Thursday, 17 May 2012

Corrie episode review, Thursday May 17 2012

How delightful it was to hear Elsie's voice call across the decades! Rita was becoming a little tetchy in The Rovers, wondering where Dennis had got to, and was decidedly frosty when he finally turned up. Norris was thoroughly enjoying this potential fracture in Rita and Dennis's relationship but his smugness was short-lived as Dennis revealed the reason for his tardiness. What a stunning ring! The fact that it was Dennis's mother's Elsie's ring made it so very special, along with the fact that it was the only possession of Elsie's that he didn't sell when living on the streets. Rita was on the point of saying she couldn't possibly accept it when Dennis asked her what his mother's attitude to Rita and the ring.would be. On cue Rita states,'What's the point of having a ring like that, if folk can't admire it?' Quite right Elsie and great to be reminded of you. Of.course, the ring fitted perfectly.

It's not looking good though for Eva and Nick long term. As Eva pointed out, it looked as though Nick had erased the previous night from his mind. He announces to her that The Rotary Club have booked their annual dinner at the bistro, to which she gives a very unenthusiastic 'whoopee.' She explains she hasn't slept, implying she's been distraught. Nick states that they don't have to be in each other's company 24/7. She tells her beloved that she's trying to have a relationship. Then off he goes, 'To have some fun, somewhere spacious.' A truly great line!

So, will Eileen stick to her plan and sell up? She asserts that  'Love triumphs in fairy tales, not real life.' Too cynical? Well maybe not from Eileen's current standpoint.

Relationships again feature with Nick and David. Not only do the brothers bond, they even confess their love for each other.Of course, astute viewers might have guessed that the trip to Britney's lap-dancing club would reveal Kylie and sure enough there she was. Nick played the hero, Kylie got the sack and it looks like she and David will be reunited before long. How interesting though that Nick dodged 'the do you love Leanne?' question. Well, she is free...

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Flaming Nora said...

Rita did a marvellous Elsie, and I loved the interaction between David and Nick too.

Dolly Tubb said...

Loved the ring bit - really sweet. But I couldn't help wondering where exactly did Dennis have to go to fetch it from? As he was homeless did he leave it with a friend? But if he had a friend and was homeless wouldn't the friend have taken him in? Oooh, too much for a Bear of Little Brain!

I loved the David/Nick interaction. I like the new David, still a bit of a bad boy but great with Kylie and Max.

Eva is a Klingon in disguise. Run, Nick, run!

Llifon said...

Good ep overall. The Rita/Dennis and Elsie ment was great, Norris trying to schmooze Audrey was a delight and great to see Kylie back on screen. But where's Max??

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