Thursday, 31 May 2012

Katherine Kelly lands This Morning presenter job

Katherine Kelly, who played Becky McDonald in Coronation Street, has landed a new job on ITV1’s This Morning.

Katherine will present a four-part mini-series called Kelly’s Heroes which starts on June 11. In it, Katherine will tour the country meeting unsung heroes and charity campaigners.

Katherine said: “When I left Coronation Street I made it clear that I wanted the door to remain open so I’d be able to return. They’re always asking me to go back and I think that one day, I will. I have so many happy memories from working on The Street and I do miss those on the show. But I’m really excited about the This Morning project, although I had no idea just how difficult presenting actually is. I got to meet all these ordinary people doing extraordinary things – all oblivious to how inspirational they all are. It was very humbling.”

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Adam Rekitt said...

What dreadful luvvie speak. She's only just left, but is "always" being asked back. And presenting is so difficult - for anyone who finds walking and talking at the same time a trial.

It sounds like she's not getting as many offers of acting jobs as she thought she would.

Danny-K said...

"...They’re always asking me to go back and I think that one day, I will..."

- They're always asking me?
Eh?!? In what parrallel world have years and years passed since she left???

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