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Friday 25 May 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 25 May

Coronation Street, Friday 25th May at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here - will Karl and Sunita get busted?

DEV’S ABOUT TO WALK IN ON SUNITA AND KARL…Unable to face Karl, after last night’s rejection, Sunita calls in sick. Seeing Stella rushed off her feet Karl's irked and collars Sunita who agrees to meet at the flat to talk. Desperate not to lose him Sunita promises not to push Karl again, insisting she knows the boundaries of their affair now. Karl's adamant the affair is over but as Sunita moves closer will he be able to resist? Meanwhile Dev's agreed to show Kevin round the flat as he's looking for somewhere for him and Jack. Are Sunita and Karl about to be caught in a compromising position?
SIMON TELLS THE COURT OFFICER HE HATES PETER. Peter's nervous, knowing the custody officer is visiting Simon at school today. What will Simon tell them about Peter?
KIRSTY BREAKS DOWN AS TYRONE BLOCKS HER EXIT. As Kirsty begs for Tyrone's forgiveness, blaming her anger on pregnancy hormones, he's disgusted that she lashed out again and refuses to accept her apology. But when Tyrone finds Kirsty packing will she open up about her past and will Tyrone let the woman he loves walk away with his unborn child?
Elsewhere Eva and Nick struggle to work together at the Bistro. Marcus is keen to set Maria up with a new sonographer he's working with. Arranging to meet him in the pub Marcus instructs Maria to 'accidentally' bump into them.

Friday 25th May at 8.30pm

SUNITA AND KARL’S SECRET IS ALMOST EXPOSED. Dev's showing Kevin around the flat as Sunita emerges from the bedroom, claiming she was giving the flat a spring clean. Dev thinks nothing of it but as Karl hides it's a close call. Sunita breathes a sigh of relief as it looks like they've got away with it but when Sophie finds Karl's wallet on the sofa she's suspicious. Calling at the pub Sophie explains she found Karl's wallet at the flat. Panicking Sunita quickly spins a lie but will Sophie see through it?
CARLA OFFERS LEANNE MONEY TO LEAVE. When Simon tells Peter what he said to the custody officer Carla visits Leanne at the pub and implores her to drop her fight for Simon. Leanne scoffs but Carla's serious, Peter's at rock bottom and the rows aren't doing Simon any good either. Admitting she's sorry for how things have turned out Carla suggests Leanne would be better off divorcing Peter and moving away, she could even offer money as an early divorce settlement. Seeing this as a bribe, how will Leanne react?
MARIA'S DATING DISASTERS REACH A NEW LOW. Marcus arrives at the pub with Aiden and pretends to spot Maria. She joins them and while Aiden's somewhat confused by her presence they get on great. But all isn't what it seems with Aiden!
Elsewhere as Tyrone tries to get to the bottom of things with Kirsty they both open up about their childhood. Can their love be salvaged or is it time for Kirsty to go?  When Jason asks Eva out on a date she sees an opportunity to make Nick jealous. 

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