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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Corrie spoiler: Rick the drug dealer to kidnap Rita

Coronation Street Producer Phil Collinson revealed a few weeks ago that Rita's wedding day wouldn't go smoothly and that she'd be kidnapped on her big day. 

Now, Digital Spy have the Coronation Street spoiler that says Rick the drug dealer is the one to rattle Rita as she gets set to wed.

Digtal Spy report that Tina stands up to Rick when she finds out that Tommy's been stashing drugs in the garage for him. And on Rita's wedding day, Tina storms into Kev's garage, nicks the drugs and tells Rick to meet her if he wants it all back.

Well, Rick turns up alright, but he's got Rita in the car with him and he threatens to drive Rita into the canal if Tina doesn't hand over the drugs.

Oh 'eck - what do you think? Will Rita end up getting wed or getting wet? 

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Llifon said...

Well, I did think it would be Mary that would kidnap her. Sounds exciting! I'm looking forward to the wedding. I do hope she'll make it to the church and become Mrs Tanner! :)

Anonymous said...

REally? This has to be some sort of joke.

Adam Rekitt said...

I expect Tommy, Kirk and Tyrone will rescue Rita like they went after the drug dealer threatening Fiz. Or was that a different Tommy, since he is now afraid of a couple of middle aged goons who couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding?

Never fear, I expect Dennis will get together with Ken and Lewis. They will ride to the rescue, put the fear of God in the drug dealers and all will be well!

Beth said...

Somebody kidnapped on their wedding day and people driving into the canal. This should be great viewing as it hasn't been done before has it!!!

Phil C during Corrie meeting:
"No need to write any plots anymore, I have a cunning plan for which nobody will notice. We will repeat old story lines over and over until people get so fed up they will switch off in droves. Then those who have been watching for many, many years will no longer complain that when there's been the upteenth wrongful conviction, pubs that didn't belong to anybody being bequeathed in wills, kidnappings before weddings, just one loan shark in the whole of Manchester, because none of the old stalwarts will be watching anymore. You can all go home and put your feet up, drag out a script from 1998 and I'll just go and present This Morning full time. Hooray, I'm so smug and clever. Let me see....
Next week, Corrie woman falls for conman pilot who really works in airport shop ...... Well why not, it worked once!"

The show right now is bl**dy rubbish and an absolute mess.

Anonymous said...

Haha Adam. Love your comment and Dennis, Lewis and Ken, that would make much better viewing


Anonymous said...

So true, Beth, So true.

Although you did miss out the perennial "Sean goes to the vet/doctor/taxidermist and falls for...."


Anonymous said...

As evil as he is, rick is my fav 1 in Corrie at the moment

Anonymous said...

This is going beyond the pale, really too stupid for words. The whole lot of them (directors/writers/etc) should be fired.

Ruthwell Hetherington said...

I can't believe they've got the gaul to rehash the kidnap to the canal story again, how many times is that now. I can remember this plot when it was Don Brennon and Alma. I know the Platt's had the plot and I'm sure there was someone else. Then of course there's the other soaps, Eastender's at least 3 times, Emmerdale goodness knows. I have watched Corrie since the early seventies, I won't be watching it for long if this is what it's producer's think of it's audience. Can anyone here give them any ideas? Come up with your own plots. Maybe we could get our own soap going here.

Anonymous said...

Our own soap here great idea, one person write's something, somebody else follows on with the next bit and so on.

Anonymous said...

Certain long term charecters need a revamp here's one. Ken Barlow is feeling low, his life, his one time dreams have all come to nothing. He begins to withdraw, isolating himself from his family, spending more and more time reflecting on the past, looking through old photo albums, meeting up with old friends. He is depressed, lonely, and eventually totally withdrawn into his own mind. He is on the edge of a breakdown. He is out and about in Weatherfield holding conversations with himself, as his Father Frank, his brother David, his mother Ida, and his two previous wives Valerie and Janet, together with that of daughter Susan. He is frightened, scared, alone, and is acting totally out of charecter, not caring about his appearence or anyone or anything around him, eventually putting all of the blame on Deirdre and her wicked daughter Tracy. In a heated arguement in which she makes to leave the house, his mind totally snaps and he goes for her physically fighting her as she tries to defend herself. He eventually leaves her for dead, and goes on the run, living rough, aggresively begging for money for food, still talking to himself, as he is physically seeing all his long dead relatives as if they were right there with him. He now blames his problems on Frank, who he claims made him inrecure and doubt his abilities. In his more lucid moments he is aware the police are after him, and this together with memories of all the opportunities he's had to leave Weatherfield, leads to him making his way out of town. Craving solitude he heads out on the moors, where after a further couple of days of not eating, not drinking, and many further haulicinations he collapses into unconciousness. Luckily, hill walkers find him and he is air lifted to hospital, however his heart gives out and he dies. In his dying moments he not only sees his life as it truly was but as it could have been, with Ken Barlow the political achtivist of the nineteen sixties having made a real difference on a national scale. Thankfully he is revived, recovering eventually enough to be admitted to a psychiatric unit, where again he becomes violent. My long tern Ken would see him euentually partially recover enough to maybe take a minor roll in politics.


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