Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nigel Pivaro to star as pantomime baddie Abanazer

Woohoo!  We've been given the world exclusive on this smashing bit of seasonal news. Well, it will be seasonal in a few months time. Remember folks, you read it here first, on the Coronation Street Blog.

Nigel Pivaro, last seen menacing Tommy and Tirroan on Coronation Street as terrible Terry Duckworth, is going to star in panto this year. Oh yes he is! 

Nigel is set to leave a trail of pantomime menace and meanness at the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft as evil Abanazar in Aladdin.

RADA trained, Nigel first joined Coronation Street in 1983. He had initially auditioned for the role of Curly Watts and so impressed producers they asked him to audition for the role of Terry. The iconic character of Terry Duckworth has become synonymous with the Street. His many wicked ways, from breaking his parents’ hearts, along with several girlfriends, to selling his own son, have made him the villain everyone loves to hate. Dipping in and out of Street life since the nineties, Nigel’s recent return to the cobbles was a ratings hit.

Pantomime producer Paul Holman, from Paul Holman Associates said: “Nigel is the archetypical soap baddie. He has so much experience to bring to the production of Aladdin at the Marina Theatre and we’re thrilled to have him on board.”

Life away from Coronation Street has seen Nigel appear in Hetty Wainthrop Investigates, The Bill, Expert Witness and the Channel 4 short-film Sunny Side of the Street. He has an extensive background in repertory theatre and has appeared in many pantomimes across the country, always playing the villain and always whipping up audiences into a barrage of boos and a hail of hissing!

Nigel added, “It will be an interesting pleasure to work in the historic sea faring town of Lowestoft, its residents are hardy, inventive and resilient from its fishing roots to leading the way in renewable energy. However my stage persona will not be undergoing any such transformation as I will be sticking to the script to perform one of the most dastardly pantomime villains known to man!"

Nigel will be joining an exciting cast of colourful characters in Aladdin from 18 December to 6 January 2013. Tickets are on sale now - book yours here.

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Dilly Daydream said...

Since I live in Lowestoft, if I see Nigel out & about, I'll let you know :-)

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