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Sunday 27 May 2012

Corrie weekly awards: May 21 - 25

And this month's drink poured over the head award goes to Nick. Well at least it wasn't the traditional pint but why does every woman think that's the answer and the last word?

Greem eyed monster award: Jealous star: Eva turned them into really HOT pots, caused a near riot and all for a misunderstanding, then wore a top cut down to her navel to make him jealous. It may have worked.
Also, Lewis staring daggers at the Mayor for chatting up Audrey and Sunita fuming over Stella and Karl's romantic evening.

Papparazzi award: Well Nick did say he wanted the publicity from the dinner party!

Too big for your boots award: Stella is threatening a lawsuit against Sean? In who's fantasy court, I ask? He owns the recipe, it's his call where and who he makes it for. I still don't think she'd win in court but it sounds like he's giving it back to the Rovers anyway.

Unreasonable award: Not sure who's dug their heels in further, Peter or Leanne but I think Peter might have the edge there.
Kirsty's father was a bit full on wasn't he?

Pants on Fire award: Simon told the court officer that he hates his dad. Karl trying to get out of the dinner party at the Alahans.

Show off award: Dev singing karaoke. That whole dinner party was sick inducing. But then so is the Karlita affair.

More than you bargained for award: The surprise party was more of a surprise for Tyrone than Kirsty. Ouch!

You've changed your tune award: David's backed down, Audrey's offered him his job back.

High Standards award: Kirsty's father sure has strong opinions but to be fair, they sure sprung a lot on him out of the blue.

Fashion shout out. Lewis in yellow marigolds! Everyone else seemed shocked, too!

Lines of the Week:
David "There are some people that are supposed to grovel and serve. And there's me"
Tyrone "Beth wants to make a man out of Tommy" Kirsty "That explains the look of terror"
Sean to Stella "How many years did you and Betty go back?" (Yay! I still don't think there's a legal leg to stand on).
Nick to Eva "I don't do "mad, vindictive women" (he did do Tracy Barlow, however) and "you're not mad, you're unhinged!"
Stella to Karl "It feels a bit weird, trying to be romantic. Takes time to switch off" (If it's real, it's not that hard to be romantic)
Tyrone "I don't understand how someone who can love you one minute, can use you as a punchbag the next" (Like your mother you mean?) and "I'll work on trying not to get on your wick as much" (But he wasn't, really)
Leanne "You're just one big walking cliche"

Karl and Stella had their romantic meal in the downstairs sitting room. Whatever happened to that living area upstairs where Steve and Becky used to live? It appeared in the Rovers out of nowhere and it seems to have disappeared again or why would you have a romantic meal where you could be interrupted?

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Anonymous said...

I thought Lewis' eyes would pop out of his head when Eva's boobs walked into the bistro ahead of her. Quite funny actually. I love him and Aud cute.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Soap cliche 1: Drink over man's head. Not funny in the least. Imagine if it were a man doing it to a two-timing woman. Hilarious, eh?

Soap cliche 2: 'Why didn't you tell me about ...?' 'Because I knew you'd be like this.' Kirsty in this case, and probably Tommy to Tina next week.

Soap cliche 3: ' ... will never find out about us.' Cue someone earwigging in the toilet cubicle, or (Sophie) over the garden wall.

This might make a good blog?

Anonymous said...

Drink over the head:


Lazy, lazy writing and directing.

maggie muggins said...

Good to see you here, Tvor, seems it's been a little while. I like the Weekly Awards - they sum up the week in short, snarky & funny bursts, topped off by juicy Lines of the Week.

Har, that yellow marigold photo with facial expressions is cute. David & Kylie seem to slowly get nicer & slightly "normal", then go back to doing something really stupid & mean again. Can't see them staying nice, so wonder what's next?

It's so weird seeing Kirsty's Dad, David Lonsdale, being so nasty. I only recall him as David in Heartbeat. Those were hard scenes to view. And I don't think Kirsty will be nice overnight either. Again, been saying it for years - we need a psychological counselor on The Street!

Tvor said...

Thanks, maggie, i was on holidays. I caught up on corrie but it's a marathon catching up. I know what you mean watching Kirsty's parents. But it was very good as well.


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