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Coronation Street Double Episode Review 2 March 2015


At least Jenny is trying to put the past right, if it is possible to do such a thing. But is that what she’s doing or is she just trying to keep Rita sweet so that she won’t sully Jenny’s reputation further?

We might have guessed that Rita would refuse the £300 offered by Jenny. Not just because it’s £700 pounds short of the original loan, nor because a grand then would be worth more than a grand now.  Besides it’s not about monetary value and Jenny must know that. The money is just symbolic of Jenny having abused Rita’s trust, care and kindness. Can they ever restore their relationship? It certainly doesn’t look like it. ‘I gave you that money to go away,’ Rita explains. ‘Go away and leave me alone.’ Rita repeats, and tears up the cheque.

 Later Sophie calls into the Kabin and sees that Rita has been crying. Rita confesses that she is disappointed in herself and thought that she was a better person than she was in her dealings with Jenny.  Sophie decides to take her for a drink about which Rita is thrilled.

What a terrific actress Ellie Leach is. She plays the part of Faye with real talent. Anna thinks Faye doesn’t look well and because she is not eating properly either, Anna decides it’s time to take her to the doctor. The doctor thinks Faye should take paracetamol because she probably has a virus. Faye flies out of the surgery and tells her mum that she will stay with her dad. Faye is wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa at Sally’s. She is given honey and lemon but Sally will be sure to disinfest the cup after Faye has finished.

Craig calls in, but Faye shouts at him, ‘How thick are you?’ That is because he nearly gave the game away. He saw Faye and Anna hugging, after Anna had called her ‘a little treasure’, and assumed that Faye had told Anna about her pregnancy. Craig came strolling across to them saying he knew it would be OK, but before he could say anything else Faye had run off. Making matters no better for himself Craig says, ‘Don’t worry Faye – it’s not your fault you’re being nasty, it’s your hormones.’ This causes Faye to throw a cushion, a cushion in fact, just like the ones Dame Judi Dench has according to Sally and points out that, ‘We respect our soft- furnishings.’

Tracy gets her own back and bars Liz from Barlow’s Buys. ‘You can’t come in you’re barred!’ Tracy says with great relish. Liz says that if Tracy apologises she can come back to The Rovers. ‘I‘m waiting,’ declares Liz. ‘Well you’ll be waiting a long time and time isn’t really on your side,’ hits back Tracy, finding Liz’s Achille’s heel. She informs Liz that she and Beth are going to The Bistro where they have fusion food, not a vile brown dish with gristle and some old veg. Naturally the hotpot has to be defended and Liz steps up.

Throughout this exchange, Tony is looking less than comfortable, as well he might. Tony phones Tracy when she and Beth are having their Bistro night out but Tracy decides not to answer. That way she will be able to show Tony that she is not just waiting around for him to deign to call.
Despite his denials, maybe Owen is still attracted to Linda. Anna clearly thinks so and got dressed up last week. Owen is a little thoughtless in some of the comments he makes to Anna about Linda and maybe Anna is feeling insecure so is a little over-sensitive. Katy though is annoyed when Anna and Owen arrive in the pub and decides to leave to meet her mum somewhere else.

The real Gavin is understandably bemused.  ‘It’s not every day that a gorgeous girl turns up at my flat with her own key.’Steph arrives at his flat unaware that he has arrived back from his travels. He has no idea who Steph is but she can easily guess who he is. Even though there is every reason to be upset when a stranger arrives in your flat, with her own key, the real Gavin seems welcoming but has also just a hint of malice about him. Steph has a very quick cup of tea and also grabs the Bistro payslips addressed to Gavin.

It is fascinating that despite Andy not being Gavin and the fact that he’s been acting all along, he has actually grown fond of his ‘dad’ and is enjoying being part of the family. Now though, something has to happen. Surely Gavin and Andy will meet before long. And then, what about Michael?

Some might call Michael stupid for suggesting that David allows Callum to see Max. Others might think that by allowing Callum some access to Max, Callum may get bored and will stay away, when he begins to realize what fatherhood actually involves.

David is distraught over the Callum claim so he turns all his anger onto Michael. Nevertheless it is hard not to feel sorry for David, who is trying to manage Max, while both of them are missing Kylie. It’s so easy for Callum to arrive with ‘cool’ clothes for Max leaving frustration and dissatisfaction in his wake.

