Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, two familiar faces return

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 4 August to Friday 8 August

Ken's back on Monday 4 August
Jim's back on Friday 8 August

Ken's back (oh! Ken!), Jim's back (so he is), Tony’s impressed by Todd’s underhand tactics, Tracy and Rob set a wedding date, Sinead’s bath bomb almost kills Kirk

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on Corrie.net

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Pics: Ken Barlow's return to Coronation Street

Bill Roache is back on Coronation Street next week when Ken Barlow returns from Canada. 

From Digital Spy

Bill says: "Ken is really happy to be back, he has had a great time in Canada, he's used the time to do things he loves doing, he has started writing poetry and become a vegetarian, things which he immediately gets stick about on his return from Deirdre and Tracy. But he wouldn't want it any other way."

Does he have any idea that something is wrong?
"Not at all, Deirdre is a bit evasive but there is no way he would have any idea what she has been hiding from him. He knows that Peter and Carla have split up but that's as much as he knows at first."

When does he first discover that Peter is in prison?
"He has been trying to go out but Deirdre has so far foiled him every step of the way as she builds up the courage to tell him about Peter's arrest. But when Deirdre goes out of the back of the house to get Eccles he decides to head to the shop where he bumps into Carla and she tells him the truth because he starts asking her if there is any hope for their marriage!"

What are his emotions about Peter? Does he blame him?
"As soon as he asks Peter outright and Peter tells him he didn't kill Tina Ken believes him. He looks him in the eye and totally believes what he says. It isn't just the blind faith of a father's love, he genuinely knows Peter is not the murderer."

How does Deirdre's decision not to tell him affect their marriage?
"Ken is furious but they have been round the block a few times and once they have had it out he forgives her. What he finds harder to deal with is that he is the only one who seems to believe Peter. He soon realises that everyone else, Deirdre included, think that there is a chance that Peter did it, even if they don't want to believe it."

What happens when Ken visits Peter in prison?
"What shocks Ken is that even Peter seems prepared to throw in the towel - for a time Ken is the only person who seems to want to put up a fight. He realises that Peter does blame himself, even though he didn't actually kill Tina he can see that he feels responsible which is one of the reasons that Ken genuinely does believe he didn't kill her."

Is he shocked by Peter's condition?
"He is shocked that Peter has admitted defeat so quickly and just seems prepared for the worst."

How does Ken plan to help him?
"Ken has always been a man who loves a cause, a mission, now that it is his own son he will stop at nothing to try and prove his innocence."

Does Ken even suspect that Rob might have something to do with this?
"Nobody suspects Rob, and Ken has no reason to think he was the killer, that is why Rob is able to get away with it for so long. What motive would he have? He has also played a very clever game sticking to his guns about Peter being the killer."

How does he feel about Rob being under his roof and being engaged to Tracy?
"There is something about Rob that Ken doesn't like, he has had time to win Deirdre round, but Ken isn't sure about him, that doesn't mean to say he thinks he has anything to do with the murder. The fact that Rob is so certain Peter has done it is enough to wind Ken up."

What happens when Ken tries to get Simon to visit Peter?
"The last thing Rob wants is Peter getting visit from Simon and getting any ideas about fighting the charges, Rob wants Peter to continue accepting his fate so he 'accidentally' arranges for a day out with Simon, Amy and Tracy, so Simon is not available to go to the prison. Ken has no idea that it is deliberate."

What is Rob's reaction when Ken hires a new solicitor and vows to find the real killer?
"Ken is fast becoming the thorn in Rob's side, if Ken hadn't returned and started this crusade to prove Peter's innocence Rob would have had no worries about the truth ever being found out. Now he is constantly panicking that Ken is going to unearth something that incriminates him."

