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Monday 28 May 2012

Tyrone set for summer of abuse

As if things aren't bad enough at No. 9 Coronation Street, they're going to get even worse for poor Tyrone.  Corrie producer Phil Collinson has revealed to PA News that the Kirsty and Tyrone abuse plot is set to get worse.

He said: "Natalie, the Weatherfield basher has got a big story coming up this summer. Let's just say Tyrone's going to be well bruised."

Natalie is of course Natalie Gumede who plays Kirsty Soames on Corrie.

Poor Tyrone though.  I wonder how this story will pan out?  Kirsty's pregnant with Tyrone's baby, so will he tell her sling her hook before she slings her left hook again? Anyone got any ideas how it might end...?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

With such an issue-specific storyline, there's surely a built-in time limit. Tyrone and Kirsty won't go on forever like Jack and Vera but with Tyrone turning up black and blue at regular intervals. I'm still not convinced the baby is Tyrone's and if that is proven after the birth eg through needing blood transfusions, they will split.

Adam said...

Not sure the basher comment is in good taste

Glenda Young said...

Anon: couldn't agree more ;-(

Apple Cobbler said...

Possible endings:

- Kirsty is locked up after Tyrone can't take any more and calls the police.

- Kirsty leaves after Tyrone ditches her- or maybe even vice versa!

- Tyrone and Kirsty stay together after the latter is redeemed by the writers.

- Tyrone and Kirsty are invited through to the back by Stella, where the landlady miraculously solves all of their problems and Kirsty's anger evaporates.

Knowing Phil Collinson, it will probably be the last one. This is a really good storyline and there's more to Kirsty than most Corrie villains.

ChiaGwen said...

I guess if we find out how long Natalie's contract is for, then we'd know. I've tried and tried to like them as a couple but I just can't, don't see any chemistry between the two and she just doesn't fit with any of the rest of the Tommy, Tina, Fiz group.

Anonymous said...

Her dad is fond of punching her in the gut so maybe he gives her a haymaker causing a miscarriage.

I can't see the viewers accepting this couple so Natalie will have to be written out at some point..probably in the fall.

Beth said...

This is the most likely ending: When Corrie have had their money's worth from the story they will move on and all will be forgotten. Kirsty's aggressive behaviour will be yesterday's amnesia.It will be thrown into the twilight zone of forgotten stories along with all the other ones and the continuity department can all go home early for their tea again as there isn't much for them to do these days!

Anonymous said...

Collinson snnounced this story like Tyrone being "well bruised" was equivalent to his winning the lottery. Very tasteless but then I think that describes Collinson quite well.

Anonymous said...

The viewers will FLOOD in to watch this!

This type of storylining is FAR better than ANYTHING we saw in the horrible Bill Podmore era or that dreadful period in the early 1990s with the silly woman Raquel and everything.

(Sarcasm mode on).


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