Monday, 21 May 2012

Interview with Steve Huison on playing Fat Brenda

There's a great inteview by Ian Wylie with ex-Coronation Street actor Steve Huison who's playing Fat Brenda on stage, ahead of her Manchester debut this Thursday, 24 May.

Steve talks about his role as Fat Brenda and why she's turned down TV interviews. He also reveals why Eddie Windass didn't continue on the cobbles.

Read the full interview here.

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Defrost Indoors said...

Very interesting comment from Steve: “They wanted shut of the character. I think a few people upstairs found him a bit too grubby and too earthy. And I don’t think they wanted that in the show at the time. I’ve got no hard feelings about it at all. Shows how TPTB don't really 'get' Corrie in some respects; Eddie had all the makings of a classic in my books.

Also I've always wondered if the Fat Brenda showed constituted some sort of copyright infringement; glad to see the show is doing well and I would definitely go if it came to my corner of Canada!

Glenda Young said...

The fat brenda show has the blessing and official approval of ITV, they went through all the proper channels before embarking on the project.

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