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Thursday 24 May 2012

Samia Ghadie signs up to Corrie until September 2013

Samia Ghadie, who plays Coronation Street crimper Maria Connor, has signed a new contract that ties her to the soap until September 2013.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Samia said today: "I've just signed until September next year, so I'll definitely be here until then. After that, who knows? But I've got no plans to leave at the moment."

Samis has been in Corrie as Maria since 2000, when she was initially signed up on a three-month guest contract. Remeber when she played the kennel maid who had been bullied by Fiz at school?

Reflecting on her early days at the programme, Samia told Digital Spy: "I thought I'd do my three months and then I'd be off. I was a jobbing actress when I joined and was really pleased to have a job for three months. I never imagined I'd still be here now."

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Rachel said...

Fiz bullied Maria? I don't remember that! I remember that it was revealed that Fiz had bullied Molly while they were at school together. I also remember that Maria wasn't thrilled about the prospect of sharing the flat above the hairdressers with Fiz - and I think Toyah was there at the time. Then Maria had a fling with Toyah's lecturer boyfriend and Fiz found out and proved her loyalty to Toyah. But over time the two have become quite the good friends being there for one another when they've had their crises.

Glenda Young said...

I'm sure she bullied Maria at school too, there was an episode in the kennels where maria got her revenge as Fiz was afraid of dogs.

Anonymous said...

Nope, that was Molly. Fiz bullied Molly in school and was working at the kennels with Kirk, who was, I think, dating or at least really close with Kirk at the time. Molly made out that she was trying to steal him off Fiz. I think.

Anonymous said...

That should read:

" or at least really close with *FIZ* at the time..."

You get what I mean.

njblas said...

Samia is undoubtedly a lovely person, but she plays one of the blandest characters ever to stroll down the cobbles. 12 years of nothingness, so let's re - sign her for more of the same. The only storyline I've ever enjoyed of Maria's was when she got pregnant to Toyah's boyfriend, and everyone was slagging her off for being a slapper:)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Samia may be a lovely person but Maria is dull as dishwater. Even her birth in a boathouse/on the beach with killer Tony wasn't that interesting. It's very unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Wicked! i love samia and Maria is fantastic character! Loving the maria and marcus scenes at the momemt too!

Anonymous said...

She's a cracking little actress.

Not her fault if the writers only portray her as a simp.

She could handle a lot more challenge, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

I really don't mind Maria as a character. There are plenty of Marias in this world. It would be nice if she could have more interesting story lines from time to time and demonstrate her acting abilities more, but not everyone's life needs to be constantly filled with high drama. I quite like the characters in the street who pop up here and there and are just nice, or dim, or sometimes both! - NN

Anonymous said...

never mind bland...i think too much happened to her in too short a time.

THREE (possibly four) of her boyfriends now dead:

Charlie Stubbs
Tony Gordon
(Brain tumour Chris)


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