Thursday, 31 May 2012

Coronation Street episode review, May 312012

Tyrone was on form tonight wit-wise with Weatherfield in vroom, as opposed to Weatherfield in bloom, confessing himself to be more a car man than a flower man. After his wit comes wisdom as he tells the highly competitive Norris that it's the taking part that matters, not the winning. Norris rebuffs this notion with a strong 'nonsense' which is at least honest, if not attractive.

We're in the metaphor business with Eileen and Paul as their relationship is described as clear blue skies and sunshine and Paul talks of being in it for the long haul. Maybe venomous Yvonne will return to produce cloudy skies and reduce the long haul to a ten minute flight. Sean chimes in .with his own metaphor as he points out that Paul has taken Eileen to hell and back. And that's not all as Gail pipes up with an attempt to clear her name of sabotaging the flower competition and says she wants to nip such accusations in the bud.

Further amusement on the Street tonight involved Hayley and Anna discussing Karen Carpenter and Dolly Parton.  Roy's naivety is so sweet and innocent. When he asks if Dolly has any distinguishing features Anna and Hayley share a moment with each other and with the viewers.

Carla's sacking of Eileen was a little harsh, even though she has promised to wheedle out the slackers after 'grovelling and slashing her margins.' Talking of business, if Faye was genuinely trying to help Anna by selling the Weatherfield blooms, it might be possible to understand and forgive her.

Just a final word about Kirsty. What is going on? Why is she being so reasonable and calm? Nice for Tyrone but not so interesting for us. Maybe something is brewing...
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Danny-K said...

"Roy's naivety is so sweet and innocent. When he asks if Dolly has any distinguishing features Anna and Hayley share a moment with each other and with the viewers."

LOL! You can't blame Roy for never having heard of Dolly Parton. The inhabitants of Coronation Street live in that mysterious "Twilight Zone" part of Salford where it's rare for anyone to own a television set, no one ever mentions 'the telly' and no one is ever caught watching one.

They watch the odd VCR video tape, or a DVD now and then, but that's all.

Anonymous said...

Always love Roy..he's such a wonderful character.
Tyrone had better watch his back...Kirstie is a psycho.

Anonymous said...

What's Kirsty up to? Why, demonstrating the cycle of violence/abuse. Having exploded at and injuring Tyrone, she's back on good behaviour in the "honeymoon" phase. Fear not, gentle viewers, she'll be back to senseless and misdirected violence anytime soon.

Scott Willison said...

I loved Roy holding up the two Chelsea Buns to his chest as he asked about Dolly. Filth!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Simpering Anna Windass who always annoys me for some reason singing and spitting over the bacon sarni sitting there on the counter - lovely! Poor little Eliza Doolittle Faye having to yet again cause criminal damage because she aint getting enough attention - BAH!

CorrieCanuck said...

Sorry but I don't think Carla firing Eileen was harsh at all. Anyone who simply walks out of their place of work without so much as a word to their boss (especially after being told of the tight deadline not an hour earlier) would be sacked on the spot.

I'm sorry but Eileen didn't make much of a case for herself. She didn't tell Sean to tell Carla the truth about why she left, instead just asked him to make an excuse for her (to which he gave the old standby: dentist appointment). She didn't go looking for Carla after the funeral to apologize for leaving; instead she sat in the pub.

Sorry but Eileen (whom I'm a fan of normally) got no sympathy from me. People have been fired for much less.

Just my two cents haha

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