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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 4 February 2013

Contrasting scenes tonight - doleful chez the Platt/Macintyres and chaotic at Maria's. Great cameo involving Craig, whose comedy potential must be exploited, when his rat escapes. 'Daryl's done one,' says Craig and Kirk adds to the comedy by stating that Daryl is 'a bit  of a free spirit'. It's too much for Maria who is traumatised by Daryl's making Maria's underwear drawer his new home. Later as Marcus and Maria are just settling down to watch a DVD, in walk Beth, Kirk and Craig. Beth proceeds to give a brief synopsis of the film which turns out to be the rat that broke the camel's back' in a true mixing of metaphors.

Very difficult times for Gail as she admits that she allowed 'that man' to drive a wedge between herself and everybody she loved. Audrey tells her that they are 'finished, broken, beyond repair.' Spotting Gail in the bistro Eileen cannot resist. 'What are you doing here? I thought you'd be up to your eyeballs in spaghetti.'

The proposal, or rather demand to put up David and Kylie's rent by £100 per week does not go down at all well. Gail orders that they can like it or lump it, always a mistake, so David decides he'll lump it. Though Gail suspects her mother of spite, it would seem a sound solution to allow David and Kylie to buy the property, thereby avoiding losing the house, but Gail cuts up rough.

So Tracy has actually managed a day's work. Done up as if she is going for a Vogue shoot, though admittedly she did look pretty good, she finds herself receiving instructions from Kirk, who is doing his kindly best as usual. As Hayley speaks of the warm glow of job satisfaction, Tracy points out that they are 'stitching knickers not finding a cure for cancer' which is true of course but her sneery attitude will not make her many friends (nothing new there) and there is much to be proud of in an honest day's work.

It is so frustrating and painful for Tyrone and the viewer to see Kirsty getting away with all her manipulation and engaging such sympathy from others. On his visit to her, she asks him to move back in and that way he would be able to see Ruby as much as he likes. Of course, we know Kirsty will eventually get her comeuppance but it is so hard to watch. As Tyrone says to Kevin, 'Everybody that I've ever loved I've lost - I can't lose her too.' Fiz is reassuring when she tells Tyrone that  they will find a way to expose Kirsty as the lying, scheming bully that she is. Tyrone is desperate and that desperation is encapsulated in the plan he reveals to Fiz at the very end of the episode. 'I'm going to take Ruby and I'm going abroad.'  

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I find the whole "the rat escaped" again thing getting tedious. It's been done 3 times before and isn't amusing IMO.
I find Sally totally annoying. Didn't she prostitute herself to her boss at one time in order to get more $$ so Rosie could attend a posher high school?
How is the faktry that was on the verge of bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago cannot keep up with all the orders they have pouring in? Bah.
Didn't they have Tracy in the shipping dept before or was it another character? Oh was Eva I think..another of Rob's birds getting on at the faktry.
Of course Tyrone will have to do his stint in prison as he and Fiz are caught trying to leg it with Ruby. ZZZZ.

Anonymous said...

Congratulationa on the correct use of the gerund (line 6. Good summary as usual, Ruth - well done!

Ruth Owen Varley said...

Thank you very much Anonymous.

Apologies for my mistake in stating that Gail wanted to put the rent up by £100 a week, rather than £100 a month.

Tvor said...

The rat escaped.. i wanted to see Ozzy lose his doggy mind and chase it, catch it and kill it! lol

ChiaGwen said...

Oh I loved that cute little Daryl in the bra cups.

Trying to imagine how the writers are going to unveil Kirsty as the true abuser? Didn't Kevin see those bruises on Tyrone once when he came back to work ....hasn't said anything about that.

Stephen said...

I'm not as bothered by Kirsty needing a come-uppance as I am by Tyrone needing to prove his innocence. In the long term, that's much more important.

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