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Friday 18 May 2012

Top 60 Corrie Characters - the full list

It's been a long process but we've finally reached number one in our quest to find the blog's favourite Corrie character. The first poll opened back in the bleak days of January and here we are in the equally bleak days of May having found your fav character - Jack Duckworth! Not a landslide victory but enough to crown him Corrie fans' favourite character!

Commenter AmandaB yesterday asked if I could put all the results of the countdown in a blog post and here they are with the votes in brackets:

1. Jack Duckworth (203)                                                           31. David Platt (58)
2. Blanche Hunt (202)                                                                32. Deirdre Barlow (56)
3. Steve McDonald (177)                                                            33. Mavis Wilton (55)
4. Hilda Ogden (174)                                                                  34. Jim McDonald (54)
5. Rita Sullivan (172)                                                                  35. Phyllis Pearce (50)
6. Roy Cropper (170)                                                                  36. Raquel Watts (47)
7. Becky McDonald (165)                                                           37. Julie Carp (46)
8. Graeme Proctor (141)                                                             38. Emily Bishop (45)
9. Hayley Cropper (123)                                                             39. Rosie Webster (44)
10. Betty Williams (117)                                                             40. Tony Gordon (43)
11. Mike Baldwin (115)                                                              41. Richard Hillman (42)
12. Fred Elliott (105)                                                                  42. Eddie Yeats (38)
13. Bet Lynch (100)                                                                    43. Reg Holdsworth (36)
14. Audrey Roberts (99)                                                            44. Minnie Caldwell (35)
15. Ena Sharples (98)                                                                45. Alf Roberts (34)
16. Peter Barlow (97)                                                                46. Spider Nugent (33)
17. Elsie Tanner (95)                                                                 47. Tina McIntyre (32)
18. Norris Cole (94)                                                                   48. Percy Sugden (30)
19. Ken Barlow (93)                                                                  49. Alec Gilroy (29)
20. Vera Duckworth (91)                                                         50. Kevin Webster (28) 
21. Gail McIntyre (86)                                                             51. Ivy Brennan (27)
22. Liz McDonald (78)                                                             52. Jack Walker (25)
23. Eileen Grimshaw (77)                                                        53. Fred Gee (23)
24. Alma Halliwell (73)                                                            54. Albert Tatlock (21)
25. Leanne Barlow (72)                                                           55. Len Fairclough (20)
26. Sophie Webster (68)                                                          56. Derek Wilton (15)
27. Sally Webster (66)                                                             57. Ray Langton (14)
28. Stan Ogden (61)                                                                 58. Alan Bradley (12)
29. Annie Walker (60)                                                             59. Leonard Swindley (11)
30. Curly Watts (59)                                                                60. Brian Tilsley (7)

The collage above includes the street surrounded by the top 20 Corrie characters and symbolises, I think, the cream of Corrie.

And so there we are! If you want to read character synopses of the top 60 then click here.

Did you enjoy the countdown? Were you shocked by some of the results? Did your fav characters get a justified ranking? Or were they robbed?

For me, I was shocked to see Annie Walker having just scraped entry into the top 30 whereas I would've put her in the top 20 or top 10. Although it's been nearly 30 years since she last appeared, through YouTube you can watch classic Corrie and Annie ruling the roost at the Rovers so I did think she'd have ranked higher. Then there's Vera, Elsie and Ena who I thought would've been in the top 10. On the other hand I was surprised to see Mike Baldwin ranked so high - I didn't think he was that popular. I was happy however that Rita made the top 5! But looking at the top 20 I think they represent both sides of Corrie - the drama and humour that makes it unique and makes the other soaps look in awe. Side by side with the dramas of Elsie, Ken, Mike, Peter and Becky, you've got the hilarious antics of Hilda, Norris and the Duckies and the fabulous one-liners of Blanche and Betty.

I hope you enjoyed the countdown as much as I did conducting the polls, collecting the results and writing all the rankings and who knows, maybe there'll be another countdown in the near future! Watch this space!

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Anonymous said...

Quite a good choice in the end (thank God Sophie and Sian weren't in the top 10) but agree about Annie, Elsie and Ena.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the whole list and particularly the spread of male and females. There are many more female characters in the top 30'proving I suppose that this is where Corrie is particularly strong.
Thanks very much for all the hard work - it's been great!

Adam Rekitt said...

To me the poll shows that the readers of this blog like Coronation Street's humour. I loved Phyllis Pearce, but I can't recall her ever having much of a storyline, apart from popping up to irritate Percy Sugden. It's a surprise to see her above Emily Bishop. Ena, Elsie and Annie were also rarely comedic, so maybe that explains their positions.

I think the poll has a real message for today's sensationalist and depressing programme. We like flawed but interesting characters, people with integrity, morals and standards, characters who make us laugh and cry. I can't see Sunita, Karl or Paul ever registering on such a poll.

Llifon said...

Thank you very much for the kind words. There was actually 31 males and 29 females in the poll, but as Anonymous said that the women occupy the top positions while, the bottom 10 (apart from Ivy) is occupied by men. It's been fun to do! :)

Humpty Dumpty said...

Just to add my thanks to Llifon for what must have taken a lot of time and energy. It made fascinating reading. I agree with Adam Rekitt, it shows we like people with some personality who are involved in interesting storylines. Jack, at no. 1, embodies the traditional Corrie values. I wish there was a current character who would act as moral guardian on the Street. Not a busy-body but somebody prepared to stand up for 'the right thing'.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see cilla isn't on the list, she was my fave. and mary... also surprised carla conner isn't on, she really has given gripping viewing. other than that, I'm pleased with the top 10

Glenda Young said...

Thank you Llifon for doing this, it's been great!

David said...

How is it that no two characters got the same number of votes?

Llifon said...

Bizarrely David, that didn't happen thank goodness. The poll caused some controversy without characters sharing the same votes which was a blessing! :)

Beth said...

No Carla? I know she's a character who does seem to polarize Corrie viewers but she's certainly been an iconic character in the show's recent history and been integral to many huge storylines.
Strange that Tony Gordon was considered and scored so highly and yet Carla was even considered?

Anonymous said...

I would have had Carla in there too.

Anna in nz said...

I noticed too that Carla didn't feature in this which surprised me because the character/actress has a good fan base online.

It's interesting to see who is most popular, thanks Llifon for doing it. I am not surprised Blanche came out as #2, she was one of my favourites too.

Anonymous said...

Huge shame Carla wasn't included. She's a much more pivotal character than many of those included in this list of 60 and would have fared rather well, IMO.


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