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Monday 14 May 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 14 May

Coronation Street, Monday 14 May at 7.30pm

THE FINGER OF SUSPICION POINTS AT EILEEN. As the factory staff gossip about Lesley's mysterious death Eileen struggles to control her emotions. Back at home the police come calling, asking questions about the days prior to Lesley's demise. Insisting they've got nothing to hide Paul is open about Lesley's illness and admits he visited a solicitor about divorcing her. As the questioning continues Eileen's terrified, convinced everyone thinks she's responsible for Lesley's death.
RICK HAS TOMMY BY THE DUCKWORTHS. Ashamed of his dad Tommy can't bring himself to admit the truth to Tyrone and Tina and lies that at least Rick is now off their backs. But when Rick comes calling, insisting Terry's debt is now his, Tommy's horrified - with no money left what can he do. Tommy's confused as Rick tells him to get his job back at the garage then await further instructions.
THE PLATTS HOLD A COUNCIL OF WAR OVER DAVID. As Nick points out that David's devastated without Kylie he insists they need to find her. Gail thinks he's better off without Kylie and needs something to take his mind off her. She asks Audrey to give him his job back. Will Audrey agree or has Nick got a plan of his own?
Elsewhere when Karl has a drop off at the casino will he be tempted? Sally enlists some professional help with her blooms much to Norris' annoyance.

Monday 14 May at 8.30pm

PAUL LOSES HIS WIFE AND THE WOMAN HE LOVES. Paul's still struggling to understand how Eileen could have left Lesley alone and with all the gossip Eileen's a wreck. Angry that it's come to this Jason goes after Paul, blaming him for what his mum is going through. As the row becomes heated Paul breaks down agreeing he needs to talk to Eileen. As he admits he can't cope with the gossip and the reminders of Lesley everywhere, Eileen suggests Paul leaves. But is this what Paul wants?
DAVID GOES SPAGHETTI LOOPY AND NICK LETS EVA DOWN. David's doing surprisingly well working at the Bistro but when he's faced with Sylvia's constant complaints David loses it. Will Nick sack him? Meanwhile Eva wants more from her relationship with Nick but is he ready to take things to the next level?
UNDER-PRESSURE TOMMY GOES CAP IN HAND TO TYRONE. Tommy begs Tyrone and Kevin to give him his job back at the garage, will they agree?
Elsewhere Sunita bails Karl out when he admits he's gambled away his taxi takings. As he thanks her for her support Sunita suggests he needs professional help. Norris is aghast when Audrey reveals she's been chosen to sit on the judging panel of the Weatherfield in Bloom competition.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I really really hope it's going to be the end of Paul tonight. Sick of his selfish face and his spluttering way of talking. Surely Eileen would want to sell her house now that someone died in it?

Anonymous said...

Rick the loan-shark again and again. Is there a plausabile explanation to the idiocy of the characters who absolutely refuse to call the cops? I's so moronic I can't stand it.I guess it's so that Tommy (whover is plaing him) can show us more of his massive acting skills. One liners all the time. "I'm skint. Me dad took the moneh" I'm skint. Bah..wake me when it's over.

prevosg said...

What a useless, poorly written, lame exit for Terry. Fight scene before the commercial break then, "Oh, I should help my father.... we will all be better off, it's OK that you are a scum dad, I'll give you the money anyway...." Are the writers all "on" something? If this continues, Corrie will never win the "Best Soap Award"!!!

john wheat said...

Yes corrie has lost touch with the real world no one would hand that much money to a dad who doesn't care

Humpty Dumpty said...

Eileen should have at least one friend to tell her she's wasting her time with Paul. You can support a friend by being tough and telling it like it is - but they aren't. But if the writers want them to live happily ever after, that's fine with me as long as they do it in a town far, far away.

Billy Niblick said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who wonders why Tommeh doesn't simply call the cops when he is being threatened with menaces by a gangster to whom he doesn't even owe money. Can he really be that dense?

And now he has persuaded Tina not to report Dad Terreh to the police for assault and grievous bodily harm. Yeah, right.

I do realise that one sometimes requires the willing suspension of disbelief, but this just taking the piss.

And yes, I do know that Paul is grieving for the loss of his wife, but even so, being such an arse in the way he is behaving makes you wonder why Eileen doesn't just tell him to sling his 'ook.

Anonymous said...

I know that sometimes life isn't always happy but come on, at least make some of the people happy on Corrie part of the time. There are some who always get into happy relationships but then are some would deserve one for a change, don't get one.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't too long ago that Paul left Lesley on her own (when she couldn't remember their wedding pics) and Eileen came home to find her crying in the corner and Paul holed up in Roy's cafe. Stop being such a hypocrite Paul!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Paul! Sadly, this seems to also mean the end of Eileen. Despite popular belief, there are lots of women who never seem to get to have a happy relationship. However, this storyline was plain old crap.

Beth said...

The scenes with Eileen and Paul nearly did my head in. His acting for one thing, but more than that what are TPTB thinking of with the most awful whining “I love Lesley, she is the love of my life” dialogue and in the next breath “I’m seeing a solicitor, please marry me Eileen”. I was unaware that they were running Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia at the same time. Coronation Street has been pretty awful in the past couple of years but I think this is the all time pits. Has Paul left for good....? Because to tell you the truth, towards the end I was pressing the mute button every time he came on it really was that bad!!!


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