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Friday 22 January 2010

Silver Lining: Thu Jan 21, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Debbie Oates, directed by David Kester

Tyrone's a mess since Molly leaving him. He can't for the life of him figure how everything's gone pear-shaped. Sophie seems concerned about Molly and Tyrone, but Kev plays dumb. He's getting so good at that now. Tyrone tells Jack how Molly's left him, but Jack tries to calm him down assuring him that Molly will be back. He even tries to talk to Molly about it, but doesn't get anywhere.

Molly tells Dev that she's quitting her job since her and Tyrone are over. Dev kindly offers the shop flat for her to stay, free of charge while she's working herself out and Molly accepts. Wait a minute, how does this help her issue with seeing Kevin 'cross the road everyday?

Tyrone's convinced that Molly's got another fella. When he sees Molly putting her bags into Dev's shop flat he automatically assumes that Dev is the "other man" and shows Dev a mean right hook dropping him to the ground. Tyrone's still fixed on there being another man, but Kevin quickly points out that if there was, Molly'd be off with him, and not up the street alone. Jack tells Kev that if it was Dev and Molly, he'd knock the lights out of Dev. Kev sheepishly nods in agreement.

It just gets worse and Tyrone forces Kev to talk to Molly for him. Molly is still clinging to a shred of hope that Kev still has feelings for her, but he refuses her again. She gives Kev her wedding ring to give back to Tyrone and insists she doesn't love him. I almost felt sorry for Molly after she cried when Kev left after shooting her down. Molly was stupid, but maybe Pam was right when she said that Kev was taking advantage of Golly Ms. Molly. He's clearly gone hot-cold with her.

Neither Sophie nor Ryan have heard from Sian since she'd gone home to talk to her dad. I wonder what's happened to her? It appears she hasn't been in school either. Is she gone for good, perhaps?

Sophie also notices that Rosie has mail from a clinic, so she researches it online after Rosie tells her to keep out. She finds out that Rosie is planning to get a breast augmentation and can't believe it after all their mum is going through. Rosie cares for Rosie, as per usual.

Steve is still cruising for a boozing, and a bruising if he goes on like this. Lloyd tells Theresa that they can't encourage Steve's bachelor behaviour, and tells Steve he needs to work things out with Becky.

Joe's busy trying to wedge himself into any kind of work he can. Well, at least he is trying to make money. His desperation just kills me though. Gail's calling the estate agent for any news on the house sale, but she gets nothing, not even with a lowered price. Jason and Tina come bearing news: Bill has work for Joe on a new project. Well, it's a silver-lining. What exactly is being lined in silver here?


- Jack standing by his Tyrone, and threatening to wallop Dev (or whomever Molly was off with) if that was the case.
- Theresa and Lloyd agreeing that they'll never get serious at all, and shaking on it. Haha. Lowered expectations, gotta love it.
- The factory girls wondering why on earth Molly would leave Tyrone for her aging boss up the street after witnessing the altercation between Dev and Tyrone. Plus, Sean wondering why she took a taxi, presumably, three doors down.
- Betty poking into the jug to see how much Hayley had donated, thus defeating it's purpose.


- Kelly asking around about Sally and trying to put a collection mug together for her. Did she wake up on the right side of the bed all the sudden? She sure has turned cheek.
- Why is Rosie sitting in her car, with it on, and not going anywhere? I never understood why she got that car.
- Kevin pretending to play stupid to the whole Molly-Tyrone disaster. How caddish must he feel? Very much, I hope.
- The look on poor Tyrone's face as Kev handed him Molly's wedding ring with an apology. Both sad, and ironic.

Looking forward to:

NuNick coming back to the street to stir things up again!

NOT looking forward to:

More Molvin/Tyrone drama. It's just boring, annoying and heartbreaking at the same time. Unless she comes out with a pregnancy. At least it'd be a twist.


Anonymous said...

Luv Ty and Jack and I really can't stand Molly anymore

Walzing Matilda said...

Kevin has the look of the condemed man, knowing that the brown stuff is going to hit the fan very soon and there is nothing he can do about it! I cant feel sorry for Kev or Molly and I wish she had stayed at Diggorys and been written out for a few weeks instead of ludicrously staying rent free in Dev's flat, just rubbing Tyrone's nose in it with Kevin living and working just opposite.

Daisychain said...

Why is Mad Mary helping Norris out in the shop when Tina still works there ( I think)! She said something like Norris you shouldnt be taking on all this on your own and Norris didnt say anything like well Tina is here to help me?


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