A highlight of tonight’s episodes is Norris on marriage. He doesn’t believe it is much to write home about. His experiences are as follows. His first wife was called Myrtle Hargreaves who seduced him with her milk puddings. According to Norris, milk puddings stand for the insipid, the dull and the uninspiring.

At Christmas in 1993, second wife Angela bought him a grey shirt, a grey sweater and grey trousers. He feared they made him look like a shadow. In contrast then Rita points out to the human dynamo we see before us today.
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WIN! Visit to new Rovers Return at Blackpool Madame Tussauds

The Coronation Street Blog is giving 10 lucky winners a chance to have a first look at a recreation of the nation’s favourite cobbles with a very special event at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

Closing date is Thursday 5 March 2015
Prize is only valid for Saturday 7 March 2015 at 10.30am – 12pm

On Saturday 7th March Madame Tussauds Blackpool will be unveiling its newly refurbished Rovers Return set and want you to be part of it. Current landlord Steve McDonald (actor Simon Gregson) will also be behind the bar to pull the first pint in the fully licensed Rovers Return set.

For the past 25 years Simon has walked the street and couldn’t be happier to re-open the Madame Tussauds Blackpool counterpart. He will be joined by many existing and former co-star’s wax figures in the set, including legends Ken and Deirde Barlow, Bet Lynch and Hilda Ogden.

New for 2015, Madame Tussauds Blackpool has a unique Coronation Street fan experience. Visitors can hire the newly refurbished Rovers Return for functions, parties, or even their wedding, tying the knot next to sweethearts Jack and Vera Duckworth. The extended set seats 86 people, as well as boasting a fully working bar.

To be in with a chance of winning a photo at the launch and meet Simon Gregson, simply answer the following question correctly and email your answer to with the subject line: Coronation Street Blog.  Closing date is Thursday 5 March 2015

Which Coronation Street character’s wax figure can be found at Madame Tussauds Blackpool’s Rovers Return
a)    Hilda Ogden
b)    Janie Battersby
c)    Mike Baldwin

Terms and Conditions:
The prize is for 10 winners +1
Prize is only valid for 2 people
Either the winner or +1 must be aged 18 or over
Includes free entrance to Madame Tussauds Blackpool, plus the chance to see Simon Gregson unveil the newly refurbished Rovers Return (at Madame Tussauds Blackpool)
This prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any other attraction or event
Sale of the prize for profit is prohibited
This prize does not include travel or accommodation
Prize can only be used as stipulated and cannot be exchanged for cash or used in any other way
Management reserves the right to refuse entry without prior warning

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More Coronation Street sets open on the tour

Exciting new additions are to be introduced to Coronation Street The Tour this Spring which will see the famous newsagents’ set return to the Quay Street studios.

From Saturday 14th March, the interior set of The Kabin will form part of the studio guided tour giving visitors the chance to see inside the shop which has been the centre of many dramatic, humorous and emotional scenes over the years. 

•    The design of this Kabin set was first introduced in 1990 when Rita Fairclough moved her shop premises onto Coronation Street
•    The final scene in this Kabin set was recorded on 19th December 2013.

The Kabin set is a much welcome addition to the Coronation Street experience and will join the other iconic interior sets from the show including The Platts, The Duckworths, Underworld and the infamous Rovers Return in the studio.

Out on the cobbles some of the exterior sets will also be opened up enabling visitors to take a peek inside Websters’ Garage which has been dressed to replicate what you see on screen and step inside Prima Doner to pose for a picture sitting at the counter and immerse themselves in the ultimate Corrie experience.

Coronation Street The Tour’s General Manager, Andy Begg said: “We are really excited to include The Kabin as part of the tour, it is one of the sets that guests really want to see and now they can! We are also sure that they will love the experience of going inside Prima Doner and seeing what it looks like on TV.”

Coronation Street The Tour will be open throughout 2015, tickets are available from

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My big, fat, Corrie themed wedding

For a real dedicated fan of any genre or someone with a strong interest in a particular culture or hobby, any event is a chance to indulge in one's fandom. I know several people that have had themed birthday parties and weddings including a wedding not that long ago where all the guests dressed up as super heroes!

I have always had a strong interest in the British culture due to a wonderful history teacher. Thus, Great Britain has been a favourite holiday destination, a frequent source of reading material (both fiction and non-fiction),  I have many friends there and I really enjoy lots of movies and television shows from the U.K.  Obviously, as this is a Coronation Street blog, Corrie is one of my favourite shows.

