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Saturday 12 May 2012

Are Corrie's 'big weeks' hurting the show?

So this week was Corrie's fourth big week since they started back in 2010, each of the weeks have had the conclusion of a big storyline, but does this harm the show?

For siege week back in 2010, it was the payoff to quite a long running storyline that had began back in 2008, so this was the only week that actually felt as if it suited a big week.

In the end the week ended up being derailed by the Cumbria shootings, which ended up making the finale feel a bit empty. The next time such a week was attempted was last year, the conclusion to John Stape's storyline.

While this big week was good, it didn't pack the same punch, by the time we got around to the next one, the format started to feel very tired, the big storyline we were treated to was a drunken Carla crashing into the Bookies, while this would have worked well in the usual schedule, it was hardly worth the big week.

This weeks episodes don't even feel as if the writers tried to make it special, for this reason I am actually happy, Corrie shouldn't have to put on a big show when ITV comes calling about the Britain's Got Talent finale, especially these days when Britain's Got Talent is no longer a ratings powerhouse.

I hope this means Corrie will finally stop being moved to make way for a Simon Cowell show, Corrie is one of ITV's most important shows, and it shouldn't be thrown around the schedule for a 1 minute wonder like Red & Black or Britain's Got Talent.
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Llifon said...

I agree. I prefer the normal episodes. I think they should end the Big Week. Don't know why they did it in the first place anyway. I think Corrie's just gone from stories and humour to just sensationilsm and ratings which is a shame. There are good scenes still which reminds us of Corrie at its best. That's why I watch it. :)

Nemo said...

They're losing that magic formula of high drama and subtle comedy. These days, the drama is extremely heightened and sensationalist... and the comedy is just bloody slapstick.

We only get the odd episode where the mix is just right - and it should be like that on a year-round basis.

I echo Jean Alexander's sentiments made earlier today.

No, I'm not 90. I'm 20. And I'm not a happy Corrie fan. :(

Humpty Dumpty said...

If you hype something up to the nth degree,the result is always going to be an anti-climax. The only truly dramatic episodes are the live ones.

What's missing these days is the moral rectitude of not that long ago. There used to be the characters with no morals (thieving, adultery etc) and the guardians of law and order who weren't afraid to speak up and weren't mocked. Perhaps it is a reflection of what goes on in the real world but it's depressing to watch. It would be great to have one youngish character who would stand up for decent behaviour. Maybe someone like Fizz to challenge the 'anything goes' attitude. If you have this kind of on-going tension in the Street, you don't need Big Weeks.

Clare said...

I totally agree. The siege week was good but as you said that was the end of an extremely long running sl and was a just end for such a great character in Tony Gordon.

Colin Fishwick was comedic when it wasn't supposed to be and turned into a bit of a damp squib.

I don't feel enough towards Tommy as he's not really been included in any massive sl's yet so I don't really care about the current seventh heaven sl.

Beth said...

Big week, whatever... Corrie for me these days is something to stick on when there's a basket full of ironing and this week, big week or otherwise was no different. It's such a shame that Corrie lives on sensationalism now, so much so they've forgotten how to do the once brilliant 'regular weeks'.
I think they know it too that's why they have to 'sell' themselves this way.

Dubcek said...

The week was an almost total disaster.
The Terry storyline was OK in a slapstick sort of way but the loanshark threatening all and sundry was a real stretch to believe.
I would have thought that the police would have been called in when he tried to extort money from Tommy who apparently now owes 18,000 pounds.
As far as Paul goes he must be related to Kevin Webster another pathetic man who thinks with his genitals.
He goes on and on about how he honours his vows and loves his wife but does everything he can to keep Eileen as his mistress and goes out to find out how he can divorce his wife so he can marry Eileen.
Now he blames Eileen for Lesley's death but it seems will still want to marry her.
Collinson seems to be getting ideas for the storylines from the twilight zone or somewhere similar he isn't helping the show at all.

Anonymous said...

Was this a big week? If it was I missed it. All I was was yet another Corrie character hooked up to a ventilator and a whole lot of hammy OTT acting by Nigel whoever.
Plus the intrusion of a loan-shark and his 2 middle-aged henchmen trying to act all tough. Utter rot IMO.
David sobbing like a little girl because Kylie took off, and his bro, after clithering him in the gob, makes him a sandwich. Really?
David needs to grow a pair..the guys too good of an actor to put him into a role of mealy mouthed pussy whipped suckhole..IMO anyway.


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