Monday, 14 May 2012

Tina McIntyre's a donkey

Well, it's one way to get your business on the Blog - call your products after Coronation Street characters and you're in! 

There's a donkey rides business in Pennington who name all their donkeys after Corrie characters.  The newest arrival is a little filly called Tina and she was delivered at the family run Orchard Donkeys on Wednesday.

Owner Steve Graham said: “She’s our first one this year and we like to keep up the tradition of naming them all after Coronation Street characters. Because she’s a new addition it won’t be for about three years, when we start training them, that she’ll be in action.”

Previous foals have been named after Corrie characters Rosie, Sophie and Carla.

Let's hope Tina doesn't turn out to be a right stroppy mare.

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