Monday, 14 May 2012

Touching concern from Jason and David at Nick's bootcamp

Jason can be very kind at times. As he pointed out to Tommy, his mum Eileen is 'in bits' and she most certainly is. More praise for Jason is due for his wisdom and knowledge of human nature. His comment that 'everyone's looking for someone to blame' in dreadful situations is abolutely spot on. It's pleasing that the writers give Jason these gems from time to time. He's like a lot of people; fundamentally decent.

It seems it's always been the duty of older people to tell younger people to get out into the sunshine. True to form, Audrey tries to get David outside. David seems to be genuinely bereft at Kylie's disappearance and his fondness, even love for Max is a truly redeeming feature for David's less than appealing character.

Gail's rather unpleasant image of David 'stewing in his own juice' is nevertheless apt. Nick takes charge, practically boots David upstairs, tells him to wear something decent, 'not one of your dodgy tee-shirts' and tells him that his little brother will be working at the Bistro. Eva's 'while smiling' then 'still smiling' and finally, she bursts out with 'I bet you can't even crack a piggin' smile,' was excellently delivered, as Nick barked out the instructions for taking orders. As expected, the job didn't last long. Looks like Nick might be booting Eva too.

As for 'Uncle Karl' not only does he have his gambling addiction, neither of Sunita's children will even give him a chip.   

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Humpty Dumpty said...

How is it that it took a visit from the police to make Paul and Eileen aware of how their set-up looked? Her good friend, Steve, should have been telling her what a user Paul was. Tonight, he was bewailing the fact he would have to handle his wife's funeral on his own. He's not on his own, he has a sister-in-law. We may yet find that Paul pushed her family out of the picture so they wouldn't rumble his set-up with Eileen. This story may be contraversial but I haven't seen support on any fan-site for their menage-a-trois. I can't bear Paul and I really don't care what happens to Eileen. I guess the story line was to make us sympathetic to their plight but the characters became too unlikeable.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Please God may this be the last we have seen of Paul, he and Eileen were truly two revolting creatures. And did they really over to be so over the top with David in the Bistro? It could have been funny but was over egged and silly. Who is Eva to shriek her orders anyway, she is only a employee herself whether she is bedding the boss or not.

Anonymous said...

I love Jason, he really is a decent lad and always played very subtly.

The 'uncle Karl' bits were very creepy!

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