How do you feel about being part of this storyline?
"Yes I am thrilled to be at the heart of a story which has been so huge for the show. Ken is linked in some way to all the main players, which is what the street does so well, it is the ripple effect and Ken is at the heart of it. He has always loved a challenge and it is great to show that side of Ken. But I am equally pleased with the great comedy story running alongside it where Ken and Deirdre go on a caravan trip to North Wales, it was great fun to film. This is what the show does best, great drama alongside laugh out loud comedy."

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 28 July 2014

Can it possibly get any worse for Nick? He is not just a man on the edge he is a man on his way over the edge. Predictably, at mediation, things don't go well and as they have been doing in the street, yelling and sparring, so they do in mediation. In addition Nick is having his card loaded on to a tow truck as he emerges from the unsuccessful session of mediation.

Despite the fact that Nick has been very badly behaved in his last few episodes, he does have cause to  feel hurt, supplanted and humiliated as he is, though this is not to take away from some of the unforgivable things he has said to Yasmeen concerning Leanne's past.  In full view of friends and family, Leanne has left him and taken up with the man who was initially helping Nick recover.

Nick also has his mother to contend with and his genuine fears about her being involved with a thief. That said, might it be the case that he is a little jealous of his mother's relationship and also fears it will distract from him and his needs?

The wonderful Steph, who seems to be the backbone of Just Nick's, is threatened with the sack if she doesn't work on her day off - madness! Steph is a real asset to Nick and rather than threatening to fire her should be cherishing the skill and competency of this very attractive and kind young woman who has had her own upset in her flatmate Tina's death.

She does work, showing great loyalty and recognising the need for her to stay, but she could have walked out. 'You're entitled to do as I tell you,' says Nick who seems to be hanging on to his sanity by his fingernails.

Later he spots his mum and Michael sharing a kiss in the garden which sends him into a mad rage. He  breaks the wing mirror and he throws plants and a stone to break the ice cream van window. The look on Gail's face suggests she knows only too well who did it.

Now to Faye, who has had a deal to put up with recently. Because of all the turmoil, it might not have been obvious what Faye has been getting up to. She is a little withdrawn and not her usual self.  She seems a little lost and asks if she can spend her time with Anna at the cafe.  Gary comes in and asks if he can sit with her. 'Free country,' she says. Gary's next line is terrific. 'Don't get all gushy with me.' he says.

Craig hears a spiteful rumour about Faye and sits with her in the cafe. Anna hears Faye jump down Craig's throat and seems to think that Craig - how very dare she? - is somehow responsible. Anna gets hold of Faye's  mobile and discovers that there are tweets saying that Faye has apparently been sleeping around and that nasty comments are being made about her.

Beth defends her son, quite rightly and Anna apologises to her. Tim is impressive in his wisdom too, saying that he has learnt from his 'many many mistakes' and Beth also, and they feel that to make a stand might make things worse. Who knows what is right in this sort of a situation?

Earlier Craig had been in The Kabin buying magazines for his mum. The magazines include stories about people unable to control their light bulb eating habit and others who claim that Diana's ghost lives in their fridge. 'Funny lad, but nice,' says Rita.

Great scene with Norris and Rita - Rita attacking Norris for giving out the silent treatment. She adds 'I'm tired of your constant recriminations, tired of you acting  like a spoilt child about who I spend my time with. All I see is a spiteful, jealous, misguided man.' Brilliant stuff writers - this is where Coronation Street really shines and tops the other soaps.

But, it looks as though Norris has a point, because in the pub Julie lets it slip that Dennis had asked her to kick him out, when Norris accused her of having kicked Dennis out and thus causing problems.

Just as Rita gives Dennis another try, it looks like Dennis might have blown it  - again! Rita discovers from Norris that Julie revealed that Dennis made himself deliberately homeless in order to play on Rita's sympathy.  Will this be it - finally for Rita and Dennis? Dennis brings flowers and Rita plays it cool. 'Have you taken leave of your senses? asks Norris. 'I know what I'm doing,' replies Rita.  As Elton Jon sings, 'Sorry, so sorry,' even Elton cannot help Dennis now.

