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Saturday 12 May 2012

A shock on the Street

It was left up to Paul, the hapless squint-eyed fireman, to pass comment on his recently departed wife Lesley. "All of the lines on her face seemed to have melted," he mumbled. Well, that's what happens when you jam an electric toaster in a sink full of water. More mesmorising was the star turn played by Lesley's feet as they poked out, lifeless, from behind Eileen's units. Had the camera peered around the corner we would no doubt have caught Lesley texting her mates or having a crack at a word puzzle.

Meanwhile at the Rovers, Sid James & Barbara Windsor (expertly played by Karl and Sunita) were entendre-ing their way through another scene. Give it a couple of weeks and Marcus will be swooping in screeching "Matron!" Add to that the misery guts Joan Sims role (Stella), Charles Hawtrey (Sean - "Well, hello!") and Hattie Jacques (Eileen) - well, we have the full set.

Speaking of Eileen, I high-fived thin-air in delight as Lesley delivered a cracking left hook to the dreary knicker stitcher. If you're going to go out, then you may as well do it in style!

A sombre looking Rita returned from the hospital with the shocking news that the doctors were attempting to bring Tina out of her coma. Tommy dashed to Weatherfield General but sadly it was too late. Despite the efforts of a crack medical team, little could be done. The locals gathered in the Rovers to hear the sad, distressing news that Tina had pulled through. Life will forever be the same.

On a positive note though, what a performance from Judy Holt! Her portrayal of Lesley and the Alzheimer's disease storyline in general has been superb. It was hearbreaking when the 'other' pre-illness Lesley shone through. True, Judy Holt's engagement on the show was only ever going to be a short-term proposition but I think she would have made Lesley a good character whatever the limitations.

Also, fair play to Nigel Pivaro who seemed to be clicking back into place as Terry with his final couple of appearances. Sadly it was all a bit too late but was a great improvement on the comedy villain portrayal of earlier weeks.

Let's also mention Beth Twaddle or whatever her name is. All fears that she would turn out to be another one-dimensional Cilla Battersby have now receded. Ok, so she is a rough diamond but one or two of her surfaces are beginning to sparkle. Let her shine!


Humpty Dumpty said...

Oh, Clinkers, I knew it was you from the first sentence! Love these blogs.

I'm really pleased Nigel Pivaro did good. It could have been an embarrassment to have him back, and at the end there was just a flicker of regret that he could not be the dad that Tommy wanted. Tommy was played spot on, as well, not accepting the truth until it hit him between the eyes.

Flipping Stella. Awful, awful. What's the betting when Gloria appears, we'll learn that Stella was abused by negligent parent/s and left to drag herself up? I can hear Stella now: 'I was the mother in that family.'

Glenda Young said...

David, I love your Carry on Corrie comparisons and if you want to expand that to a full blog post / look-a-like sort of thing, go for it!!! ;-)

Frosty the Snowman said...

The big difference between Barbara and Sid is that they were likeable and funny. Sunita and Karl are just grubby and sleazy. I hope he gives her the clap - that would be a good storyline!!

Anonymous said...

Now Terry's dun a runner with the cash and the shark is after Tommy for the 9G's. C'mon writers...give this storyline a rest's beyond riduculous.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree about Beth - she has been great this week and I really like the character.

Tvor said...

Gosh i haven't even seen this week's eps yet and I can't wait now!

Anonymous said...

You were wise not to have mentioned anything about the daffodil after mentioning "Matron" Hattie Jacues. I wouldn't have been able to finish reading the blog!


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