Friday, 30 January 2015

Corrie's Janice Battersby - indie rock's new icon

Sunderland Indie band Frankie & The Heartstrings are not just a great bunch of musicians and owners of the fab Pop Recs Ltd shop in Sunderland. They're also huge fans of Janice Battersby. 

This week, Frankie & The Heartstrings are on a tour of indie venues around the UK and tweeted that finally, one of their requests on the band's rider had been fulfilled. Yes, they finally got their picture of Vicky Entwistle as Janice Battersby!
Have a listen to the band's new single, it's a cracker.  And yes, I am a fan!

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Fab Photo Friday - January 30th 2015

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Well done to those of you who correctly said that last week's photo was of Kasia Barowicz. This week we've got a returning character for you and one who was so evil most people were glad to see the back of her. Here are Jenny Bradley and Tanya Pooley.

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Spot the Corrie prop - January 30th 2015

Congratulations again this week go to AmandaB who correctly guessed that last week's table lamp can be found in fake-Gavin's flat.

We move away from lighting props this week and ask whereabouts on Coronation Street you would find this row of colourful candles.

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 30 Jan

Friday 30th January
CALLUM PAYS MAX A VISIT. Katy takes Max to the café to give David a break. But whilst her back’s turned, Max runs out of the door. Outside Katy finds Max chatting to a stranger. The man introduces himself as Callum and assures Katy that he and Max go way back. What is Callum up to?
TOXIC TODD STARTS TO ENACT HIS PLAN. Eva confides in Todd that she and Tony are planning to view some flats behind Jason’s back and then when they find the right one, show it to Jason in the hope he’ll change his mind and allow Tony to give them the deposit. Todd listens, an evil plan forming in his mind. Knowing Tony and Eva are in the flat, Todd encourages Jason to pop home. As Tony and Eva pour over flat details, Jason walks in and demands to know what they’re playing at.
MADDIE AND NORRIS CLASH OVER CASH. When Norris short changes Maddie, she’s furious but Norris refuses to hand over the money, insisting she’s lying. Discovering the till is up, Rita returns the money to Maddie. Will Norris issue an apology?
ELSEWHERE Steve tells Michelle how he can’t forgive himself for the fact Sinead might never walk again. When Michelle later asks him to run an errand for her, Steve gets in his car but suffers a panic attack, admitting to Tyrone that he’s too frightened to drive. Chesney wades in and shoving Steve, blames him for Sinead’s injuries and demands some answers. Awash with guilt and self-loathing will Steve be able to defend himself?

Friday 30th January
STEVE AND SINEAD TRY TO LOOK TO THE FUTURE. Sinead’s depressed, convinced she’ll never walk again and will end up being a burden to Chesney. Beth assures her she’ll never be a burden and she needs to start thinking more positively. When Chesney arrives at the hospital with Agnes in tow, Sinead’s lifted to see her great grandmother. As Chesney sits on Sinead’s bed, he lays a hand on her leg. Sinead’s convinced she can feel something. Is she on the road to recovery? Meanwhile Steve attends his first session with the therapist. Initially he’s nervous but eventually he opens up and admits how he feels he’s let everyone down and blames himself for the minibus crash.
TODD’S POISON IS A BITTER PILL FOR JASON TO SWALLOW. Quickly covering the flat details, Eva makes out Tony gave her a lift back from town and she invited him in for a beer by way of thanks. Jason’s mollified. Jason confides in Todd how he found Eva in the flat with Tony and is convinced they were keeping something from him. Todd takes the opportunity to stir things and suggests it’s good they get on so well and spend so much time together. Jason mulls over Todd’s words, his jealousy growing.
MADDIE RUNS RINGS ROUND NORRIS. Sophie distracts Norris whilst Maddie picks up Norris’s mobile and dials the speaking clock. Norris remains blissfully unaware of their prank. Norris is furious to discover his mobile is connected to the speaking clock. Maddie and Sophie fall about laughing.
ELSEWHERE Anna and Owen row over his constant digs at Gary. Katy drops Max back with David and tells him about Callum’s visit. David’s uneasy.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Wonder that is Craig

Ever since his very first line, I have been enamoured of Craig Tinker. His first line was in fact, ‘Tracy had a go at me because I ate all the cereal.’

Beth and her son were staying with Tracy in a house owned by Steve Macdonald. Living there, in fact, until Steve evicted them all.

‘Love me love my rat Darryl,’ would be Craig’s mantra. Of course, we have had the ‘Rat runs riot in The Rovers’ which is mildly amusing, but Craig didn’t really come into his own as a character until the fire at The Rovers for which Craig believed he was guilty, and thus also guilty for the deaths of Toni Griffiths and Sunita Alahan.  

Colson Smith pulled off several brilliantly successful performances. At his young age, he managed to convey guilt, fear and horror. He left his mum, Beth, and her then boyfriend Kirk, a note to say that he would like them to apologise to Dev on his behalf, because he had killed his wife. The psychology and behaviour of a teenager suffering an all-consuming guilt, was so convincingly portrayed by Colson, and so far, I do not believe I have seen a child act so well.

At one point, I was in need of being convinced that Beth and Craig ‘worked’ as mother and son. Craig seemed to have a refinement that his mum lacked. Now, however I think the pairing of the two was an excellent idea. Children do not necessarily reflect their parents.

There is something about Craig’s appearance, his bulk, for want of a better way of expressing it, which draws the viewer to him. His rounded face and his red hair also evoke a warmth in the viewer towards him created by the boy’s vulnerability, perhaps due to the boy’s less than perfect physique. You do not need me to remind you of the intense pressures on young people today concerning their appearance. For girls, they must be skinny, before anything else and for boys, the six pack is what they are all supposed to covet. Craig is not there yet.

