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Monday 28 May 2012

Corrie double episode review, Monday 28 May

Understandably, Kylie has had enough of living with Gail, though in fairness Gail has mellowed post Audrey's heart attack.'A nagging, moaning old cow' seems a little harsh but it is Kylie talking. Some great humour from Eileen was in evidence as on opening her door to go to work and seeing David and Kylie, she said, 'There goes my breakfast.' There was more too as when David and Kylie asked if they could look round her house, Eileen asked if this was a polite form of burglary. Great stuff  from writer John Kerr.

Rita calling Norris 'a ray of sunshine' was also amusing as he related that he was reading the funeral notices.When Norris informed those present that Leslie was being cremated, we had a taste of some irreverent, black humour from him as he said it was ironic that Leslie was being cremated as Paul was a fireman, which formed a great link with Norris again featuring as he poured water on Faye's head. Norris again, this time sticking his nose into Dennis's business concerning a phone call. A great retort comes from Dennis when he tells Norris that it was just a friend and asks Norris if he remembers those.

Here's hoping that the whole Karl and Sunita saga will be over soon. Dev appeared particularly gullible on receiving the news about Lara from Liverpool,a figment of Sunita's fevered imagination. Lara is apparently undergoing a 'rough time'. Pretty pathetic excuse Sunita. Sophie though, was impressive when she said she wasn't blind or stupid and neither was Dev. Hmm. Perhaps somewhat gullible though, after Karl spun his what a great listener Sunita was story. As Sunita pointed out Sophie goes to church and is 'big on sin.' It did really make for uneasy viewing as Karl told his lies to Sophie about Sunita 'helping' him with his gambling problem. Even more discomfiting was when Sophie, the 17 year old marriage counsellor and general street angel, offered in good faith to help Karl if she could.

The religious theme continued into Leslie's funeral with the venomous Yvonne wishing that Paul and  Eileen rot in hell. Paul fills in the back story by asking Yvonne where she was all the years Leslie was ill.Will there be more from  Yvonne? Revenge? She certainly looks as if she hasn't finished yet.

'Do you like horses? You will after this,' declares Mary. Mary's enthusiasm didn't rub off on Faye as she calls National Velvet the 'most boringest' film'.

Eileen and Paul are almost giddy at the end despite Gail's protestations that Kylie and David took time off work to secure a mortgage. Unmoved by this, a buoyant  Paul rips the For Sale sign off Eileen's house and throws it frisbee-like into the distance. They have Sean to thank for this reconciliation. It is his conjuring up a picture of Eileen on her deathbed asking herself, what if... that makes her go to the funeral.  But this is Eileen remember and things can't possibly run smoothly.        .  

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The writers have got it so wrong with Paul and Eileen. The same day that he sees Lesley off, he joyfully moves in with his new partner. A lot of people would think getting hitched six months after your wife died was a bit soon but the same day ...?! Some might say that Lesley 'died' months ago but that wasn't how it was written. There were some quite lucid moments between the couple where Eileen felt like an outsider.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Humpty! As a couple they are gross. I much prefer Eileen when she is on her own


Cobblestone said...

Tommy's never going to make a criminal, is he? Last time he 'delt with' a car for Rik, he was specifically told "wear gloves at all times, don;t leave any finger prints" ...was he wearing gloves when Tyrone surprised him? Nope.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Ug the dreadful Paul is back with his whiney lisping voice, his side parting and his selfish ways. Why didnt he contact Eileen in good time if he wanted her there for the funeral? Turning up with messy hair, jeans and a denhim jacket was just disrespectful. The last scene with them linking arms laughing going into the house where poor Lesley passed away only a couple of weeks ago was a disgrace and made Frosty want to barf. Are the production team really so oblivious to what popular opinion is on this? Dreadful.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Frosty - Paul with his side parting - isn't that little thing truly annoying? I haven't seen the episode yet on YouTube but your description of them laughing as they go into Eileen's after the funeral has put a damper on it for me. The only other despicable character I can compare to Paul is Gwen Loveday but on reflection Paul is in a league of his own. Hopefully the mentioned venomous Yvonne will be out for revenge and dispatch Paul to that Great Fire Station in the Sky!


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