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Taking Dramatic License

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Many viewers have expressed concerns about the grooming storyline. Bethany's story has definitely been quite controversial. Some think it's gone too far. Some hate that a corrupt policeman has been added for dramatic effect, saying that it could stop someone going for help in "real life". But people know this is a fictional drama, and though these things happen in life, most of the police are not going to be corrupt. This kind of situation is nothing new. Pimps have been seducing vulnerable young women for centuries. Bethany might not have been forced to walk the streets for her clients but Nathan is pimping her out just the same. Even though the vast majority of the police are trustworthy and do an admirable job, there have also always been a few corrupt police officers so why not introduce one to the storyline? Surely people watching have the sense to understand that it's still fiction they're watching on the screen?

Mind you, I should know better than to say that. I used to process the email that came in through the website. Flaming Nora can back me up here. There would occasionally be an email from someone that didn't seem to understand that what they were watching was acting. I remember when Alma died of cancer. There were a half dozen or more emails from people who really thought the actress was dying and how brave was it of her to portray Alma's death on screen. When the storyline aired in Canada some months later, in popped a few more similar emails. I guess there really are some people that get far too involved and confuse fantasy with reality.

Would it really be possible for a mother to disappear without a trace for 7 years, leaving a 15 year old alone as Denise did with Daniel? The financial aspect alone would make it nearly impossible. She had a breakdown, allegedly, so how was she getting the money to put in the bank to pay the rent and bills? Yet apparently she did that. So why didn't Daniel trace her through the bank deposits? Why did not one neighbour or friend find it suspicious that she hadn't been seen for years? Why didn't Denise contact Ken and send Daniel to him if she wasn't going to be around? Daniel wasn't too keen on having his father in his life, as we saw during that last time Ken saw him but rather than leave your child alone, she had that option. Daniel could only lie and cover for her for so long before someone would start asking questions. We complain a bit but more or less accept the storyline as given because it's fiction.

I'm finding it a little difficult to accept that a man diagnosed with terminal cancer only bothered to try to find a guardian for his daughter almost before it was too late. He knew he didn't have much time left, he told that to Billy when he first appeared on the screen about a month ago. Surely if you have cancer, even if you don't know yet that it's terminal, you would scramble to get your house in order especially if you had the guardianship of a child to worry about, and especially knowing she'd either go into care or be given to your homophobic parents if you didn't make prior arrangements or at least write a will and express your wishes there. Social services might still get involved under those circumstances but surely they'd lean towards a big hearted gay vicar over a mean spirited homophobic grandmother.

I can't say yet if this story is going to interest me much but I will say this, if Billy and Todd do end up with Summer, they had better find somewhere to live. I'm pretty sure Eileen isn't going to go for having yet another mouth to feed.

David finally found out Shona's connection to his late wife, the fact that her child is the one that killed Kylie. Naturally he went ballistic, particularly because he was finding that he was attracted to her and it was mutual. She went and ran off but I'm sure she'll be back and in the time honoured tradition of soaps, they'll eventually get together though it's going to be weird that Kylie's kids' step-mother is the mother of the man that killed their mother. My head hurts already!

We all know that Eva's been in full on Bridezilla mode, trying to get Aidan to propose. She's been dropping hints like the flower girl drops rose petals up the church aisle. He's not picking them up. Deliberately. He likes having it both ways, a gorgeous blonde in his bed and another beauty on the side. He can continue to make promises to both of them and probably enjoys the danger zone. Eva took desperate measures and proposed to him in public so what could he do but say yes! Just to cement the deal, Eva is now pregnant though of course, she wouldn't have known that before the proposal I don't think. What I do think is that I wouldn't put it past her to have placed herself in that position of the possibility of getting pregnant because that would be her backup guarantee of a wedding.

Eva's always been full-on with relationships, pushing them into the next step before the fella was ready for it. I think that's why she kept getting engaged and then dumped. When we first met her, she was licking her wounds after a broken engagement and was there not something about when she was staying in France (when the actress was on maternity leave), that she wrote to Leanne that she met a guy and got engaged? When she returned, she was broken hearted again. Those relationships start up and zoom through to that huge commitment stage far too quickly and that's her fueling the zoom bit just like she's done with Aidan. First it was the push to get him to move in and recently it's been the proposal anticipation. But while she's told him about the baby, she's also going to be plotting his downfall while he continues to gleefully juggle both women, making empty promises to each.

 We suspend disbelief in most cases when dramatic license is taken. There's no harm in that. Tv, movies, books, fiction. Sometimes the writers need to throw in a twist or two that might be a bit over the top.

What bothers me is the nit-picky stuff, or if a character is written to do something that we know they would never, ever do. (i.e. when it was discovered that Betty Williams pilfered all those bar glasses) We also stand up and holler if Corrie history is blatantly rewritten (Annie Walker couldn't leave the pub to Betty because the brewery owned it and did until Bet Lynch left and the Duckies bought it from Newton and Ridley.) Would one small neighbourhood have that many people that have had anywhere between 4 and 6 spouses? Would one small neighbourhood have a building bursting into flame every year or two? Sometimes, you just roll your eyes and get on with it.

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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Antony Cotton says he wants to drop dead on Corrie set

Antony Cotton, who plays Coronation Street's Sean Tully, has been speaking to The Express about  a potential exit story for his character.

"I literally want to come to work one day, however old I am, drop dead at work, cart me off, fine, gone. Just drop dead on set and let them deal with it, because it won't be any worry of mine will it. "They'll have no choice," he laughed.

He also said that while he loves his job at Corrie, he's been the same throughout his entire working-life.

