Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sarah Harding won't be returning to Corrie

Sarah Harding, who appeared as Joni Preston on Coronation Street last week, will not be returning to the show, says The Sun today.

Mr Curry Sauce told The Sun: “It’s safe to say Sarah’s Corrie career hasn’t gone as planned. Fans and critics have been pretty unimpressed with her acting. It doesn’t reflect well on Corrie, who have been accused of chasing ratings with gimmicks. They will not be getting her back and the general consensus on set is that this was a failed experiment.”

However, although she was only signed up for four episodes it was later reported that Sarah Harding apparently "wowed show bosses".  And she said she's been asked back to film more episodes later this year.  So perhaps this is the return that's been axed?

A Coronation Street spokesperson confirmed to The Sun: "Sarah was cast for four episodes in a cameo role for a specific storyline. There are no immediate plans for the character of Joni to return.”

Sarah also admitted that she was never auditioned for her role on the show.  "The producers YouTubed me."

I have one word in response to this news item: Phew.

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Tyrone, Kirk & Chesney’s charity golf takes place today

Tyrone, Kirk &Chesney’s Charity Golf Day and Dinner takes place today, 30th July 2015. 

The Coronation Street actors Alan Halsall, Andy Whyment and Sam Aston will be putting off at the Marriott Worsley Park in Manchester today. Anyone who has sponsored a hole on the pitch can decorate it how they wish and there are some corkers. One of the sponsors has placed a plastic pub on one of the holes!

You can follow the event today on the twitter account @Tyrone_KirkGolf

The event this year raises funds for the Calm Zone, a charity which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK. The Calm Zone twitter is also following the charity golf event and you can follow them @theCALMzone

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Who are your favourite Corrie friends?

Today, July 30th is International Friendship Day as decreed by the United Nations.

In honour of the day, who are your favourite sets of Coronation Street friends?

Here are some of my favourites but perhaps you can add to this list.

Steve and Lloyd

Rita and Mavis

Chesney and Schmeichel

There's also the potential for a wonderful bromance between Kevin and Tim.

And of course, the wonderful friendship between Minnie and Ena. 

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 29 July

A warm, dry welcome to this Wednesday review to escape the very wet weather you'll have been experiencing if you're up here in the North.

What started as a 'bridge' episode quickly turned otherwise, as the bridge collapsed.  Fiz, Tyrone, Roy and Cathy have organised a NOT double date. Assumptions that Cathy and Roy are now an item causes Roy to feel very perturbed, most likely because of Hayley.  I'm sure that we are all agreed that if Hayley could see him now, she'd be cheering him on with Cathy. She's probably writing her blessing in bright red lipstick on the big window in the sky. Cathy insists on making her 'Toffana Pie'-  her take on banoffee pie. Flustered because of the assumptions, Roy sharply sends Cathy away, claiming he is too busy to talk.

Roy: "I'll be doing a mango sorbet"
Cathy: "I'm not so keen on sorbet. I've always thought it's a bit of a con. It looks like ice-cream, feels a bit like ice-cream.
Tastes like toothpaste. Though...I'm sure yours is lovely..."

As Cathy readies herself for the dinner party, she spots a book she thinks Roy would like. Of course, it is wedged under a mountain of junk. As she pulls on it, an avalanche of items topples over. This is where the 'bridge' collapses. Over at the dinner party, the mechanic, the knicker-maker and Roy grow concerned as Cathy is now 45 minutes late. Thinking he had upset her earlier, Roy visits Cathy (it's a good thing he passed his driving test last week). He has to shout through the letterbox as the door is locked and Cathy can't move. She has been engulfed by years of treasured possessions (clutter). But it's not all bad. Cathy has been helping herself to some of the Toffana Pie which has fallen next to her.

The hero of the hour breaks the door down with a fire extinguisher he keeps in his car and rescues the woman who he is NOT dating. This is a very interesting storyline; rather comic on the outside but the further it goes, the more serious it becomes and I think tonight's episode was a catalyst for the storyline.

