Monday, 5 October 2015

Corrie win three gongs at Inside Soap Awards 2015

Coronation Street have won three gongs at this year's Inside Soap Awards 2015.

The Inside Soap Awards take place this evening, Monday 5 October.  The results have been announced in advance of the ceremony tonight.

The three Corrie winners are as follows:

Best Actress - Alison King (Carla Connor)
Best Bad Girl - Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow)
Funniest Male - Joe Duttine (Tim Metcalfe)

The award for Best Soap went to Emmerdale, who did really well in the other categories too!  Emmerdale producer Kate Oates will be taking over at Coronation Street in early 2016. Read more on that here.

For a full list of all the winners, have a look here.

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Trick or treat on Coronation Street tour

Coronation Street the tour are offering fans the chance to have Halloween on the cobbles - and they're staying open until 1am!

The Corrie tour will be hosting a range of spooktacular activities this Halloween including "Trick or Street", spooky street tours, monster make overs and eerie experiences through the witching hour on Halloween itself.

Throughout Halloween week the Street will make a seasonal transformation as the homes are dressed in gruesome garlands and pumpkins are displayed in the gardens. Children (and adults!) are invited to dress up in their spookiest Halloween costumes to partake in "Trick Or Street" to discover what is lurking behind the doors of Numbers 9, 11 and 13 Coronation Street. Will it be a mischievous trick or a yummy treat? Trick or Streeting will be available Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and on Halloween until 9pm.

Discover all about the more frightening side of the street with special guided street tours. Guides will divulge the secrets from different crime scenes including the builders' yard where Rob Donovan pushed Tina McIntyre over the balcony, the location where Richard "Tricky Dicky" Hillman murdered Maxine Peacock with a crowbar and many more.

Audrey's Salon will also play host to face painting every day, throughout the week from 11am to 6pm, transforming guests into anything from superheroes to monsters; a small charge applies.

On Halloween night guests can take a tour into the eerie hours and experience the studio and the street at their spookiest. These tours are the same as our regular tours and guests will still benefit from the optional spooky street tours. From 9.30pm to 1am tours will run every half an hour.

This is the last chance to experience Halloween at the former Coronation Street filming site as the tour will be coming to an end on December 31st 2015.

Book tickets here. 

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Barbara Knox's 1973 album: On The Street Where I Live

While looking at some vintage Corrie episodes on YouTube, I came across these 11 audio clips of Barbara Knox (or Mullaney as she was called back then) singing from her record album, a year or so after she returned to Corrie in 1972. 

Back in 1964, Barbara Knox was playing Rita, who was portrayed as an exotic dancer but by 1972 in Corrie she was also a singer. Barbara Knox has often recalled that she was horrified when the Corrie producers asked her to sing on the show. In the soap, Rita's rehearsal went well and for many years, Rita was known as the Weatherfield Nightingale and she still gives us a song now and then.

In 1973, Barbara Knox was asked to record an album. It was called 'On the Street Where I Live'. I have to say that many of the songs are unknown to me, but it's great listening to them. Sadly, she was never allowed to promote the album, and so few were sold. So if you have got a copy at home, leave a comment below and tell us about it. 

You can listen to all the songs here.

The songs are:

You're Getting to be a Habit with Me - First heard in the film 42nd Street (1932), starring Warren Baxter and Ruby Keeler. It was later recorded by the likes of Petula Clark, Bing Crosby, Doris Day and Frank Sinatra.

The Very Thought of You - A 1934 song that was a popular recording by Bing Crosby. 

Embraceable You - A 1930 song that was recorded by the likes of Billie Holliday, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. Knox performed this song on the Corrie on the QE2 spin-off in 1995.

Who's Sorry Now? - A 1923 song that was a hit for Connie Francis in 1957.

I'll See You in my Dreams - A 1924 song that was recorded by Pat Boone, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald and Andy Williams.

I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby - A 1928 song that has been recorded by Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Doris Day and most recently Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

The Nearness of You - A 1940 song that was featured in Romance in the Dark. It was later recorded by Glenn Miller, Dinah Shore, Shirley Bassey and Nat King Cole amongst others.

Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love - A 1928 song by Cole Porter for the musical Paris. It's been recorded by Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? - A 1927 song that was a hit for Elvis Presley in 1960. 

Paradise - A 1931 song that was recorded by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

The Party's Over - A 1956 song that was recorded by Nat King Cole, Lonnie Donegan, Lesley Gore, Shirley Bassey and Doris Day.

It would be nice to know if Barbara Knox chose these songs herself, as they are 'Rita' classics. 