For my upcoming wedding, there had to be elements of Coronation Street. My fiance likes the show though isn't as much of a 'fan'atic as I am but we both love Doctor Who as well. Could the two be a successful mix? We say yes! My fella is a talented artist and he created this cartoon as our wedding invitation. There are also elements of steampunk inside and on the back is a mechanical "steampunk" version of Hilda Ogden's famed ducks.

We will be incorporating the theme tune to usher us into the reception and my fiance is even contemplating an attempt to mash up the Corrie and Doctor Who theme tunes together (he's also a musician).

I will *not* be wearing a pinnie, head scarf and hair curlers over a Bet Lynch beehive. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Have you incorporated special "fandom" themes in a wedding or event?

@tvordlj on Twitter.
(and those graphics are copyright G.D. Williams)

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 2 March

Monday 2nd March
IT’S A ROCKY ROAD AHEAD FOR THE PLATTS. Callum calls at No.8 with some trendy clothes for Max. David throws them back in Callum’s face and orders him to leave but Max holds onto a cap. Wearing the cap from Callum, Max tries on his wedding suit, but throws a tantrum demanding the clothes from his “real dad”. David’s heart breaks. Meanwhile with Gail and Michael’s wedding approaching, Steph’s worried as Andy admits he’s grown fond of the family and feels like he belongs. So how will she react when she lets herself into Andy’s flat and is confronted by none other than the real Gavin Rodwell, back from his travels!
FAYE’S SECRET IS ALMOST BLOWN. Faye’s struck down with a bad cold and fears her pregnancy is about to be discovered when Anna insists on taking her to see the doctor. Dr. Gaddas diagnoses Faye with a viral infection. Desperate to avoid further probing, Faye’s mortified when Anna mentions her weight worries and bolts out of the surgery. Will Anna realise there’s more to it? Meanwhile when Craig spots Anna hugging a tearful Faye, he assumes the truth is out. Will he blow her secret?
JENNY TRIES TO MAKE PEACE WITH RITA. When Rita learns of Jenny’s sleepover at No.13 she admits to Sophie that she’s concerned Jenny might be after Kevin’s money. However keen to prove she has no ulterior motive, Jenny calls in the Kabin and offers Rita a cheque for £300 towards the money she gave her. How will Rita react to her olive branch?
ELSEWHERE Tony apologises to Tracy for not backing her in front of Liz and suggests they meet up later but Tracy keeps him dangling. When Liz then pops into Barlow’s Buys, Tracy takes great pleasure in barring her. How will Tony deal with the two women in his life?

Monday 2nd March
A TERRIBLE BOMBSHELL THREATENS GAIL AND MICHAEL. A gobsmacked Steph stammers that she’s Andy’s girlfriend. As Gavin chats about his trip, Steph spots some of Andy’s Bistro payslips bearing Gavin’s name and stashes them in her pocket. Gavin explains how he lost his phone abroad so hasn’t had any messages. Unnerved, Steph makes her excuses and flees. Andy’s stunned when Steph informs him that Gavin has returned. Panicking that Gavin will find out how he’s been using his name and will kill him, Andy says he intends to tell Michael the truth. Steph advises him to face Gavin first.
KATY AND LINDA GROW CLOSER. Hearing that Katy’s meeting Linda in the pub, Owen decides to go along, keen to impress his daughters. Katy’s annoyed when Anna and Owen turn up in the pub, and decides to meet Linda somewhere else. Owen’s disappointed while Anna’s frustrated with him.
RITA REJECTS JENNY’S OLIVE BRANCH. Sophie finds a tearful Rita in The Kabin, regretting her confrontation with Jenny. Sophie takes her for a drink to cheer her up.
ELSEWHERE Max refuses to take off the cap Callum gave him. Gail tries to explain to Max how David is a proper father to him, but Max insists David is horrible. When Michael suggests it might be worth letting him see Callum, David goes berserk but later admits that Michael was right and he can’t find any solution other than letting Callum see Max. Gail comforts a broken David. Tim and Sally speculate over Faye’s row with Craig. When Tim jokingly refers to him as her boyfriend, Faye goes mad.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Watch: Spring spoilers for Coronation Street

The official Coronation Street website at have released a trailer video for this coming month's storylines on the Street.

