Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pics: Corrie's Jubilee Street Party fancy dress - but who's who?

Just in case you don't recognise who's supposed to be who in the Coronation Street Jubilee Street Party fancy dress next week, here's the full list.

Check out the revised Corrie schedule for next week's episodes

Dev (Ridicule is nothing to be scared of: Adam Ant) and Sunita (Wishing she was a single lady, Beyonce)
 Eva (Madonna) and Beth (Britney Spears)
Steve McDonald (John Lennon)
St Ella (Dusty Springfield) and Nick (er, Nick)
Jason (Elvis)

Maria (Marie Osmond) Marcus (Donny Osmond) and Sean (Freddie Mercury)

 Anna (Dolly Parton), Faye (Sporty Spice) and  Owen (Kenny Rogers)

 Tracy Barlow (Cher)
Kylie (Amy Winehouse)

Others not pictured above:
Karl – Tom Jones
Liam – Jimmy Osmond
Craig – Meatloaf
David – Sid Vicious
Max – Justin Bieber

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Sunita looks like a ladyboy from Bankok!

Rachel said...

Noo! I am a heterosexual woman and I think Sunita looks mighty fine in that Beyonce get up.

abbyk said...

Not a fan of the Beebs, but I'll bet Max looks cute. Cannot fathom how dressing up like Dolly Parton or Kenny Rogers fits in with the Queens's Jubilee. Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Haha Frosty I agree with you, she dreadful!


Adam Rekitt said...

Beth as Britney gave me a laugh. More of the cast should have been prepared to be as ridiculous.

Presumably Nick was there as "man far too old to play a 30 year old".

BarrieT said...

LOL - Beth funny as britney, agree Sunita does look like a lady-boy, I thought Steve McDonald had come as Hayley Cropper, StElla doesn't need to wear a wig to look like Dusty. I remember having a street party in real life for the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977, makes me feel old.

Anonymous said...

Steve McDonald looks like Elton John, never mind John Lennon. St.Ella looks great in that wig and I wish I had legs like Sunita! I also love that Maria and Marcus came as Marie and Donny Osmond!! :)

Layman Battler said...

Steve looks more like Tim Burgess...

Anonymous said...

Steve looks like Elton John. I don't remember ever seeing Lennon in a pant suit.

eps said...

I thought some of these were quite funny. Kylie as Amy Winehouse - not much of a stretch. I'd happily have legs like Sunita', or Anna's, for that matter. I laughed at the comment re: Nick as "man far too old
to play a 30yo" Great line.

Louise Calson said...

Haha, someone beat me to it! I thought Steve looked like Elton John aswell, not Lennon. Still, the amount of effort that most people put in is terrific to see.

I really hope they all had fun and long live fancy dress parties!

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