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Two new characters arrive in Coronation Street tonight

Two new characters arrive in Coronation Street tonight.

Aidan Connor's dad Jonny and his sister Kate turn up in Underworld. Aidan has some explaining to do to Carla when Jonny Connor reveals where Aidan really got his cash from to buy into Underworld.

Meanwhile Michelle chats to Jonny's sister Kate about her upcoming wedding to soldier Caz.

Kate Connor is played by Faye Brooks and Jonny Connor is played by Richard Hawley.

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Vote: Do you think Tim will turn up to marry Sally?

Tonight's the night for Sally Webster's 3rd wedding. But will there be a marriage? 

The previews for tonight's double Coronation Street show Sally in her wedding outfit waiting for Tim in the Bistro. 

"If you build it, he will come" is Sally's mantra, but will she get her man?

Will Tim turn up tonight and marry Sally? What do you think?  I hope he does.

Have a look at Sally's past weddings here.

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Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 5 October

Monday 5th October Part 1
SALLY CLINGS ON TO HER WEDDING DREAMS As Sally makes last minute preparations for her wedding, Sophie's amazed to realise that Tim hasn't backed down and Sally's just banking on him turning up. Sophie tells Kevin she fears Sally's having a breakdown, refusing to accept the wedding is off. Bumping into Tim, Sally begs him to change his mind and marry her. Tim warns her that she will be a laughing stock if she turns up for the wedding. Will Rita be able to convince Sally that she's on a hide into nothing with Tim and needs to admit defeat?
CARLA'S ROCKED BY A BLAST FROM THE PAST As Carla works on a tough client, she's unimpressed by a distracted Aidan, who's studiously ignores calls from his dad. She's later stunned when Aidan's dad Johnny and sister Kate burst into the factory demanding to see Aidan. Carla's further shocked when it becomes clear that Aidan hasn't been entirely truthful about where he got the funds to buy into the business.
THE PRESSURE MOUNTS ON TYRONE Tyrone heads to work at the crack of dawn, leaving Fiz a note. Tyrone's exhausted as they later take Hope to hospital for a scan.
Elsewhere Yasmeen investigates private prosecutions. Sharif urges her to forget Tracy and focus on helping Alya and Zeedan move on.

Monday 5th October Part 2
WILL IT BE WEDDING BELLS FOR TIM AND SALLY? In the Bistro, staff and guests alike are embarrassed for Sally as she stands in her wedding dress waiting for Tim. Sally's resolve starts to crumble when it becomes clear that Tim's not coming and as her guests desert her she's left stood alone like Miss Havisham!
AIDAN HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO Carla's incredulous when Johnny reveals where Aidan really got his cash from and rages at Aidan for lying to her. Aidan vows to make a success of his Underworld investment regardless of where the money came from, pointing out that Carla wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for him. But what will Johnny have to say about this? Meanwhile Michelle chats to Kate (third cousin) about her upcoming wedding to soldier Caz.
TYRONE LANDS HIMSELF IN HOT WATER Tyrone's exhaustion leads to a mistake at work. As he tries to pick up the pieces, Fiz struggles with the girls at home
ELSEWHERE Craig is stunned when Caitlin turns up on the street but does she have a good reason for missing their date? Will Yasmeen be able to prioritise her family over getting revenge on Tracy?

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Carry on Corrie Cabbies?

All in all it seems to have been a pretty good few weeks for our favourite cobbles-based drama. The live show delivered in spades and hasn't it been a joy to see Tina O'Brien shine, alongside Paul Lane and Jack P Shepherd? Weighed up against this though we have the somewhat uncomfortable reality that the 'Calum' storyline rolls on, even if the main protagonist is now underfloor insulation in Gail's granny flat.

However, the trials and tribulations of the Platts are not my major worry at the moment. Oh no. Something else is nagging away at the back and indeed, front of my mind. Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering troubled times. The question I ask is: What is to become of Streetcars?

Let's look at the evidence. Lloyd has already departed on the wings of love with gurning Andrea. We will miss him and to a lesser extent, her. We also know that Les Dennis is taking a break from Corrie for a few weeks so there will no Michael available for that all important airport run. Add to that the recent announcement that Simon Gregson will also be on extended leave stretching into 2016. By my reckoning that leaves Streetcars with no drivers and the office manned by My Lady of the Perpetual Joys, Eileen, and a half empty biscuit barrel. This does not make for a successful business.

