Monday, 21 April 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 21 April

MONDAY 21ST APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm
THE PRESSURE STARTS TO GET TO CARLA Steve overhears Carla tell Michelle that she will terminate the baby if Peter continues drinking - she can’t go it alone.  Simon tries to phone Peter and gets upset when Carla tells him Peter’s not allowed any contact. Blaming Carla for his dad’s drinking he runs out of the factory and seeks out Tina. Carla’s grateful to her for calming him down but Steve’s sickened by Tina’s duplicity. Can he bear to keep Peter’s dirty secret any longer?
MARIA’S LIES SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL Masquerading as Kirsty, Maria sends another text to Tyrone. Fiz grabs the phone and dials the number but hearing Maria’s mobile ring, David answers it.  Before he can say anything, Fiz shouts down the phone that Kirsty’s a twisted cow and she doesn’t scare them. Has Maria been caught red handed?
ROB AND TRACY GO ALL IN WITH TONY Rob and Tracy take delivery of a load of knock-off electrical goods from Tony.
ELSEWHERE Steve sets about making Michelle a birthday cake, hoping to impress her with his cookery skills.

MONDAY 21ST APRIL 2014 at 8.30pm
TINA’S FATE LIES IN STEVE’S HANDS Unable to watch Tina’s deceitfulness any longer, Steve confronts Tina in the Rovers backyard and tells her he knows about her affair with Peter.  Tina’s stunned. Will he tell everyone about her and Peter?
MARIA PASSES THE POINT OF NO RETURN Shocked with the knowledge that Maria has been terrorising Fiz and Tyrone, David tells Maria about the call from Fiz and is intrigued to know why she’s been masquerading as Kirsty. Intending to come clean she calls round at Tyrone’s but will she tell him the truth or lose her bottle?
SHARIF IS UNSURE ABOUT KAL’S NEW LOVE INTEREST As Kal shows Leanne around the gym, Sharif notices the chemistry between them and quizzes Eva. He’s not impressed when Eva tells him of Leanne’s chequered past.
ELSEWHERE Michelle’s touched when Steve presents her with a burnt birthday cake and Deirdre starts to come round to Tony’s charms and accepts a hair dryer from Tracy.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Connor McIntyre on playing creepy Pat Phelan

There's a good interview with Connor McIntyre, who plays creepy Pat Phelan in Coronation Street, in today's Sunday Mirror. 

Connor says he loves playing Pat Phelan and that he's a lifelong Corrie fan so the part is a dream come true for him.

Connor feels a lot of sympathy for Debbie Rush, who plays Anna Windass on Corrie.

He said: “This storyline can’t be easy for women to watch. I don’t think I’ll be getting invited to the Womens’ Institute any time soon. The torture must be ­particularly disturbing for females. For Debbie, some of those things must be very difficult to be involved in.”

Connor is ­currently studying for an MA in fine art at Plymouth University

VOTE for Connor in the British Soap Awards at

Read the full interview here

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Jimmi Harkishin to take break from Coronation Street

There's a story in today's Daily Mirror that says Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Coronation Street's Dev, is to take break from the soap due to exhaustion

The Mirror says that the actor is understood to be suffering under a relentless filming schedule and plans to go travelling with his daughter before she goes off to university

Show officials confirmed the actor was planning to take the time off after making a formal request with producers, but insisted he would definitely return after the break.

Confirming the break a Corrie spokesperson said this week: “It was agreed way in advance, and other actors who have been on the show a long time have done the same thing from time to time and taken a sabbatical.”

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Corrie Weekly awards for April 14 - 18

Pants on Fire award: Not only is Peter hiding his affair, he's twisting his lies around to cover his drinking again.

Off the hook for now award:
Phelan has given back the damning CCTV evidence. But who knows if he still has copies?

Mug award: Kevin may end up regretting letting Sophie and Maddie live under his roof.

Good old days award:
Maria is realizing she let a good man go.

Ambiance award: Living on a Prayer when Maria saw Jason and Todd in the pub.

In Bed with the Devil award: Not sure getting involved with Tony is going to be a good move for Rob and Tracy.

Bad Babysitter award: Of all the people to ask to keep an eye on Peter, Tina!

Do the Math award: Maria has an anonymous phone. We see her send a text. Tyrone gets a text he thinks is from Kirsty minutes later. Maria looks uncomfortable when she finds out. Do the math.

Lines of the week:
Phelan 'Ask not what your gaffer can do for you, ask what you can do for your gaffer.'
Simon 'Grandma Deirdre says that Peter can talk his way out of a room with no doors.'
Tyrone 'It is literally a drinking problem'
Carla to Simon 'I could tell you stories that could make your hair curl if it wasn't already'
Peter "Maybe I'm stick of this perfect husband routine"
Todd "When he was with you he was thinking of me" and "You're pretty, you're vapid and you're desperate"
Carla "Steve's with him" Rob "That's like leaving the monkey in charge of the bananas"
Mary "My single whip is a sight to behold"
Carla "Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink!"
Tina "Do you think there's anywhere else i want to be right now?" Peter "Dentist? having a root canal? Better t han being on alkie-watch"

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Out this week - A Perfect Duet. The Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper

Coming this week ....  A Perfect Duet. The Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper. By Glenda Young
With a foreword by Julie Hesmondhalgh (who played Corrie's Hayley Cropper)

An Unofficial Coronation Street Companion book. 

