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Monday 21 May 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 21 May

Coronation Street, Monday 21st May at 7.30pm

Watch the video preview here.

EVA PUBLICLY SHAMES NICK AND KYLIE. Tortured by thoughts of Nick and Kylie, Eva decides that as Nick's been making a fool of her she's going to make a fool of him. At the Bistro Nick’s asked Kylie to waitress for the civic dinner, which only fuel’s Eva’s theory. Sean's in the kitchen making hotpots much to Stella's annoyance, who's threatening legal action. As Nick tends to the mayor he's loving feeling important but as the mayor tucks into his hotpot he nearly chokes – it's too spicy! As Nick apologises profusely Eva calls the room to attention revealing she added the extra kick to the hotpot as her boyfriend has been trying to spice up his life by having an affair with his brother's wife. As gossip ripples round the Bistro Nick and Kylie reel. But how will a raging David react?
SUNITA PANICS AS DEV INVITES STELLA AND KARL OVER. Sunita's thrown when Dev reveals he's invited Stella and Karl over for dinner and tells Karl he needs to get out of it. Karl does his best but will it be enough to convince Stella to change their plans without her smelling a rat?
TYRONE LEARNS SOMETHING NEW ABOUT KIRSTY. It's Kirsty's birthday this week but Tyrone's thrown when he realises it's her 30th. Kirsty clearly doesn't want a fuss but Tyrone's determined to make an effort no matter what she says.    
Elsewhere after the date from hell Maria's convinced her love life is doomed. Suggesting she can't be trusted to find a man, Marcus says he'll find one for her. Peter and Leanne head to court to see if an agreement can be reached on Simon. But when Peter says he'll accept nothing but full custody where will that leave them?

Monday 21st May at 8.30pm

DAVID SEES THE RED MIST AFTER EVA’S REVELATION. It's chaos in the Bistro as Kylie and Nick try to defend themselves. The red mist has descended for David and Nick struggles to calm him. Warning Eva to go home, Nick and Kylie are forced to tell David everything about how Nick found her at the strip bar and convinced her to come back. Leaving David and Kylie to talk Nick goes. As an ashamed Kylie reveals all about her weeks away will David accept her story? Meanwhile how will Eva react when Nick reveals she got it wrong?
KARL AND SUNITA ENDURE A KARAOKE WITH STELLA AND DEV. It's tense at the Alahans as Sunita squirms but an oblivious Dev and Stella are having a great time as they put Asha’s karaoke machine to use. Sunita and Karl are desperate to make plans of their own but when Stella suggests this foursome hook up again they're trapped.
PETER BEGINS TO ALIENATE CARLA OVER HIS CUSTODY BATTLE. When Leanne suggests cutting out the legal eagles and coming to an agreement on shared custody privately Peter refuses to compromise. Carla's frustrated by his stubbornness but is Peter prepared to listen to anyone?
Elsewhere as Tyrone make plans to throw a surprise birthday party for Kirsty he goes through her address book and invites her parents. Will she appreciate his efforts?

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Adam Rekitt said...

"But when Peter says he'll accept nothing but full custody where will that leave them"? Without a story, because Leanne has no case. This would not be allowed to waste a judge's time in the real world. I must have missed the episode where Weatherfield declared independence and started making its own laws.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I checked on a solicitor's website and it says that the term 'custody' doesn't exist any more. Leanne could apply for a residence order which would automatically give her 'parental responsibility' while Simon lived with her. In the end, the judge decides so Peter can't exclude Leanne simply because he wants to. Anyway, the spoilers suggest it doesn't get that far.

Anonymous said...

Corrie is a mess. Just read a spoiler where Tommy is yet again set upon by Rick's middle aged henchmen and takes a beating by the little guy, while the fat one is holding onto she's going to punch him out or summat? This show has become so EE it isn't even funny. The most ridiculous stories are draagggeeedd out to the enth degree whilst the ones that make just a bit of sense are thrown together on a whim..shown in one or two episodes and then its back to the EE mentality. Sad days on the street.

Adam Rekitt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Rekitt said...

Sorry, but no judge is going to give a step-parent custody, residency or anything else, unless the real parents either agree or did legally agree to the step-parent assuming parental rights in better times past. Suppose you divorce and your ex-spouse marries again, but the marriage breaks up after a year. Would you want your ex's ex having parental rights or even legal access to your children, without your consent? Some children would have more "parents" than they could count.

On the one hand Corrie seems to want praise for its "realism" in depicting Alzheimer's or domestic violence and on the other, it is perpetrating this nonsense,
Annie Walker bequeathing a pub she didn't own and Frank's trial. I agree with Anonymous above. It's a mess.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is up with David and smashing things when he gets upset? Will he blame it on his epilepsy? That kid needs to grow up, pull up his damned pants and get a real job!


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