Sunday, 20 May 2012

Coronation Street Blog makes news headlines

We don't blow our own trumpet enough here on the Coronation Street Blog so I'm sure you won't mind a little blog post where do just that. Click here, go on!

Over the last few weeks our blogger Llifon has been polling and blogging fans' votes for their favourite Coronation Street characters. The results were blogged here and then Llifon was interviwed by Digital Spy where the story was given a news article all of its own.

Our Blog's poll is now a news item in The Sun, the Scottish STV website and the Irish RTE website.

Thank you Llifon! Thank you Digital Spy! Thank you to everyone who voted and reads our blog. We couldn't do what we do - and nor would we want to - without your continued support.  Click here again, go on!

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Llifon said...

Your very welcome. It's a wonderful feeling! :)

Flaming Nora said...

It most certainly is!

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