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Monday 21 May 2012

Coronation Street double episode review May 21st 2012

Such anger tonight on the Street! The half sisters Leanne and Eva had much to rile them, even though Eva's anger was misplaced. Stella was doing her lioness bit. 'Nobody messes with my my girls,' she states and who can blame her? However, she fails to convince as a singer; her duet with Dev wouldn't get many hits on YouTube.

Peter was infuriating tonight - more than unreasonable, but his behaviour did cast Carla in a very good light; as she was almost the epitome of all things reasonable. As she said, it would be so much better for Leanne and Peter to sort out custody of Simon by themselves without court intervention. Apart from the enormous potential cost, Carla knows full well that there is 'no shortage of muck' that the court could dig up on both Peter and herself. Peter seems to think childcare is all about material possessions and it's true that he and Carla have a business each, but as Carla points out Peter is missing the point. Peter is a fool to think that all Leanne wants to do 'is to stick the boot in' because anyone can see that Leanne and Simon love each other.

Nick had a particularly difficult time tonight. His first source of woe was his trapped shirt in the non-functioning washing machine. Come on Nick! As David pointed out it was hardly a crisis, he should just go out and buy another one. Not so easy though to replace his car which took several blows. Before that though David rather generously offered his services to solve Nick's staffing problems, but is rejected as being worse than Manuel of Fawlty Towers fame. Kylie though is snapped up to serve the Weatherfield Warmer, the dish formerly known as Betty's hotpot, whose intellectual rights apparently belong to The Rovers. It seems that the hotpot was indeed warmer; in fact hot hot hot as Eva sabotaged Nick's bistro's most important night. 'Revenge is a dish best served cold' states Eva, as she pours cold water over Nick's head. In the Rovers back room, Nick tells his now former girlfriend that her actions were not just 'angry but unhinged.' He also tells her he doesn't do 'mad, vindictive women.'

Blink and viewers would probably have missed it, but it was a deft touch that showed Lewis to be somewhat disconcerted when the Lord Mayor made a bit of a play for Audrey, who he called a 'wonderful, elegant woman.' Maybe this is proof of genuine feeling from the former cad. Developments are eagerly awaited.

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Cobblestone said...

I know Stella was just defending her young, but she was awfully quick to forget that Nick paid off the bailifs for her just a few short weeks ago. Maybe she should bear that in mind before threatening legal action against him. Has she piad him back yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh good heavens, Stella overreacting when Nick has done nothing but good and Eva is a Klingon loonie. As per usual, David flips his lid and smashes things. Hes such a runt, it's pathetic.

Frosty the Snowman said...

What a pair of Harpies Stella and Eva are and Stella in almost every scene yesterday - sick of her botoxed face - bah. And what a rack Eva was displaying, more in keeping with "Mirabelle"'s lap dancing club than the "upmarket" Bistro. Hate the flaming pair of em, Stell and Eva that is, not her boobies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Frosty's in a good mood this morning!

Peter was absolutely foul last night. "And who are you?!" So uncalled for! Poor Leanne.

The scene at Sunita and Dev's was so over the top. I would get rid of both Stella and Dev just on the basis of their over-acting last night.

Dolly Tubb said...

Eva seems to have assumed the Dozy Plebster mantle of cleavage, pout and airhead brains. But without the humour.

And who on Earth is Stella's accent coach? A Yorkshire accent for heaven's sake?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Ridiculous scenes in the bistro - the hotpot sabotage, the water over the head routine, the trashing of the car (without Nick batting an eyelid). The bistro seems to be developing into a second-rate sitcom with a cast of its own and plots with hilarious consequences.

And how old is David meant to be? 15? A lot of people like him but, I'm sorry, I just can't take the character seriously.

Beth said...

Oh boy I didn't even know where to look when Stella and Dev were singing. Oh my stars..... it has got to be the worst scene in living memory. So toe curlingly embarrassing. RIDICULOUS. Dev is the worst actor in the street anyway and makes you cringe when just selling a bag of spuds, so they must have known when they were writing this how bad it was going to be!

And Stella, oh deary me, Stella, I don't know where to start. From her over reacting with Eva and Leanne. Her snooping in every part of Karl's life... you can't imagine how he can even get away with having an affair.... phoning Steve up like that. And even when Karl made up and excuse and said how much he disliked Dev, half hour later she was fixing him up on the golf course.
Her flamin busybodying nose is EVERYWHERE.
Hooray for once for Sean when he actually told her that she'd only known Betty for all of 5 minutes. Her botox, her accent her throw back 80's clothes, her 80 a day voice, her "come through to the back".... agggghhhhhhh hold me back or I just won't stop... Ged rid now!!!!!PLEASE
Hoping against hope that the teachers of her daughter's school saw all the newspapers reports and will pile on the work for her GCSE's so she'll feel a little bit obliged to leave and help her. Don't know how much more of her I can take!

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Only part way through watching it but had to say.....that red dress Leanne is wearing looks like she pinched it off Little Orphan


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