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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday May 18

Poor, sweet, decent man of little brain Tommy Duckworth has, thanks to his dodgy dad's debts, been reluctantly press-ganged into becoming a drug runner for gangster Rick.  Girlfriend Tina nearly caught him stashing cocaine into a car while working late at his old job back at Kev's garage. Don't do it Tommy, tell the police! Let's hope this likeable character - handsome  but not cocky as played by Chris Fountain -  doesn't become corrupted into becoming a carbon copy of his father.

Lust-crazed Sunita and Karl headed for a clandestine spot of afternoon delight  at a  posh hotel in Didsbury after she lied  to Dev she was meeting a female friend.  But their tryst was cut short after Stell  phoned Karl and they hastily headed back. (Why didn't he switch off his phone or put on silent?).

Meanwhile in a spot of unsubtle irony, back at the Rovers Stella was counselling Dev over the stage of his marriage and advised him to take more notice of Sunita away from her role as wife and mother. His solution? To arrange a couples dinner party along with Karl and Stella. Oops, that will be cosy.

Kylie returned to a thrilled David after she was rescued by good Samaritan Nick from her stint at the lap dancing club, where she had been sacked anyway.

However Eva,  who comes across as the kind of gal who stares longingly at diamond engagement rings in jewellery shops while her boyfriend looks away, was suspicious after finding the bill for the hotel where Nick put up Kylie and then a text message from Kylie, thanking him.

Forever down and self-pitying Eileen confided to Sean she was thinking of moving away from the Street following the debacle of her relationship with Paul, to make a fresh start -  and don't  let us stop you!  However, I don't think Sue Cleaver is due to leave
 the show any time soon.

Sweet but dim Maria, a kind of female Tommy Duckworth, was asked out by a handsome new male client at the salon but their date turned sour when it appeared he'd creepily only taken her there to impress his ex, who also just happened to be there and, Maria realised, was a near look-a-like of herself.

Sean had a run in with Stella after not producing enough meals in the dreary hotpot storyline. I think the scriptwriters don't really know what to do at the moment with Sean and boyfriend "Saint" Marcus,  whose sole role currently is solely to be nice and supportive to any soul who crosses his path.

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Llifon said...

Enjoyed the scene between Audrey and Eileen. It was taken from a different angle than usual and it was just a convo that was used often in Corrie years ago - be it in the Rovers, Kabin and Corner Shop. No confrontation, just a convo :)

Humpty Dumpty said...

The supposedly flirtatious dialogue between Karl and Sunita in the taxi and then their romp in the bedroom was unwatchable. Another storyline where I don't care what happens to any of characters.

Perhaps I missed it but has Jason been informed his mother's moving? I wouldn't miss the character if she did but I guess she's staying. Please don't let Paul return for a reconciliation.

Nick and Eva do go quite well together but if he dumps her, she'll become pretty pointless. I'm quite liking Maria at the moment - much to my surprise.

Beth said...

How refreshing to see Audrey and Eileen have a little chit chat last night and St Ella was nowhere to be seen. I waited with baited breath to see if she'd come busy bodying down the street. But of course she was already up to her eyeballs in counselling with Dev , who managed to at least escape the "come through to the back" and be counselled there and then in the bar.

Not only have they run out of ideas for Marcus and Sean but Maria too. Her 'first date' storyline was plain stupid and just something to fill in the minutes I think. Unless of course she's now depressed and "come through to the back" St Ella will gain even more air time!

Cobblestone said...

Did anyone else notice that little in-joke on the juke box during the Stella/Sean row in the Rovers? It was playing 'Just What I Always Wanted' by Mari Wilson & the Wilsations - Michelle Collins WAS one of the Wilsations, ergo, that was Stella singing in the background. Jonathan Harvey having a little joke, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps St.Stella and St.Marcus can hook up? That'd throw a wrinkle into the plot!

Glenda Young said...

Cobblestone, yes Jonathan Harvey mentioned that on twitter. If it had been another character I would have blogged it but as I detest St Ella and her godawfulness with every fibre of my being, I didn't. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Marcus/Maria thing is leading to a surrogate storyline in one form or another.........

Anonymous said...

Is there one episode that does not feature Adele in the back ground? I get that she's a fabulous singer but talk about overkill.
I refuse to watch Tommy the idiot any longer so just ffwd. Then it's the gagworthy Sunita/Karl .. first in the cab for I don't know who long..them getting all hot and bothered and then the scene in the hotel room where she leans over and kisses(or attempts to kiss) his chest area (very clumbsy acting on both parts) which bordered on nauseous. I don't know how these two can manage to do their scenes without falling over laughing their heads off. It's too ridiculous for words.

I agree...enough about the effing hot-pot already. Give it to Roy so he can do it up right.

The Maria date scene? Needless and pointless.

Audrey .. always spot on.


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