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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update May 28, 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

It’s Kirsty’s 30th birthday and she doesn’t take the milestone well.  Especially when she finds out that Tyrone’s organised a surprise party for her. It’s a surprise that gives Kirsty a shock when she discovers Tyrone’s invited her parents - and they’ve turned up! Mind you, she doesn’t seem to realise that her dad is the same actor who once played Peter Barlow, but she’s got a lot on her mind.  Kirsty’s dad is a nasty piece of work, an ex-copper who used to beat up his wife. Kirsty’s shock at seeing her folks turns to fury and after everyone leaves, she slams Tyrone up against the living room wall. She apologises immediately, then breaks down and cries, leaving poor Tyrone battered, beaten, bruised and more than a little confused.  Run, Tyrone, run!

Karl and Sunita get jiggy again and it’s more than I can bear to look at the screen when they’re both on. What with closing my eyes every time they get together and blocking the side of the screen so I can’t see St Ella’s face either whenever she swarms into view,  I’m not seeing much of my Corrie these days.  Anyway, Karl and Sunita enjoy sub-duvet shenanigans in the flat above the shop just as Dev walks in showing Kevin around as he’s looking for a new place to live with baby Jack.  Sunita jumps out of bed and pretends to be cleaning as Karl hides in his pants in the wardrobe.  

Anyone else think the Corrie camera-man was having a bit of a laugh with this very naughty camera angle? 

Elsewhere this week, Lesley’s funeral took place. Eileen didn’t know and she’s sitting at her machine in Underpants stitching and bitching about Paul, who’s stood right behind her in his funeral tie asking her to go to the funeral with him. He needs her, he tells her. Eileen, desperate for a storyline, desperate for a man, stands up, walks out and goes with. She gets an earful at the church from Lesley’s evil sister but gives back as good as she gets before taking Paul back to the Rovers for a drink. Eileen had already decided she was going to leave Weatherfield, had put her house up for sale and was prepared to pack her bags and go. But now she’s got a story and a fella, it fair puts a smile on her face and Paul rips the For Sale sign down from No. 11.  But while Eileen’s pleased with the change of fate, less so are David and Kylie who are suited and booted for a  meeting with the bank where they’re told they can have a mortgage and were planning to buy Eileen’s house.

Meanwhile, the woman from Cafcass (which is, so Google tells me, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) chats to Simon at school about what’s going on at home. He tells her he wants to live with Leanne, that he hates Carla and wants to be happy. It’s news that upsets Peter when he hears it and when he relays this to Carla, she bribes Leanne with cold hard cash to do a runner and leave them alone.  This little gem of a snippet gets back to Cafcass which, it’s fair to say, messes up Peter’s plan to show just what a stable home he and Carla have. 

And finally this week, Mary takes on babysitting duties again as she watches little FAYe while Anna’s at work, Maria goes on a dull date with a man we all knew was gay and she didn't,  and Rita and Dennis get excited about their wedding – but that’s another week and another update.  

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This week's writers were John Kerr, Martin Allen, Jayne Hollinson and Damon Rochefort.
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Frosty the snowman said...

I actually dont think Leanne showed herself in a good light barging into the meeting and being argumentative and rude, and would have weakened her case I would have thought. And how dozy is Dopy Sophie, falling for all that twaddle that Karl gave her, and the band played believe it if you like! Please please please write out Eileen and Paul.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Stella started barking orders at Leanna and Carla..'ok you the back', I switched off.

Sunita and Karl are sickening. Shobna is not that good an actress to pull of the part of the femme fatale. Whoever came up with this idiotic plot should be sacked.

I am really tired of the Simon Barlow/Leanne/Carla/Peter quartet.

I guess that leaves me watching nowt. Oh well.

Adam Rekitt said...

Kylie and David are just the kind of reliable couple with savings that banks are falling over themselves to lend money to.

Pileen and Karlita are sick making; Tommy and the drug dealer and Leanne's custody battle are ridiculous and less rooted in reality than a Disney fairytale. The only half decent story is a pregnant ex-cop assaulting her boyfriend. It sums up the dire state of the street. They hand out BAFTAs for this? Really?

ChiaGwen said...

Oh how ridiculous that Kylie and David would be eligible for a mortgage, she does a few nails on the side and he snips hair sometimes.........unless Audrey is loaning them the down-payment, but even so. LOL Adam Rekitt - Pileen and Karlita and the sick making - AGREE and also agree Shobna's acting skills do not include being a femme fatale - JUST PLAIN GROSS!


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