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Saturday 26 May 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday May 25

Sunita and Karl's affair was on the brink of being discovered after farcical scenes when their steamy tryst at Dev's flat was interrupted by the unsuspecting Dev showing Kevin round the flat. 

Karl had to hid in true Brian Rix bedroom farce tradition while a flustered Sunita pretended she had been "spring cleaning". But Sophie's suspicions were aroused after she found Karl's wallet  on the sofa. 
Maria was set up with a handsome work colleague friend of Marcus's in The Rovers. They seemed to be getting on well but when she moved in for a kiss he  somewhat inconveniently revealed he was gay and more interested in Marcus.  She's not doing  too well on the date front at the moment, is she?
A defiant Simon (as ever lovely acting from little Alex Bain)  told the child custody officer he hated Carla whom he called a "witch" which drove Carla to offer money to Leanne to drop her fight for the little boy, divorce Peter and move away. Leanne was unimpressed.

After Kirsty's disastrous surprise 30th birthday part featuring her estranged parents  after which she assaulted  poor Tyrone once again, she opened her heart to Tyrone about her abusive father and he also talked about his unhappy childhood. But it's unclear whether their love will survive this latest setback. Kirsty remains such an unsympathetic character.  Let's hope this  issue-based (domestic violence) storyline doesn't drag on much longer and Tyrone find himself a nice girl who doesn't let her fists do the talking. 
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Great blog, Kathryn, agree with everything. I find it hard to be sympathetic towards Kirsty and it's because the build-up took way too long. By the time her parents arrived on the scene, I'd lost interest in her. Doubt whether Tyrone and Kirsty will go the distance, and we have to wait and see what happens about the baby.

Great to aee Peter and Leanne in their scenes together. They're a class act and I almost felt sorry for Carla. He's a very fragile character and some of the spoilers suggest he might be heading for a breakdown which would be the last straw for Peter and Carla's relationship.

As for Karl and Sunita, unbelievably gross. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped shooting after their scenes and everyone went out to get some air.

Frosty the Snowman said...

The leering Sunita is obviously a bunny boiler in the making when her "no strings" relationship has suddenly become fraught with control and jealousy, how many times did she go in for a friggin box of crisps! How pointless was Maria again yesterday - all they seem to do with her is fix her up with unsuitable men, why the powers that be have renewed her contract is anyone's guess. She is the Eileen of 30 years ago albeit better looking.

MrsBarton said...

Perhaps the Maria storyline is going somewhere Frosty? I for one can see a story developing with Marcus perhaps seeing an opportunity for a family via Maria someway... could be an interesting one. Also Marcus is a great character/actor so that would be good to watch

Danny-K said...

Yes, it's now clear there are no reedeming qualities to Kirsty. She knows she has anger/violence issues, but has never cried out for help, nor sought help of her own accord, unlike say, Peter, who does seek help for his addiction, knowing he is prone to falling off the wagon now and then.

If only Kirsty wailed a tearful:
"I know I've done wrong. Please help me" - she'd at least become a more sympathetic character - but she'd rather move on to fresh victims than seek help in curing what ails her.

And when she is overcome with tears, it's only to explain how she came to be, what she is, and not a cry of, as I said above: "So, what do you think I can do about it?" explanation. She doesn't want to change.

- No reedeming qualities, ergo: she's not long for the street.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Somebody should tell Kevin beggars can't be choosers. The flat's plenty big enough for him and Jack, right across the road from the garrrridge, and right across the road from Sally & Sophie the baby sitter. Nothing a lick of paint and a tidy up wouldn't fix Kev....sort it out!!!

Anonymous said...

I was sure shocked that Marcus' friend was more interested in him than Maria....Not.
What's the point of this unless it's leading up the another disasterous liason with another Underworld boss.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes think "fans" get the show they deserve. If domestic abusers were easy to spot, then no-one would get involved with them in the first place. Stories like this have to evolve over a period.

Kirsty is one of the most interesting characters on the steet and well acted too. Tracy and Tina are just as obnoxious, but for no reason and are just boring. But yeah, let's cut short a story that has some depth and originality and have more affairs, fantasy custody battles, kidnappings and more of sympathetic characters like St Ella, Maria, Michelle, Nick.... Such fascinating, watchable characters .... if you love watching paint dry.

Beth said...

Anyone else roll their eyes when St Ella yelled "Right you two, go through to the back" at Carla and Leanne. The woman is annoying and so predictable!


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