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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Corrie's Maria: Who will her next "wrong" bloke be?

Our Maria is a lovely girl but she's got a long history of falling for the wrong bloke. She had Tyrone but Fiz stole him away and when she got him back again, she wanted to change him. She was with Nick but he ignored her and took her for granted. Liam was in love with someone else and Tony was a murderer. What's a girl to do?

Recently, we've seen her become really good friends with Marcus who loves to help her with little Liam. I've been getting an idea where this is all leading so here's a bit of speculation:

Marcus really, really wants a family of his own. He really misses Dylan, Sean's son and seems to be spending more time with Maria and her little Liam. Maria is starting to date again and already has had one disaster under her Gucci belt. I'm starting to think they're setting this up for Maria to develop a crush on Marcus. I even wonder if Marcus may have mixed feelings about her, in light of the fact that he'd have a little family.

Sean is already showing signs of feeling left out of the loop when Marcus has been hanging out with Maria. I wonder if further tension between the two men could give Marcus some "wishful" thinking. I expect it to end quickly, though, with Marcus realizing it would never work and Maria realizing the same thing. Love with a gay best friend is doomed. I think it might be in the cards, though, for a short storyline at least. What say you?

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Rachel said...

Maybe Marcus'll ask Maria to be a surrogate mum for a child for him and Sean.

pdemsky1 said...

The thought of them together if even for a short time has definitely crossed my mind.

Llifon said...

Maybe Marcus will become bisexual?

ChiaGwen said...

I thought the very same thing, thinking maybe Marcus was bi-sexual so it could work with Maria. Better Maria than that whining, petulent Sean.

Anonymous said...

Another Gagworthy story in the making I see. Boreanation Street.

Tvor said...

I don't think they'll make Marcus bisexual but the surrogate thing is a good idea.

kickingrabbit said...

I have a huge crush on Marcus, so I can understand why Maria might start fancying him (yes, even though I know he's riding the other bus). I've heard that gay men can develop "a thing" for a woman, so maybe this'll happen? It'd be somewhat different than the surrogate thing. However, it would be more interesting drama if Maria was a surrogate for Marcus and then he and Sean brought Dylan into the picture - lots of mixed emotions, there!

Anonymous said...

Art imitating life? Could be a copy of Charlie's real life parental relationship.

Anna in nz said...

I noticed that Marcus seemed to be preoccupied with Maria and it's getting on Sean's nerves. I think it's that Maria has a ready made little family and he probably wishes he were straight because he wants a child and Sean's not that bothered.

I think he will develop some feelings for her maybe, and it'll be because he wants the family mainly, but will be really confused about it because he thought he was gay.

Maybe it will be interesting because it'll show that sexuality isn't always black and white??

Just a guess!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will find mr right at long last !!

Unknown said...

Poor Maria, I think she does have feelings for Marcus, bless her, this was obvious when she told him that by moving to London she would miss him, the look on his face said it all and should have told her all she needed to know. It hadn't even crossed his mind. He even tried to set her up with Aiden before he realised Aidan liked him. He wants her to be happy, but not with him.

So unless the writers want to stretch our credibility a touch too far, then no, Marcus and Maria is a non goer. I haven't seen any indication anywhere that Marcus is remotely interested in either Maria or women in general. Sure he is friends with Maria, the attraction of her son and the their shared history has cemented a bond, but that's all it is - friends. But he's friends with everyone because that's the sort of person he is, a people person, as opposed to Sean who was very self centred.

He may put aside his own search for someone else while he pursues some sort of family unit with Maria, but love her, no. I fear (for Maria more than Marcus) that she will offer to have a baby for him and the previous storyline of Sean and Violet should sound alarm bells there too.

Intriguing to see where the writers go with this. Poor Maria with her history you have to give it to her, she's not turned into a psychotic man hater.


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