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Monday, 7 January 2013

Corrie weekly awards, December 31 to January 4

Deer in the headlights award: Michelle is scared silly she'll get caught in the lies Rob's telling about the factory.
Gail's face just before Lewis kissed her!

It doesn't add up award: The factory is doing better than ever but the evaluation is suspiciously low. Use your noggin, Carla.

Pants on Fire award:
Rob is telling the slimy client his staff work from home. He doesn't have staff at all! Tommy lied and said he fixed Fiz's boiler to cover for Tyrone

Foot in mouth award: Harsh Star: Nick was a bit hard on Gail but it's true. She has had pretty bad judgment in men over the years.

Sacrificial Lamb award: Tommy's taking the blame for Tyrone.
Lewis is setting up Gail big time in retaliation for her part in his breakup with Audrey.

Protest too much award: Peter has Carla. Leanne thinks Nick is her future. But we all know he's a second choice.

The harder they fall award: Gail is flying high, head in the clouds

Deja Vu award: Lewis is using nearly the same scam on Gail he tried on Audrey at the beginning. And she's *still* falling for it!

Lines of the week:
Kirsty to Tyrone "I just don't like sharing you with anyone. Even her (Connie)" (Ain't that the truth!)
Emily "I think i'll have a drink with Norris and Mary. To be honest, I'd rather have the flu"
Emily on babysitting Ruby "Seeing as i thought i was seeing the new year in with Norris and Mary, it'll be nice to have some intelligent conversation"
Sally "You're such an idiot, Kevin" (Are you new  here?)
Mary re the pinata "it's a straw donkey and you  hit it with a stick and gifts fall out" Kylie "That's called aggravated robbery where I come from"
Nick to Gail "Who are you to give relationship advice with the succession of freaks and nutters you've had in your bed over the years!"
Mary bellowing "These chimichangas won't mariachi themselves out of the kitchen!!!"
Gail "He's Belevedere Normal, thank you very much" (Boy, she really is suckered)
Patrick about Lewis "As far as peas go, I'm more mushy and he's more petit pois"
Rita about Tommy "Heart in the right place. Head anywhere but"
Nick about Lewis "Men like him don't grow on trees" (that's no reason
Leanne "Why do you think it always comes back to you and me?"

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Loon Baloon said...

How about take some responsibility yourself award: Chesney acting like such a dick. Why didnt HE sort out the heating, he lives there too.

Anonymous said...

Because he's smart enough to know you call in a qualified gas guy.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Something was bugging me about no. 5, and this is what Corrienet says:

Address: NÂș5 Coronation Street
Phone number: 0161 715 4329
Current owners: Weatherfield Council, rented by Fiz Brown

Is it really council property - in which case,the whole story about the boiler is ludicrous. Surely not.

Tvor said...

yes it is a council house. When Don Brennan went to prison and subsequently died, the council took it over. I think Ivy left it to Nick but at the tender age he was, I think Gail arranged to sell it back to Don who later couldn't pay back the mortgage payments after the garage went under. I think the bank took it back and sold it back to the council.

Anonymous said...

One thing that annoyed me about this week was all the constant "You shouldn't have fixed that boiler" chastising toward Tommy from everyone. Its too over dramatic and repetitive. Plus it sounds like a public information film.

Mary Prankster said...

My question has been, what kind of gas are they talking about? Where I live in Canada, it would be so-called "natural gas", which, we're informed, is odourless, so a "smell" of sulphur (rotten eggs) has been added to make it detectable. Also, wouldn't the council have installed an inexpensive CO2 detector in the building as a safety measure, to protect the tenants, and to protect themselves against lawsuits?

ChiaGwen said...

Mary - good point....but of course if the odor had been added then there would be no story. Agree about the constant recriminations to Tommy - they might as well have publically flogged him.

maggie muggins said...

Mary, I think it was carbon monoxide, an odourless gas created by faulty equipment. It's not possible to add an odour to it because it's not the fuel put in the boiler in the first place.

There are detectors that can be installed in homes, but I don't think many people have them.

Mary Prankster said...

Thanks for the info Maggie. I realize I was confusing a gas leak with the incomplete combustion of faulty equipment (which creates the carbon monoxide). However, I'm surprised that the show's producers missed such an obvious opportunity to educate viewers about the benefit of a CO detector in the home, which would have alerted Fizz before the poisoning occurred. I have one. It was quite cheap and easy to install.

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