of Roy and Sharif meeting Cathy on the allotment, which we'll see on Corrie on Monday 20th April.  

Melanie said that feedback so far has been great from fans. She's coming into Corrie to play Roy's friend. Cathy is a lady who has lost her husband and she and Roy bond over their grief, two lost souls together.  But does she have an ulterior motive? Cathy teased a little on that!

She said she's nervous about watching her first scenes and will be reading comments on twitter while drinking a large glass of wine to calm her nerves.  She's over the moon about joining Corrie and couldn't believe it when her agent asked her to go for the audition and screen test with David Neilson, who plays Roy. She says she's never been so nervous in all of her life.

She also announced that her daughter is expecting a baby and she's going to be a grandmother!

See also: Why Melanie Hill is the perfect actress to play Roy's friend.

You can watch Melanie on the ITVPlayer, her interview appears in the second half.

Glenda Young
Flaming Nora Blog / Twitter  

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