Cathy: "I'm not on fire"
Roy: "Oh no, I used this to get in the door. I keep it in the Woody.
Though not yet mandatory in private vehicles in the UK, in many European vehicles they are"

Eileen and Michael came down the stairs together this morning. In terms of soap cliches, everyone knows what that means. Michael is wearing a dressing gown which Gail bought him, which Eileen is secretly smirking at. She goes to make him a 'well earned' fry-no- grill-up. Later on, in the pub, Eileen can't resist rubbing salt in Gail's wounds. She stands at the bar, smiling at Gail in a patronising manner and draping her arms around her new man, Unfortunately, Michael doesn't see the funny side and leaves. I am absolutely loving this storyline. I'd be more than happy to see a Gail vs Eileen spin-off!
Michael: "Don't upset her unnecessarily"
Eileen: "Upsetting Gail has been my life's work. I've gotta get my pleasure somewhere"

Over at the factory, Sally and Alya are preparing for an important meeting. But something is troubling Alya. The smug-needs-a-slap-Sally patronises her colleague about facts and figures and falls all over the potential client, whilst Alya has to make a quick exit, looking sickly. Sally puts this down to a dodgy hotpot. Later on, a nervous Alya sits in a cubicle at the Rovers loos after yet another scornful lecture from Sally and unwraps a pregnancy test. But she can't do it. This is also an intriguing storyline and will certainly bring lots of questions.

Alya: "I was ill"
Sally: "Yeah, well, don't bother going to see a doctor. I diagnose a severe case of being out of your depth"

Elsewhere, Callum dispels Bethany's claims to Sarah that he is potentially cheating. I know Bethany is controversial, but I like her. She's feisty and devious.  I just hope her character is reformed or redeemed somehow and she matures. I am impressed with Lucy Fallon as Bethany recently.

Ken calls at the Rovers, telling Liz about how he is sorting out Deirdre's things. He has decided that she should have a piece of jewellery which Deirdre loved and inherited from Blanche. Just after, Tony turns up again, saying that he will sell his half of the pub back to Steve. Liz is far less than thrilled than this idea and Tony leaves, his offer in the air.
Ken: "Your friendship was everything to Deirdre"
Liz: "Well thank you, I will treasure this"

In most places, this episode was a 'bridge' episode but was largely entertaining in places. The highlight for me was, of course, the Gail/Eileen scene in the pub.

Thanks for reading.


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Guerilla knitters hit the Coronation Street set

The old Coronation Street set is being covered in knitted items thanks to members of the In Stitches knitting circle at the University of Manchester.

The MEN reports that guerilla knitters are decorating the street with knitted items including bees, trailing flowers and hanging baskets.  The group have been invited to ‘yarn bomb’ the old Quay Street set to bring some eye-catching new additions to the final few months of the Coronation Street tour which closes in December.

Charlie Hooson-Sykes, a 36-year-old executive assistant at the university, is the founder member of the group which began in 2011.

She said: “I wanted to meet other people who knitted and enjoyed crochet. With this project we are covering a post box and creating hanging baskets and randomly covering other things on the street.”

The art of yarn bombing, also known as guerilla knitting, is a type of graffiti or street art that uses colourful displays of knitting instead of paint or chalk.

Dr Gillian Sinclair, who works in computer science at the university, said: “I’ve always watched Coronation Street. My mum brought me up on it. I wasn’t even allowed to rustle a paper when we watched it. I haven’t told her yet that I’m working on it.”

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Cathy Matthews - what's she up to with Roy?

What do you think of Cathy Matthews so far?  The reason I'm asking is that I think there's a lot more going on with Cathy than we first thought.

When it was announced that Roy was going to get a new lady friend, I breathed a sigh of relief that the official press release said that Cathy wasn't being brought in as Roy's girlfriend. She's been a friend to Roy, they've bonded at the allotment and now she's spending time with him as his friend on the Street.

