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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update May 21, 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

It’s all bubbling over at the Bistro this week after Nick prises Gail’s handbag open to rescue his balls as he tells Eva the cleavage he needs space and wants fun. He heads for a booze-up in town and drags David along, who’s still moping after Kylie walked out. The Plattilsley lads hit a lap dancing club where Nick spots Kylie doing her stuff in a lap dancey sort of way. Before David can see her, he steers his bruv out of the club and takes him back home, where he gets bladdered on his mum’s sofa.  As soon as David’s gone up the apples and pears to Bedfordshire, Nick returns to the club and has strong words with Kylie to find out what’s going on. Anyway,  Nick then puts her up in a hotel and sits in a chair by the side of the bed, watching over her. It’s all quite sweet really, especially as you know Nick’s looking after his sister-in-law only because he cares about his brother so much.  But that’s not how Eva the cleavage sees it when she finds the hotel bill in Nick’s pocket and a text from Kylie thanking Nick for all his help, a text that comes with three kisses on the end.  

So, Kylie’s back on the Street and back together with David and they’re all pulling together as a family business at the Bistro to help Nick with a big Mayoral civic dinner going on. Even Sean’s helping out making Betty’s Hot Pot, having defected from the Rovers with the recipe after storming out on St Ella. And that’s when Eva gets her revenge. She pours peppers and chilli into the Hot Pot making it a Very Hot Pot indeed and that’s when chaos breaks out. David’s incensed thinking Kylie spent the night with Nick and smashes up Nick’s car, there’s a huge fight in the Bistro and poor Audrey and the Mayor don’t quite know where to look.  Not too surprisingly, Nick finishes with Eva, calling her vindictive, evil and unhinged. All of which she is, of course. 

As Rita and Dennis make plans for their wedding, jealous Norris flies into a fit in the Kabin, spitting spite all over the sherbet bon-bons. When he comments that Dennis is too tight to buy Rita an engagement ring, Dennis disappears. And when he returns, it’s with the most enormous piece of finger-jewellery that Corrie’s ever seen, Elsie Tanner’s own engagement ring now becomes Rita’s. I was right touched by this scene.

Over at the salon, Maria gets a storyline that lasted all of one episode. Customer comes in, chats up pretty airhead then hairdresser and bland man go to Bistro for meal where she finds out he’s a big fat fibber.  All of this goes nowhere but oddly leads to Marcus paying more attention to Maria’s love life than Sean would really like.

Carry on Cringing continues this week as Sunita and Karl hole up in a hotel in Didsbury for a bit of afternoon delight while we all try not to gag on our chips. Dev then suggests to St Ella that she and Karl should come for dinner with him and Sunita where he rustles up a rack of lamb and karaoke Abba before insisting the four of them go off golfing for the day. How cosy! What fun! Not!   

At Weatherfield Court, Leanne and Peter start their custody battle for little Simon, which turns into a slanging match as tensions run high. The judge says she wants more reports done and the case is adjourned for a few weeks. Ken tries and fails as peace maker between his warring son and Leanne.

And finally this week, Tommy and Rick the drug dealer storyline rumbles on. I’ve given up caring so if you’d like to read more, cast your mind back in time to the Joe McIntyre and Rick the drug dealer storyline. You remember, it was that storyline that went on for weeks, for far too long, that outstayed its welcome when all Joe should have done and Tommy should do is Call The Police. Recycle, repeat and reduce fans… to tears of boredom. 

And that's just about that for this week.

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Adam Rekitt said...

I didn't realise the Judge belonged to the Royal Family and so was addressed as "Ma'am", rather than "My Lady", "Your Honour" or even "Madam". Then, everyone mispronounced it as Ma'am as in smarm not Ma'am as in jam.

Recently I saw a clip from Acorn Antiques where the fearsome producer said "We professionals notice these mistakes, but Joe Public doesn't clock a thing". She must be Collinson's heroine.

ChiaGwen said...

I can't bear to watch another Karl/Sunita bum-grabbing, slurpy kissing's all too horrible. The writer that thought up this storyline should get 50 lashes.

Anonymous said...

I propose an organised episode boycott! tptb will have to listen to disgruntled viewers when we've hit them where it hurts: ratings and revenue!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Anonymous at 21.38: I'd go along with that if only we could ensure that some of us are on the viewing panels that produce the figures. The whole audience figures system needs a rehaul IMO.

Anonymous said...

I must ask as its been bugging me. Was Alf not the last mayor of weatherfield before the town decided not to have one in 1995? If so where has this mayor come from?!- Micky


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