Mary has been helping Roy in the cafe and hears that Yasmeen is keen to continue to fight for the library. 'The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,' states Mary. Roy rather disappoints her by saying it's only a library and not about evil, but then later finds his fervour. 'It's liberating to have a cause,' he says. Maybe he feels that Hayley is urging him on.

Roy finds a reminder of Hayley in a book and becomes very thoughtful.  Grief is like that. You seem to be coping and then one little reminder can fell you -and so it seems to be with Roy.

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Monday musings

I've just spent two and a half hours catching up with all the Corrie I've missed while I've been away. I don't often watch big blocks of it in one go and I must admit my eyes were going together by the end. Anyway, here are my musings on what I saw:

More Emily! I loved seeing more of Emily Bishop. Eileen Derbyshire is shamefully underused and as we saw last week, she is still more than capable of putting in terrific performances. It was a great reminder that there is a lot more to the character than meets the eye. One of the longest-serving and most loyal Corrie actors deserves many more moments like these.

Less Nick! As much as I admire Corrie for tackling the brain injury issue, I do think we've reached that point where things need to move on. "Angry Nick" isn't working for me, it's more than a little irritating and it became tired months ago. Nick seems to be fulfilling the nasty stunt quota previously carried by his brother David. Let's move on shall we?

A more spirited Gail. Although I'm yet to decide what I make of Michael, it has been refreshing to see Gail in a more positive storyline with an influence away from her family. I have enjoyed the scenes that show Gail realising there is a life away from meddling in the lives of her sons. I'd like to see this develop further - David and Nick really do need to bog off and let her live her life.

Annoying Andrea. I just can't take to this character. I feel so sorry for Lloyd, he has even less luck with the ladies than Steve. Andrea just hasn't gelled for me. Too much time is being spent on her when I would prefer to see Lloyd develop a relationship with his daughter Jenna (although the clock is now ticking on this one, sadly). Anyway, I'd ditch Andrea as soon as possible, she's trouble.

There's something about Mary. I like the calmer, less crazy Mary. She can be a very sweet, intuitive, sympathetic character when she wants to be. She just needs more of a grounding in Weatherfield. She still floats about, presumably living in that massive motorhome with no fixed employment. The writers need to invest in the character and create more interesting material for her.

Tracy Luv. How many times will Tracy sink lower than a really low thing and get away with it? Selling Uncle Albert's war medal was unforgivable. I know Deirdre let her have it, but as usual they will be empty promises. For a very moral programme like Corrie surely Tracy has had all her chances by now? She is morally bankrupt with no redeemable qualities and needs to get what's coming to her...and then leave.

And talking of bankruptcy...the Windass dramas continue. I think it is admirable for Corrie to take this storyline in this direction. It is about time food banks got a mention and Debbie Rush is wonderful whatever the script writers throw at her. I just feel enough is enough. The Windass family have dominated our screens all year now and we're nearly in August. I know there is a Faye storyline on the way now too so obviously there is not going to be any let up. Time to give someone else a chance?

What would Elsie say? Philip Lowrie leaving Corrie is just dreadful. A lovely link to the past and one of Corrie's most iconic characters, Elsie, very rarely even gets a mention. I still cannot fathom why you would go to the trouble to bring back a character like Dennis without a concrete plan of what to do with him. Marrying him off to Rita did neither characters any favours. I struggle to believe that the Corrie writing team couldn't come up with some interesting stories for a mature married couple finding love later in life. Such a waste. 

Ending on a positive note, I still love Kal's mum Yasmeen. She is spirited and tough and speaks her mind. Hopefully plenty to come from her. I also love Eva behind the Rovers bar. A very good character who could potentially be brilliant given the right material. I know this might be controversial, but I'm also really looking forward to seeing Jim McDonald back on our screens. I love this character so hopefully he'll be around for a good long time. 