We know she's got problems, what with the hoarding and all, and in her way she's a lot like Roy too.  In a way, it's reassuring that Cathy is almost as socially awkward as Roy is, if not more so.  But will their friendship turn into something more, I wonder, and I have to admit, I think it might not.

And I'm not sure if I want it to. This isn't out of some sense of loyalty to Hayley, although I have that in spades, but it's because I don't trust Cathy and I think she's playing Roy - slowly and subtly. For what, I'm not sure. But there's something about Cathy that makes me wonder what she's up to with our Roy.

Paparazzi pictures released recently show Roy and Cathy enjoying a day by the seaside at Blackpool. They look happy together, eating ice-cream and having a paddle in the shallows. Why Blackpool, though?  Would Roy really take Cathy to his special place that holds so many memories of Hayley for him? I wonder if Blackpool is a special place for Cathy; perhaps it's where her husband and she used to go and it holds special memories for her too?

Cathy's a complicated character, more so than I first thought, and Melanie Hill is playing her superbly. Roy seems to be becoming rather irritated by Cathy of late, and I wonder if he'll try to pull away from her soon?

I'm intrigued to see where Roy and Cathy's friendship goes next, if indeed, it goes anywhere at all.

What do you think about Cathy - are her motives pure and simple and friendly or do you think there's more to her than first meets the eye?

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Win fantastic new Coronation Street prizes from Jumbo Games

We’ve teamed up with Jumbo Games, the Number 1 manufacturer of adult puzzles in the UK*, to offer two lucky Coronation Street Blog readers the chance to win either the brand new Coronation Street True or False Trivia Board Game OR the brand new Coronation Street 1,000 piece Double Acts jigsaw puzzle!

The Coronation Street True or False Trivia Board Game will test your knowledge of all things Coronation Street with over 750 True or False questions. Test your knowledge from Britain’s most popular soap and make your way around the board by answering the questions and earning extra bonus points to help you be the first to reach The Rovers Return.

The 1,000 piece Double Acts jigsaw puzzle will take you down memory lane as you piece together 38 famous Corrie double acts, old and new - perfect for all Corrie fans!

You can read our review of the new game and the puzzle here.

To be in with a chance to win one of these great prizes, all you have to do is answer the two following questions correctly and email the right answers to me at with JUMBO in your email subject line.

Two winners will be picked at random from all correct entries received. Sorry, overseas fans, this competition is restricted to UK fans only.  Deadline for entries is Saturday 1 August 2015 at 3pm. Winners will be announced here on the Coronation Street Blog.

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Here are your questions, Corrie fans - good luck!

1. From the Jumbo website, which town in the UK is the Jumbo office based?

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If you are not lucky enough to win, both these fantastic products are available on

For more information on the entire range from Jumbo Games visit

* Source: NPD FY 2014

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Coronation Street fan of the week - Daniel in Liverpool

It's time to meet our Coronation Street fan of the week.
Would you like to be our Coronation Street fan of the week? 
Find out more here!

I'm delighted that we are getting some of the new generation of Coronation Street fans of the week featured (with their parental consent, of course).  If you're a big Corrie fan and you're off school with time on your hands, email in to us and you could be our fan of the week too. If you're 16 or under, please ask a parent or guardian to email us too with consent for us to use your photo on the website! 

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Daniel Jones. I am from

How long have you been watching Corrie?I have been watching Coronation Street for 5 years but I have watched most of the old ones too.
Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
Liz and Tim are my favourite characters in Coronation Street because Liz is always getting in to trouble and Tim is so funny and forgetful.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
 I liked the storyline when Tina got killed because there was quite a few suspects it could be and it was real drama.
And what would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
My fantasy storyline would be that Kylie and David have another baby but then they have an abortion.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
 I have seen one of the members of Corrie and had my picture and autograph with them. Also I am going to Coronation Street the tour on Friday.
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