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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update May 14, 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

The big story of the week has been the Dirty! Dirty! Cheese! Bang! story by which I do mean of course the sad and untimely death of Mrs Lesley Kershaw in a plot device to kill her off by means of chucking a plugged-in toaster into a watery kitchen sink.  So just when you thought Eileen couldn’t look any more miserable than she already does, she does.  The cops come round to quiz Paul and Eileen over Lesley’s death and there’s tears and blame at the tea-table before Eileen tells Paul to pack his bags and go.  

Trowels at the ready? Dibbers at hand? Then let’s get stuck in as preparations for  Wibwee - Weatherfield in Bloom Week - run amuck, I mean, amok.  Norris and Mary hang their pansies high but Sally’s not to be out-bloomed and buys pots of flowers to decorate her house. “I might live in Weatherfield but Cheshire is my spiritual home,” she coos to Norris when she finds out they don’t sell Vogue-y gardening mags in the Kabin.  But as the Wibbers go to war, Norris and Mary overhear insider gossip that Audrey Roberts is going to be a Wibbly judge. “Flatter her,” says Mary, formulating a plan. “Women of her age like to hear summat nice.”

Well, Audrey deserves to hear summat nice, that’s for sure after she’s caught up in David’s domestics. He’s lying moping on the sofa after losing Kylie and Max and no one can shift him, not until Nick comes in, tells David he’s starting work at the Bistro and pushes him upstairs for a change of clothes and a bath. David doesn’t take much to his job as a waiter. He strops around the Bistro, chucking menus at his gran, dumping water on the table and then smashing plates on the floor before storming out.  Meanwhile, as if that wasn’t enough for Gail to cope with at home, her tabard’s gone all bobbly, and there’s really nothing worse.

Over at Se7enth Hea7en things take a turn for the ridiculous and I’m already fed up yelling at the telly “Call the police!” but no-one seems to hear.  Terry does a runner with Tirrone’s inheritance from Jack, calling it “Duckworth Money”.  Tommy knows he’s taken the money but Tyrone thinks the money’s been used to pay off loan shark Rick.  Meanwhile the lone shark circles his prey and goes after Tommy to pay off Terry’s debt. “Call the police!”  Tommy says he can’t pay as he’s skint but Rick says he has to. “Call the police!” And the only way Tommy can repay Rick “Call!” is to wheedle his way back into his job at the garage “The!” and use the garage to hide drugs there for evil Rick. “Bloody Police!”   

Where’s Tina when all this is going on? She’s lying in a hospital bed – which seems to be Corrie’s favourite place for their ‘strong Northern women’ at the minute – either there or in a lapdancing club.  She’s there after Terry knocked her unconscious but he lies to Tommy and tells him Rick did it. Tina recovers of course, because they can’t kill off the official sexiest woman in soap. 

Over at Underpants, Kirsty starts work and everyone hates her but the feeling’s reciprocal and she lets them all know just how she feels.  She’s not shy that way. She does however share a biscuit and a tender moment with Fiz who tells her to think on and settle down if she wants to fit in.

And finally this week, Karl and Sunita (or as I like to call them by their celebrity name TwoSmarmyTarts) get uncomfortably sexed up in a nasty kind of way. It’s too painful to watch.
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Dubcek said...

The loan shark storyline is just unbelievable, I can't believe that Tommy would not go to the police when Rick starts extorting money from him especially after Tina tells him how he operates and how he essentially hounded her father to his death albeit accidental.
Tommy doesn't seem to realize he is now on the hook for 18,000 pounds - 9 thousand plus interest to Rick and 9 thousand to Tyronne.
I just wish Collinson would take a reality check when he comes up with this crap and maybe the Street would be worth watching all the way through an episode.

Anonymous said...

what's happened to the Weekly awards? always such a treat

Glenda Young said...

weekly awards blogger is away on hols but will be back soon!

Anonymous said...

" ....but Cheshire is my spiritual home!" Ha, ha! Sally in a nutshell!

I think the whole nation has been shouting "Call the police!" at their telly this week. Utterly preposterous that this option has not been considered.

Anonymous said...

I cut the episode down to about 15 minutes total by ffwding through the absolute muck that this show has become. Sunita/Karl..gag
Tommy/loan shark ... idiotic.
So that left the bits with David as a waiter (actually pretty funny) and Eileen tossing Paul to the curb. I always love to see Audreh..she is such a class act.

ChiaGwen said...

Hmmmmm, Paul went asking about a divorce from Lesley, yet goes on about her being the love of his life, blah, blah, blah to the recently proposed to Eileen and wants to work it out.....God, I hope this is the end of him! As if Sunita would fall for someone as wrinkly and expressionless as Karl when she had the likes of Ciaran. The writers might as well come up with a storyline involving Ken and Maria....oh, too horrible to contemplate.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There have been some really poor decisions over the last year or so. The problem is they are so in-your-face they outweigh all the good things in Corrie. Can we please wrap up the following story lines:- Karl/Sunita; Tommy/the loan shark; Paul/Eileen; (it hasn't even happened yet but) Sophie/Ryan; Kevin/Sally - again! We need to see more of the female characters succeeding without a man and young people with a bit of ambition. Care of the elderly is high on the national agenda. How about Emily considering whether to go into sheltered accommodation?


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