All that said, about the superficial, the appearance, the right clothes and of course, trainers, Craig Tinker/ Sutherland (?) has a charm which cannot be bought in Top Man nor can it be achieved by the use of rowing machines, a treadmill or the lifting of weights.

Craig’s likeability stems from his innate charm and kindness, along with his gentle, mellifluous voice. His friendship with Faye, his ability to talk to almost anyone and his quiet confidence also serve to endear us to him. His delight at being able to help Tim produced his beautiful smile.

Beth Sunderland, you are a lucky woman. No wonder you wear a C on your necklace.
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Bethany Britney Platt - a life in pictures

The new version of Bethany Platt has been cast, again, it's been revealed today. And so, before new actress Lucy Fallon takes on the role as Bethany we'll see later this year, let's have a re-cap of the life of Bethany Platt so far, with pictures and the help of Corriepedia and

Bethany Britney Platt was born on 4 June 2000 in Weatherfield General Hospital.  You can watch it on Youtube here.

This makes the returning Bethany Platt currently 14 years of age and she'll be 15 this June.

Bethany was born when mum Sarah was only 13 years old and in a relationship with schoolboy Neil Fearns, who turned out to be Bethany's dad.

Bethany was taken away to Milan with Sarah in 2007 so we've only seen her on screen for 7 years, but it's been action packed as you can see...

2000 - Bethany was kidnapped at birth by Alison Webster after the death of her own child to an infection.  Watch it on YouTube here.  Alison handed Bethany back to Sarah then ran in front of a truck and killed herself.
2003 - Bethany was given an electric shock when Sarah moved into a seedy flat with Todd Grimshaw. Gail called Social Services. Bethany was rushed to hospital.

With thanks to @AmyE1991 for this pic

2003 - Bethany was drugged and almost killed by being driven into a canal by Richard Hillman when he tried to kill the whole Platt clan. They survived and he died. Relive the whole Hillman horror here.

2003 - Bethany's dad Neil Fearns died

2004  - Bethany was kidnapped by Neil Fearn's mother, Brenda.  Brenda threatened to jump off the top of a church and was talked down by Emily Bishop.

2007 - Bethany took ecstasy and was rushed to hospital. David hid ecstasy tablets in Bethany's doll for Darryl Morton, but Bethany took one of the pills and had to be rushed to hospital.

2006 - Bethany was bridesmaid for mum Sarah at her wedding to Jason Grimshaw. This was the wedding where Jason got cold feet and ran away from the wedding through a toilet window.  Watch it on YouTube here. Jason and Sarah did eventually marry in 2007

In 2007 Sarah went to live in Milan to work for her uncle Stephen and she took Bethany with her.  We've not seen either of them since.  She divorced Jason Grimshaw in 2010 when he wanted to marry Tina McIntyre.

Also worth noting is that Todd Grimshaw hoped to adopt Bethany one day, while he was in his relationship with Sarah.  That is, however, before he tried snogging Sarah's brother Nick and having his fling with nurse Karl Foster.

Sarah refused to let Todd see Bethany after that, so it's going to be good to see if this is referred to when Bethany is back and if so, how Todd - and Jason - react to having both Sarah and Beth back.

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Meet the new Bethany Platt (Take Two)

Coronation Street have today unveiled their brand new Bethany Platt, as seen in this picture. She will be played by Lucy Fallon.  This is Lucy's first TV role.

Previously, the show was embroiled in awkwardness after the previous actress it cast in the role emerged as older than her casting agent had said she would be.

In coming weeks, Bethany will show up on the cobbles and be taken for drinks by Andy, who thinks she is older.  Having run away from life in Milan, Bethany's mum, Sarah, will have no choice but to follow her daughter to Weatherfield.

Relive the life of Bethany Platt, in pictures

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Julie Hesmondhalgh awarded Freedom of Hyndburn

Last night, Wednesday January 28th, our honorary blogger and talented artist Jo Blakely, attended presentation to ex-Corrie actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, who was awarded the Freedom Of Hyndburn.

Julie, who played Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, was described as "a wonderful ambassador" for Hyndburn by Councillor Ken Moss.

"The Freedom of the Borough is the highest honour we can bestow, and Julie Hesmondhalgh is most definitely a worthy recipient," he said.

You can read the official release at the BBC website.

Honorary blogger Jo, who is on twitter @PickledJo and has a website here, reports that:

"The evening started with a couple of speeches including one by the Hyndburn Mayor.  Julie then signed the book to become and Honorary Freeman of the Borough and was presented with a framed certificate and flowers..

Julie's speech was lovely, where she thanked everyone from her family, school, college, drama teachers, friends, pubs and local record shops.

Then there was a 'This is your Life' styled presentation and acts from some local schools including cheerleaders throwing each other into the air and doing back-flips, some 'Stomp' style drumming, a short play by pupils from Accrington Academy and Students from St Christopher's High School performing The Lion king.

The highlight was a group of young Am-Dram students doing The Life of Hayley Cropper in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Great little actors with a fabulous quirky script.

The show ended with Julie giving all the performers a fabulous motivational speech about keeping up their creativity, no matter what stands in their way.

A lovely night for a lovely 'local lass'. She gave away that she has a Lancashire Rose tattooed on her stomach, but it looks more like a rhododendron bush after having her 2 daughters!.

And my favourite quote of the night was that Julie has to be a believable actor to be a woman playing a man playing a woman."

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