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Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street, Mon 28 July

NICK HAS THE DAY FROM HELL. Nick and Leanne meet with the mediator but they’re soon trading insults and it’s clear they can’t agree on anything. Are they heading for court? Meanwhile Gail spends the day with Michael helping him clean up an old ice cream van. However Nick’s far from impressed with Gail’s hard work and as he tears a strip off his mum the two men square up to each other.
NORRIS DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON RITA. Rita agrees to give Dennis another chance but
makes him promise there’ll be no more lies. But when Julie lets slip to Norris that Dennis
insisted she made him homeless, in the hope Rita would take him back, are his days
CRAIG HEARS A VICIOUS RUMOUR ABOUT FAYE. Anna’s worried about a withdrawn Faye. When she then overhears her snapping at Craig, Anna wonders what’s going on.
ELSEWHERE Gary’s drawn to Alya.

NICK TAKES OUT HIS ANGER ON MICHAEL. Steph manages to drag Nick back to the bistro
before a fight breaks out but there he turns on her when she reminds him it’s her night off,
threatening to sack her if she doesn’t cancel her plans. Steph’s shocked, Nick’s a man on the
edge. Meanwhile Gail and Michaelshare a bottle of wine in the garden at No.8, their
attraction evident. When Nick arrives and spots them kissing he’s incensed and sees red.
confronting him in the Rovers she reveals she knows all about his little scam. Will Dennis be
able to talk her round or has his chance of forgiveness gone?
ANNA FEARS FOR A TROUBLED FAYE.Anna snatches Faye’s mobile and is shocked to read nasty online gossip suggesting Faye has slept with lots of boys. At first she blames Craig but it soon becomes clear he’s not the perpetrator.
ELSEWHERE Roy’s tearful when he finds a reminder of Hayley in an old library book.

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pics: Jim McDonald's Coronation Street return

The tabloids today reveal details and picturse of Jim McDonald's return to Coronation Street.  With Peter in prison, he goes in search of some booze in the big house - and it turns out Jim McDonald is the one who supplies it.

The Mirror says that Peter doesn't have to look far, as his cellmate tells him about a inmate known as the Landlord who illegally sells alcohol to the prisoners.

Peter decides to pay him a visit, but imagine his surprise when the bloke he is looking for turns out to be none other than Jim McDonald, aka the estranged husband of Liz McDonald.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Corrie Weekly Awards for July 21 - 25

Specsavers: Were those a pair of Deirdre's old specs?

Educational Fail: Eva thought the Plantagenets was a band.

Said the librarian to Mrs. Bishop award: Yasmeen certainly underestimated our Emily!

She's Baaaaack! Emily has the stomach for a fight. She's been fighting her whole life! Go, Emily, Go!!!

Action Man award: Petitions just aren't cutting it. Roy is going to take action and save the library!

Mind Your Own Business award: Norris, get out of Rita's affairs.

Rock Bottom award: The Windasses.

We're Not Gonna Take it award: Leanne is fighting back against Nick's vindictiveness.

Continuity fail? Anna and Owen left the house together, yet she came down the road putting her coat on and he was sat on the bench. What did he do, zoom out ahead of her just to sit down 20 feet away? She thought he'd done a runner? What?

Slap Line forms to the Left: Doesn't Norris have a face that just invites being slapped? (In real life, slapping is not on. And to be fair, slapping Norris would only give him more reason to be self righteous)

Lines of the week:
Tracy (about nail varnish) "I can't decide between bone china and movie idol" Deidre "I reckon both, then you could call it Bone idol" (Ha!)
Deirdre about Uncle Albert "He saved the lives of two men" Tracy "Really? That means the family breaks even in my books!"
Eileen "I never trusted her" Lloyd "The phrase you're looking for is I Told You So"
Deidre about Ken "Your father's never lived it up in his life"
Tracy "Nana Blanche listened in to more private conversations than MI6"
Emily about Ramadan "Is it just food and drink you have to give up?" Yasmeen "Also sexual relations. But quite frankly, I'd rather have the bread pudding" (her mid morning snack)
Audrey re government cuts "They'd cut your feet off if you stood still too long"
Nick "Fair's got nothing to do with this"
Kal about Leanne's declaration of love "It's not quite how I imagined it" (nothing in this relationship is!)
Steve to Neil "You're like a flippin' boomerang"
Steve "It's like having the choice between a Chinese burn and a poke in the eye!"