The trailer teaser video shows the return of Sarah Lou, Andy and Steph lying to Michael in the build up to his wedding to Gail, Gail's wedding preparations, Linda setting the Armstrong/Windass clan against each other and Callum working even more to divide David and Max.

Watch it here - if you're in the UK.  Canadian fans, can you see these official ITV Corrie videos yet, or not?

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What's in a soap surname?

I've been thinking about this topic for a while but have not had the time or a motive to write about it. Well, today's the day. In Tvor's awards this week, Frosty asks why is Jenny Bradley referred to as Jenny Bradley instead of just plain Jenny. I don't know if they meant on the show or on this blog and other websites, but this led me to do this blog post.

Surnames are an important part of someone's identity, although not among Welsh people. Before Wales was invaded by England, a man's name in Welsh was connected to his father's (i.e. Gwilym ap Dafydd means William son of David). This wasn't used for women's names. So when the English invaded, they Anglicised the Welsh names with ap Gwilym becoming Gwilym's and then Williams. So suddenly the Welsh had thousands of people surnamed Jones, Davies, Evans, Hughes or Williams. So to differentiate they started calling themselves after their homes and that's how it is since. I don't know if it's the same in Ireland or Scotland.

In England there are some examples of this with Johnson, Michaelson, Nicholson and Jameson, but English surnames also come from various jobs like Baker, Barker, Cooper, Carter and Smith. So that leads us to Corrie.

Corrie characters' surnames are also very important to their personality. While we may refer to them as Elsie, Ena, Bet, Annie or Hilda, there is no doubt that their surnames of Tanner, Sharples, Lynch, Walker and Ogden are just as important. What I love about watching those old episodes is how in a row, Elsie and Ena or Annie and Hilda would use their full name when shouting each other. The same goes for men. Enemies Ken and Mike would always refer to each other not with their forenames but with their surnames Barlow and Baldwin. That may have been an imitation of the Ewing/Barnes rivalry of Dallas, but yet again it was a cold and impersonal exchange that provided us with a 20 year old rivalry. 

We are in an age now that everyone calls each other by their first names, regardless of age. In a couple of decades there probably will be no referrals to 'Mr so and so' or 'Mrs so and so'. Even in Corrie now, characters like Rita and Emily are referred to by youngsters with their first names whereas on Corrie 20 years ago they might have been referred to as Mrs Sullivan or Mrs Bishop. And certainly only a few people called Annie Walker or Ena Sharples by their first name 40 or 50 years ago. 

But Corrie characters' surnames aren't as important as they once were. We only refer to Maria, Fiz, Julie, Katy, Maddie, Sophie or Steph first names only. The age of a character's surname being of importance is slowly slipping away, in any soap. There are a certain generation of characters whose surname is an integral part of their identity - Pat Butcher, Pauline Fowler, Dot Cotton, Peggy Mitchell, Alf Roberts, Albert Tatlock, Martha Longhurst, Minnie Caldwell, Mr Swindley, Jack Sugden, Annie Sudgen, Eric Pollard, Alan Turner, Mr Wilks, Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels, Mrs Mangel, Meg Richardson, Amy Turtle, J. R. Ewing and Bobby Ewing.  

Pat Phoenix felt that Elsie's surname was such an important part of her character, that when the idea of her getting married was approached in 1967, she refused to have a new surname. So despite him being a Yank, Steve had to have a working class English surname! When she married Alan Howard, she took his name but returned to Tanner when they divorced. The same thing happened when EastEnders character Pauline Fowler remarried. Her portrayer, Wendy Richard, refused for Pauline to change her surname to Macer, stating that Fowler was an important part of Pauline's character. It has been revealed that Wendy Richard left the soap later that year because of the producers' decision for Pauline to remarry. So there are some people who have a strong view over surnames. 

So let me get this straight.
You want me to change my
surname again?! 
On the other hand you've got characters like Rita, Gail, Deirdre or EastEnders' Pat who have had so many surnames. Their surnames could show for how long viewers have been watching the show. If they refer to Rita Fairclough, they've been watching the show before 1992 or Deirdre Langton they have been watching before 1981 or Pat Butcher they've been watching EastEnders before 1995. Even Betty became a Williams after she'd been a Turpin on-screen for 26 years, and yet nobody was bothered. Emily's been a Bishop since 1972. If she would remarry now, would you be bothered? Or even Audrey not being Mrs Roberts? 

