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Monday 28 May 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 28 May 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 28 May at 7.30pm

Watch the preview video here

PAUL PRESENTS EILEEN WITH A DILEMMA. Eileen's down, hoping Paul might have been in touch by now, and when Kylie and David express an interest in the house she invites them round to view tomorrow. At work the factory staff are supposed to be pulling out all the stops to meet a deadline but when Eileen hears that it's Lesley's funeral today she's thrown. On cue Paul walks into the factory begging her to come with him to the funeral as he can't get through it alone. As he apologises for not getting in touch sooner, Paul insists he can't live without Eileen. In turmoil can Eileen let the man she loves walk of her life again?
SUNITA'S CONVINCED THAT SOPHIE'S RUMBLED HER AFFAIR. When Sophie witnesses sexual tension between Sunita and Karl she knows she's onto something and urges Dev to take Sunita out tonight, offering to babysit. Wrong-footed by Dev Sunita's forced to lie about her plans for the evening. But when she hears of Sophie's involvement she asks her for a word. Sunita's mortified when it becomes clear that Sophie's seen something and suspects an affair. What will she do?  
LEANNE MUSCLES IN ON PETER'S CAFCASS MEETING. Leanne's fuming over Carla's offer and goes to confront Peter. But he's with the court officer, stressing how much of a stable family unit he and Carla provide, when Leanne bursts in. Realising what's going on Leanne can't believe her luck and goes for the jugular. As she reveals how Carla tried to bribe her into leaving how will the Cafcass officer react? 
Elsewhere Rick tells Tommy he's got another car for him to do. As he lies to Tina about working late will she smell a rat? Faye's put out when Anna reveals she has another night shift at the shop and Mary will be looking after her.

Coronation Street at 8.30pm

EILEEN FACES DOWN HER CRITICS. There are mutters of disapproval as Paul arrives at the church with Eileen. Leaning on Eileen, Paul delivers a loving eulogy for Lesley but outside her sister gives it to Paul both barrels, accusing him of abandoning Lesley for Eileen. Seeing Paul's upset Eileen defends him, wondering where she was when Paul was caring for Lelsey. Immediately regretting her outburst Eileen rushes back to the street where she recounts her ordeal in the pub, fearing Paul will never forgive her. But when Paul walks into the Rovers revealing he wants her to take down the for sale sign and take him back because he loves her how will Eileen react? It's what she's been wanting to hear but is it too little too late?
TOMMY'S ALMOST CAUGHT OUT. Tyrone's bemused when Tina mentions Tommy is working late and heads over to the garage. Caught working on Rick's car, Tommy's forced to lie that he's doing some valeting after hours to earn extra cash so he can pay him off. Tyrone buys it but when he offers the same explanation to Tina will she?
KARL WARNS SOPHIE TO KEEP HER NOSE OUT. Knowing he needs to tackle Sophie quickly Karl heads over, admitting Sunita has told him about her concerns. Playing Sophie he appears guilty as he admits the real reason he and Sunita are close is that she's helping him with his gambling problem. Will Sophie accept this?
Elsewhere as a row breaks out between Leanne, Peter and Carla the court officer is forced to step in. Alone with Carla an angry Peter wonders what she was playing at. Carla's gutted to realise she could have ruined his case. Faye's fed up of Anna working but Anna's adamant she has to do it as they need the cash.

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Anonymous said...

Leanne gets custody...Peter tries to leave with Carla and Simon but Leanne catches them at the airport. Peter and Carla leave without Simon.

abbyk said...

Ha ha, I'm so bored/disgusted/uniterested in Snarl and Fireman Paul that I fast forwarded through this preview.

ChiaGwen said...

So Fireman Paul tells Eileen to take the For Sale sign down, he can't live without her.....doesn't he still own a much nicer, bigger home...??....and he'd rather live with Eileen, Sean and Marcus in that cramped 2 x 4 box. Where is the runaway fire-engine when you need one.....sigh, I thought we were rid of him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I do realise Paul and Eileen are meant to be star-crossed lovers and I could forgive a lot of anomalies in the story - if either of them were at all likeable. It's quite an achievement by tptb to create a bunch of couples that nobody really cares about:

Stella and Karl; Karl and Sunita; Sunita and Dev; Tracy and anyone-u-like; Paul and Eileen; Tommy and Tina...

Anonymous said...

I love the way you people constantly generalise about everything, by stating that, couples, people, storylines etc are pointless and "nobody" likes or cares about them.... how on earth do you know what other people like or don't like!!

Beth said...

Oh no, don't tell me Paul is back. This means that I have to watch half the programme on mute again.


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