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Coronation Street weekly update - July 26 2014

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 2013
19 years in 19 e-books
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Available in UK at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Glenda-Young/e/B0077OXHBQ/
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Apologies folks, as there was no update last week and I forgot to mention that I was going to be away. I’m back now and so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Peter’s in prison, jailed for Tina’s murder and wearing the Coronation Street tabard of shame.  Deirdre and Tracy go to visit him, with Tracy being surprisingly caring towards her step-brother.  It doesn’t last, of course, this is Tracy Barlow we’re talking about after all.  When Uncle Albert’s World War I medal turns up in the Barlows’ house, Tracy goes and sells it for a couple of hundred quid.  Rob’s aghast at Tracy’s actions and tells her to get it back. It comes to something when the morals of a murderer are questioned by another murderer.  An interesting relationship dynamic, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Away from medals and murder, there’s a lovely storyline brewing between Roy and Yasmeen as they join forces with Emily to save the local library from closure. It’s a cause close to Roy’s heart especially when he finds one of Hayley’s old library books that he hasn’t returned since she died.  I’m quite liking Yasmeen, she’s the right side of feisty and a little bit dotty.  She even tries to get Nick and Leanne back together, to get Leanne away from her boy Kal, but it doesn’t quite go to plan.  Ah well, at least she tried. Meanwhile, Leanne and Nick start divorce proceedings and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Lloyd’s heartbroken this week when he finds out that Andrea’s married. Andrea’s husband Neil comes looking for Andrea’s new fella and gets confused, thinking it’s Steve, not Lloyd.  Lloyd’s being strong for now and refuses to talk to Andrea, telling her he wants nowt to do with her but she’s hanging on, desperate like, for now. She moves into the Rovers to stay with Steve and Michelle until she outstays her welcome and Steve gives her a list of B&Bs to ring round and move out.

Over at the Windass house, it’s all a bit sad. Owen is declared bankrupt in court and worries how he’ll get his business back on track now he can’t get credit. Gary says he’ll help. He’s a lovely lad, that Gary.  Anna has to visit a food bank to get the family groceries as she’s skint and there’s little money coming into the house.  And on top of all of that, the bailiffs storm into the house and start taking goods to the value of the debt owed by Owen.  Young Faye kicks one of the bailiffs, making dad Tim proud of her fancy footwork.  Tim and Sally offer to look after Faye while Anna gets herself sorted out financially but she won’t take their help, for now anyway.  However, if Anna thinks things are bad for them now, they’re about to get worse.  Faye goes to a party and when she returns home she rushes straight upstairs in a right old state. Oh dear. Grandma Anna and Grandad Owen are looking likely to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet again in the house, if tabloid spoilers are to be believed.

Also this week, Dennis is trying to sweet-talk his way back into Rita’s life and gets Julie to publicly make a scene in the Rovers pretending she’s thrown him out. Rita has no choice but to take him in, much to Norris’ chagrin. I do love that word.  When Rita finds out about Dennis’ plan to get back into Rita’s flat and her life, she’ll not be best pleased, just you mark my words.

And finally this week, Michael tends Gail’s front garden. Make your own jokes up, this one’s too easy.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Chris Fewtrell (Monday), Damon Rochefort (Monday), Perrie Balthazar (Wednesday), Jayne Hollinson (Friday), Susan Oudot (Friday).   Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/2008/11/exclusive-all-current-corrie-writers.html

Glenda Young
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A Perfect Duet - the Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper
With a foreword by Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper for 16 years

Facebook page for the book.

Available from FBS Publishers, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Waterstones.com.   Also available as an e-book.   

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