Realistically, there is no reason why the disappearance of every staff member should be an issue at all. Streetcars could quite easily be written out of the Weatherfield narrative until Les Dennis returns. Much will depend on whether Steve McDonald is actually being written out or if the powers-that-be do an 'Ena Sharples' and simply imply that he is around but never seen (remember those wonderful mid-70s scenes where Ena would be represented by a twitching net curtain or a door closing followed  by someone bellowing 'Thanks Mrs Sharples'?)

Maybe Michelle could step into her husband's shoes but how she would be able to drive a car with her arms folded is anyone's guess. Ken used to be a cab driver so how about he dusts off that licence and takes to the road again? I'm sure there would be no issues in having a 76 year old hurtling down Deansgate at 12 mph. Cathy's at a loose end but you know that in charge of a car, she would be reversing into pensioners on every other corner.

We are used to characters being hurled into the Corrie Cupboard for weeks or months at a time. Now we may possibly get the chance to see an entire business jammed in there. Let's hope there's room for that biscuit barrel.

Or if all else fails, they could resurrect Alma . . .

By David Bridgman, on twitter @bridglondon

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David Platt: Weatherfield Psycho

As soap fans are well aware, the suspension of disbelief is necessary for the appreciation of any continuing drama. Where David Platt is concerned, however, it’s an absolute requirement. Few characters have taken to downright deplorable deeds and malicious behaviour with quite the same level of enthusiasm as this Corrie stalwart, who has managed to pack a staggering amount of deviousness into his 24 years.

The separation of his parents, and Martin starting a new family, hit him hard. As did Gail’s less successful attempt at moving on, when husband Richard Hillman nearly killed them all via a watery spin into the canal. The intervening years have been more flooded than Hillman’s Honda (may not have been a Honda) with scheming, violence, plotting and deception, often courtesy of David’s penchant for a lively hate campaign.

We’ve seen him send cards and flowers from deceased characters, agree to give false testimony in exchange for a bit of how’s-your-father, push his mother down the stairs, do time for smashing up the street after Tina dumped him…the list goes on.

When Kylie arrived in 2011, however, David started to show potential for normality, and it never looked more like he might have left his evil ways behind him. He wanted to settle down and start a family, and his love for Max indicated that he was maturing.

That was, however, until he learned Kylie had slept with Nick, and couldn’t be sure his wife's much longed for baby-to-be was his or his brother's. While many might wonder how they’d react or cope in such a situation, we could be pretty sure that David’s response was going to be spectacular.

His revenge included keying Nick’s car, and making the authorities believe there were drugs and watered down spirits at the Bistro. In an attempt to sabotage his brother’s relationship with Leanne, he ordered mystery flowers and planted both objects and ideas that lead Nick to believe she was having an affair with Peter Barlow. Finally, he undid Nick’s seat belt before causing a crash which put his brother in a coma and left him with lasting (ahem) brain damage. Despite his happiness at the baby being confirmed as his, he was disowned at Lily’s christening when his role in Nick’s illness was revealed.

After he was accepted back into the fold for the umpteenth time, things really began to look up. Many viewers, myself included, wondered if the dedicated, responsible family man before us finally heralded the end of Psychoplatt. Even when Camp Callum pitched his tent, David's response was a defensive one and rooted in genuine concern for his family.

Then Kylie killed Callum.

Through what was a compelling and impressive live performance from Jack P. Shepherd we witnessed an earnest and decisive David deal with the situation without any hesitation, consistently urging Kylie in the aftermath that it was “for the kids”.

The persistence of his family motives, and the fact that, well, Callum wasn’t a very nice chap who terrorised them for months on end, might have you believe that the new David is still in our midst.

But somehow, I think not.

To my mind, David’s reaction to Callum’s death and his burial under the floor, is more terrifying than anything he has been capable of thus far. I think this is because instead of being explosive or overly dramatic, it's cold, calm, subtle, unwavering, and consequently downright chilling. The coolness, continual gags and asides and utter indifference to the idea that his mother will be living in a room with a decomposing body beneath, makes you feel our very own Weatherfield Psycho is genuinely capable of anything. Indeed, the only things that appear to have upset him are that he can’t adopt Max or ever move house.

Hatred of Callum wouldn’t be enough to invoke this response in any balanced individual, and so we can only conclude that Psychoplatt’s Mr. Hyde is alive and well and merely residing in his own manhole until the situation requires that he be unleashed.

I’m perversely enjoying the fact that this is the case. Aside from facilitating his brilliant dead pan humour, it means he continues to be a complex character whose core callousness remains unchanged and who has the potential to do just about anything, making for bloody great viewing. Literally.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes 

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