Published 24th April 2014 and available for order now here

For Coronation Street fans everywhere, the amazing and touching story of Roy and Hayley Cropper, from Hayley's arrival in 'the street' through to her sad farewell.

Relive their story through the eyes of  lifelong Corrie fan, Glenda Young, editor of The Coronation Street Blog.

Rediscover all those magic moments, the gossip, the highs and lows of this brave and ground breaking story line in Britain's best loved soap opera.

Join the Facebook page for A Perfect Duet 

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Pics: Coronation Street ducks in Manchester Duck Race

The Manchester Duck Race took place at Spinningfields in Manchester on Good Friday, 18th April 2014. 

In the Best Dressed Ducks, there were two Coronation Street themed ducks.  There was this fab Bet Lynch duck:

 And, of course, a Duckworth duck:

See more pics of all the ducks at their facebook page

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 18 April 2014

Carla reminds hungover Peter that if he drinks again, there’ll be no baby. He’s told he’s going to rehab, and in the meantime, Steve is hired to “babysit”. This seems ludicrous to Rob who equates it with putting the monkey in charge of the bananas.

Steve’s Buttercup Syrup holds no appeal for Peter who begs him for something stronger. His request is declined, and he is plonked in front Fleabag Monkeyface. When Steve’s shift is over, Carla insists on calling “safe pair of hands” Tina to mind Peter. Once alone, she asks if she pushed him over the edge, but he assures her that isn’t the case. Despite being encouraged to do so, Tina refuses to go home; “Look at me” he tells her, “Commit this to memory and get out while you can”. She says she loves him, but he calls it pity and tells her she’s messed up if she wants anything to do with him. After being continually referred to like a child throughout both episodes, Carla paying Tina for “babysitting” Peter is surely the final degradation.

Tracy wonders what the trigger is for Peter having fallen off the wagon and this has made Rob suspicious. “Cauldron bubbling is it?” asks Steve of Liz at the Rovers, as Peter’s fall from grace is discussed with abandon. “Three cheers for family loyalty” says Steve to Tracy and Rob as they toy with the notion of an affair. “Granny Mac” and Steve pleading the fifth doesn’t help dissuade Rob from thinking there might be something in it.

As Peter leaves for rehab, Deirdre’s parcel, containing everything from his Easter egg down to a threaded needle, has Tracy “losing the will”, though his sister is uncharacteristically encouraging as he says his farewell. The same can’t be said for Rob who assures him he’ll be watching him like a hawk when he gets back.

Despite Deirdre warning them about Tony, they seriously consider going into business with him on the basis of a 400% mark up, even though they’re aware he’s shady.

David complains that he should be home drawing “Easter type scenarios” with the kids rather than using an old hanger to clear hair out of the sinks in Audrey’s. From Tai Chi on the Red Rec to clinching kettlebells, Mary has a sporty do on her mind, but it would apparently be an act of vandalism to cut her crowning glory short. Her suggestion roundly rebuffed, Maria storms off. Audrey is angry at her attitude but gently encourages some perspective. 

Maria apologises to Mary whose offer of escapist romantic fiction is declined. After Todd arrives on the scene to goad her, and Kev has to break them up, Tyrone keeps Maria company at her flat. She shows him a snowglobe from Blackpool where he proposed to her at the top of the tower. It was the most romantic day ever, she tells him before leaning in to kiss him but he’s having none of it. “Beam me up” she says as she can’t believe what she’s done. She takes all the blame saying it makes her no better than Todd.  

After forcing Jenna to watch baby clips in Roy’s on Wednesday, Fiz is at it again with Liz who has no choice but to endure looking at photos of the kids. Liz is relieved to be released as Tyrone gets a worrying text. Maria calls in to see if everything is okay only to hear they believe Kirsty has been around. It transpires that they’re attributing a present and text from Maria to be from Kirsty. There’s a moment where Maria attempts to correct Tyrone, but instead lets him believe it is Kirsty; surely an uncharacteristic move. If she was thoughtful enough to buy the kids a present in the first place, and apparently cares so much for Fiz and Tyrone, why on earth would she lead them to believe they were under such a threat?

Concerned Rita learns that Dennis has been beaten up and Norris tries to talk her out of going to see him at Weatherfield General. After “Some ageing Jezebel tempts him with her daring do”, he can’t believe she’s even considering it. 

At the hospital Norris urges her to leave him like he left her, but to no avail. Dennis is thrilled to see Rita and reveals he’s sleeping rough again. Rita can’t forgive him for running off with “The G word”, and only came to be sure he wasn’t dead. Even citing W.B. Yeats on dreams isn’t enough to win her over, and even though she later appears at the hospital to pick him up, she leaves him in no doubt that the damage done is irreparable and he’ll be sleeping on the setee until he finds alternative accommodation.

Sporting her new sporty do, Mary can forget the pains of “sweaty follicles” and throw herself into a workout at the gym, striding beside Gail, who apparently has the waist of a Bronte sister. It transpires that Mary is more comfortable north of the belt however, as where methods of defeating burglars are concerned, a sharp elbow to the Adam’s apple is preferable to “A swift kick to the unmentionables”. If this conversation is anything to go by, it bodes well for humour as both prepare to take the self-empowerment class.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Fab Photo Friday - April 18th 2014

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. With the news this week that the big fella could be showing up on our screens again, this week's Fab Photo Friday slot is dedicated to Jim McDonald.

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