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Friday 25 May 2012

Where have you seen Aidan before?

The minute I looked at Aidan/Aiden in tonight's episode of Coronation Street, I knew I knew him, but couldn't place him at all. It was obvious it wasn't going to work out with M'reeuh, but the poor girl, having to hear that he quite liked Marcus instead. I suppose it's too much to wish that Marcus and he might run away together and leave Sean, who I love, but who recently has taken on all the personality of a wet paper bag? Marcus deserves a happy ending.

Anyway, Aiden/Aidan. I looked at him and I recognised the lisp and I trawled all the way through the backwoods of my mind through ex boy-band members and cast members of Queer As Folk (who all do turn up in Corrie sooner or later - I'm quite convinced it's written in the contract) and I finally, finally hit upon the man himself, Toby Sawyer
Looking a bit older these days but still quite pretty, he's best known to me as having played Bazz in Hollyoaks way back in the beginning when everyone was a Benson or dating a Benson or fathering a Benson. I absolutely adored Bazz. I must have been about 12 when Bazz came out, and it was one of the first gay characters I remember seeing on the TV. It was important for me personally, in the same way that Queer As Folk would be a couple of years later. 

Toby's been in lots of things, although I don't remember seeing him so it's nice to see he's still an actor. Please, Corrie Powers That Be, can we keep him? 

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Cobblestone said...

Well, the big reveal that he was gay was hardly a surprise. Toby is openly gay himself - and you're quite right, he was a bit of a pioneer with regard to young actors coming out.
Hope he does stay because quite frankly, in the real world, Marcus would be dating someone like him rather than the cliché-that-walks-like-a-gay which is Sean.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I have to disagree with you. This is one ugly fella - gay or not. As n aside, he needs to stay away from Marcus, as does Sean - can't he mysteriously disappear from the Street for a few months and leave Marcus to find someone nice?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Get him in the Street permanently and get rid of Cotton, his over acting prissy style is very irritating as is all this fake cheeryness, anyone that saw him in the jungle would know he is a nasty piece of moaning work. Lets hope that when Collinson finally goes, his pets get their marching orders as well, Stella included.

Rebecca said...

I agree Cobblestone - a great pioneer :)

I do think Sean is overstaying his welcome a bit now. He irritates me.

Anonymous said...

Very well spotted Rebecca! I got it straightaway - as soon as you pointed it out!

I also agree, Cobblestone. If ever a character was past his sell by date it's Sean.

Anonymous said...

If all the cast from Queer as folk end up on Corrie,where's Charlie Hunnam at?I feel for Sean I think he needs a happy ending!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a weekend bag like the one sunita had in coronation street tonight. where is it from?


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