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Friday 18 May 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 18 May

Coronation Street, Friday 18 May at 7.30pm
KYLIE GOES BACK HOME. Nick finally convinces Kylie to come back and speak to David. Collecting Max he drops them round the corner, promising that last night will remain a secret. Kylie's grateful. At the Platts David’s ecstatic to find Kylie and Max on the doorstep, apologising for turning on her. Kylie's sorry too as she tells David she walked out because he hurt her and has been staying with friends while working in a bar. At the Bistro Nick acts surprised to see Kylie before offering her a job at a big civic dinner he has on Monday. Will Kylie accept and agree to stay? Meanwhile Eva now suspects Nick of cheating and when she finds last night's hotel bill she's convinced. Calling the hotel will Eva put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5?
TOMMY STARTS WORKING FOR RICK. With Tommy back at the garage Rick comes calling, explaining an associate will drop off a car tonight, his job is to put drugs behind the door panels. Tommy's horrified as Rick hands him a holdall packed full of drugs. Will Tommy agree to do the job for Rick?
EILEEN RELIVES THE EVENTS OF LESLEY’S DEATH. When Eileen reveals her plans to move away for a fresh start Sean’s gutted. Stressed out he has a run-in with Stella at work over his lack of hot pot making. With too much on his plate will Sean walk out of the Rovers and take the recipe with him?
Elsewhere Sunita lies to Dev that she's meeting a friend as she heads out on a secret date with Karl. 

Friday 18 May at 8.30pm
EVA DISCOVERS HER LOVE “RIVAL”. Eva's convinced Nick's been taking her for a fool but is determined to get more evidence before confronting him. David's working hard to fix things with Kylie but when she tenderly thanks Nick for bringing them back together Eva spots the exchange and becomes suspicious. When she then checks Nick's phone messages she's horrified to find a text from Kylie thanking him for last night. Shaken, how will Eva react?
TINA ALMOST CATCHES TOMMY IN THE ACT. As a nervous Tommy packs the drugs into the car he's disgusted by what he's doing. When Tina approaches he jumps out of his skin. As she questions Tommy about why he's working late will Tina realise what he's up to?
DEV INVITES STELLA AND KARL OVER FOR DINNER. Sunita's booked a room at an expensive hotel where she and Karl make the most of it. But when Stella calls Karl they're brought back down to earth and return to the street. At the pub Stella's counselling a glum Dev, suggesting he take more of an interest in Sunita's life aside from her being a mother. Agreeing Dev decides to invite Sunita's friends Stella and Karl for dinner. Will Stella accept?
Elsewhere Maria heads out on her date with the hot client from the salon Tim, how will the night end? Will Julie be able to convince Eileen to stay on the street?

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