"I want to work, I want to drop dead at work. I can't think of anything worse. I know it's different strokes for different folks, I'm not going down the pit and I realise it's not that, but I love my job, I've worked since I was a kid," he explained.

Antony also shared his fears about his luck running out and recognised the opportunities he's been fortunate enough to have throughout his career.

"If I have a week off work where I'm not in the schedule, I go mad. I appreciate that 90% of actors are out of work 90% of the time,” he said.

"It's one thing being over-worked and doing too many hours etc. But it's a whole other kettle of fish and a whole other set of problems if you're just never in work. I mean I can't think of anything worse."

Antony is busy supporting SSAFA - the Armed Forces charity that he is ambassador for - as they are busy getting its annual Big Brew Up campaign underway this month.

"The Big Brew Up is about people coming together, sitting round a table having a chat and having a brew. I think it's important because it's about families, not necessarily blood relatives but families which you’re a part of and I'm very lucky I have three. I've got my own, I’ve got my Coronation Street family and I've got my military family," he added.

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Video: Chris Harper on Nathan's comeuppance

Chris Harper, who plays evil Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's Loose Women this week.

Chris spoke about dealing with his character Nathan grooming Bethany Platt in one of the most controversial storylines in the history of the soap.

'He’s going to get his comeuppance," Chris said. "Bethany’s going to go on a very brave journey and we’ll all witness that,' Chris revealed.

And he explained why he took the role and wanted to do the storyline justice.

'The bravery of people who come forward and tell the law cannot be underestimated,' Chris said. 'It’s a real privilege to be part of the storyline. They have really cared about Bethany and about where her journey is going, and also about survivors and victims themselves and really wanting to get this story right for them.'

You can watch the interview here.

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Rosie Webster gets an eyeful when she's cleaning windows

Pic: The Sun
"If you could see what I could see, when I'm cleaning windows!"

Sorry, couldn't resist starting with a bit of a sing-song today. Well, it's Friday and all.

There's paparazzi pictures online this week showing Rosie Webster getting an eyeful while she's out on her window cleaning round.

The pics show Rosie confronted by an irate man in a dressing gown after she turns up outside his house to wash down his windows.

The Sun have got all the pictures.

Working for Tim, Rosie and Sophie have become the latest in a long line of Weatherfield window cleaners.  Find out who else has worked in the soapy soap of Coronation Street here.

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Where are they now? Corrie Icons of the 80s - Nigel Pivaro

We've come to the end of our week looking back at some of my favourite Coronation Street icons of the 1980s.  I hope you've enjoyed reading them. Next week we'll start on the icons of the 1990s.

Nigel Pivaro who played Terry Duckworth

Nigel played Terry Duckworth on Coronation Street from 1983 intermittently to 2012.

Since leaving Coronation Street, Nigel appeared in the film 24 Hour Party People (2002) and TV min-series Partners in Crime: The Moors Murderers (2013).

Pivaro says it was his own decision to leave Corrie  to pursue his own stage project and further theatre work. These included roles in The Tempest, A Taste of Honey, What the Butler Saw, Funny Peculiar, Bouncers, A View From the Bridge and. several new plays.

One play ‘No Further Cause for Concern’ was awarded a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival for best new production at the Fringe.

In 1992 he returned to his role in Coronation Street and has made regular returns to the show even as recently as 2012.

He became a mature student at the University of Salford and earned an upper first second class degree in Contemporary Military History. He then studied a Masters degree in International Relations at the University of Wales Aberystwyth.  Pivaro graduated in 2005 producing his dissertation into the causes around the rise of the Provsional IRA.

Following graduation Pivaro pursued a new career as a journalist working with the Manchester Evening News and getting his first front page ‘splash’ only 3 weeks later. A post-grad NCCT fast track course in Journalism was rewarded with a staff job at the Tameside Reporter.

While working at the paper he also managed to research write and present a documentary on the downside of Housing Market Renewal. Entitled the Regeneration Game for BBC 1 the programme was nominated for a Royal Television Society award in 2008 in the best documentary section being beaten to the award by Panorama.

Three more documentaries followed for the BBC Inside Out series between 2007 and 2009 He left the Tameside Reporter in 2008 to work freelance mainly with the Daily Star Sunday newspaper.

In 2010 Pivaro went to live and travel in Turkey before returning home to continue freelancing work.

Pivaro says on his website: “I eventually travelled out to Northern Syria in June 2012 then returned in October 2012 using the Turkish South Eastern province of Hatay as a jumping off point for Idlib province in Syria. This allowed me to produce several major articles for the Catholic Herald and for the Sunday Mirror.”

Visit Nigel Pivaro's website.

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Claire King signs up to another TV show

Claire King, who plays Erica Holroyd in Coronation Street, is leaving the show later this year. You can read more on that here.

And we can announce today that the actress has signed up to do another telly show.

Claire will be appearing in Channel 5’s hit show In Therapy in which she will talk about her hyster­ectomy and relationship battles.

A source told The Sun: “Now in her Fifties Claire is at a crossroads in her life and there’s plenty to reflect on – not only is she leaving the Corrie family which will bring a big life change but behind all the glitz and glamour of being famous, she’s also had plenty to deal with which hasn’t been easy.

“Caring for her elderly parents and being diagnosed with a lifelong painful illness in her 30s has made her face her own mortality from an early age.

“Claire has also had many low points in her life – she’s been depressed when work dried up when she hit 50 before having a facelift and she’s also facing a future without children of her own.

“When you’ve hit a certain age, you do naturally reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going…doing In Therapy means she’s able to express all that she wants to say on issues she’s experienced first hand which she hopes will resonate with some of her fans too.”

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