As for Jenny Bradley, I suppose she is being addressed this way because she is a returning character and we want viewers to remember her. Her father Alan was referred to as 'Alan Bradley' many times and probably to separate him from another Alan who was in the show 10-15 years earlier, Alan Howard. Over time I'm sure she will just be addressed as just plain Jenny.

So what's your view? Does a surname still hold an important part in a soap character's identity or is it a thing of the past?  

By Llifon

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Happy St. David's Day - Corrie's Welsh connections

Time to repost this lovely blog from blogger Llifon in honour of Coronation Street's connections to Wales for St. David's Day.

Hello all! As I'm from North Wales, I thought I'd delve into the Corrie archives to see the links between the soap and North Wales. North Wales and the cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Chester have strong links through tourism, shopping and retirement and Corrie hasn't ignored this link with characters referring to towns like Rhyl and Llandudno. As well as links through the characters, both cast and crew have links as well.

Firstly, those who were born in the region. Ian Puleston-Davies who plays Owen Armstrong was born in Flint; Huw Garmon who played factory owner Phil Dunbar in 2011 was born in Penmynydd on Anglesey; Iain Rogerson who played cleaner Harry Flagg between 2002 and 2004 was born in Wrexham; Wyn Bowen Harries who played Reverend Gerald Douglas (the Les Battersby lookalike who conducted Sophie and Sian's blessing) hails from Llanllechid near Bangor; and Sue Roderick who played barmaid Megan Morgan in 1989 was born in Porthmadog.

Two individuals who had links with Corrie passed away in North Wales. H. V. Kershaw, a writer, script-editor, producer and executive producer on Corrie between 1960 and 1988 retired to Prestatyn and died there in 1992 aged 74. Jack Howarth, who played Uncle Albert for 24 years passed away in Llandudno hospital in 1984 aged 88.

Those who have or had other links with the region include the following: William Roache (our Ken) was educated in Colwyn Bay, is a patron at a hospice in Llandudno and has a holiday home in Abersoch on the Llyn peninsula; Jack Howarth worked in the theatre in Llandudno and ran a cinema in Colwyn Bay where he met William Roache for the first time - both having no idea they'd work alongside each other for nearly 25 years on Corrie; Eileen Derbyshire (Emily) used to (don't know now) have a holiday home in Rhoscolyn on Anglesey; Bruce Jones (Les Battersby) had a holiday home in Conwy; and Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow) was ironically caught drink driving in Llandudno in 2008.

Various characters have holidayed or moved to North Wales over the years. Here are some that come to mind:

Frank and Ida Barlow holidayed in Colwyn Bay in 1961, weeks before her untimely death.

Irma Barlow moved to Llandudno in 1972 before emigrating to Canada.

Albert Tatlock and Ena Sharples holidayed in Llandudno in 1973 but Ena returned home early due to suffering a heart attack.

Mavis told a bemused Rita in 1976 about how she was proposed to by Sunday school inspector Mr. Eccleston while on a trip to Rhyl. He told her that if they missed the coach, they'd marry, but sadly they caught the train instead. Rita's reaction: "British rail - spoilsport". Mavis Eccleston has a ring to it doesn't it?

Fred and Eunice Gee honeymooned in Rhyl and Llandudno in 1981.

Hilda Ogden and Sally's uncle Tom Hopwood went on a coach trip to Rhyl in 1987.

Martin and Gail Platt honeymooned in Abersoch in 1991.

Emily considered retiring to Rhos on Sea in 1991 but decided to stay put in the end

The Websters and Rita holidayed on Anglesey in 1995.

John Stape hid out in Anglesey while on the run in 2011.

Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs went on the run to Anglesey in 2013. 

And last year Ken and Deirdre went on holiday to North Wales (despite filming being in rural Cheshire!). Ken proved to be a dab hand at speaking Welsh. And as a Welshman, his pronunciation was spot on! It also gave Ken and Deirdre one last chance to shine in a humorous storyline after William Roache's absence and before Anne Kirkbride's untimely death.

And to finish. In a classic scene when discussing what to do with her brother's inheritance money in 1983, Hilda said she'd like to go on holiday with Stan. "They say Lanzarote's nice" said Betty. "Oh no, we want to go somewhere further than Wales" said Hilda. Hilda thought the exotic Canary Island was in Wales and to me, that's very flattering! She probably thought it was near 'Landudno' (mispronounced as it's Llandudno).

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