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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 25 2010

Greetings and welcome to another weekly wotsit of wonder plopping through your inbox and getting intimate with your mat. I’m going to take a short break from the updates and during the next three weeks the update will be coming atcha from canny Karen Jankel, jaunty John Dean and reckless Richard Whitbread. My thanks go to them all. And now without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Molly’s in the dog house. Tyrone tries to woo her back by bursting into the shop when she’s dusting the tinned puds but she blanks him by the cheese and he leaves, forlorn. Pam’s furious with Mol and says she might as well have stamped on a kitten when she dumped Ty. Jack’s straight round there once he hears the news and over a few beers in the Rovers, and well-meaning words from Fiz and John, Tyrone’s heart bleeds over losing his wife. Jack coos pigeon-speak to Tyrone: “Lost birds allus come back.” Let’s just hope they don’t fly in and poo on Tyrone’s head. Anyway, when Molly moves into the flat about Dev’s shop, Tyrone puts two and two together and ends up with sixty-nine, accusing Molly and Dev of having an affair. It’s Kev, not Dev, you Div! Tyrone thumps Dev and lays him flat out and it’s Kevin who pulls Tyrone out of the fight. Molly later gives Kevin her wedding ring and tells him to give it back to Tyrone. Oh, how flippin’ nasty was that? Nastier still was that Kev went and did it.

Kev’s a man lost and alone. Sally got her lumpectomy test results and it’s good news, she’s given the all-clear as the cancer hasn’t spread but she’ll still need radiotherapy, just in case. It’s champagne all round in the Webster house as they toast Sally’s health but Kevin loses control later when Sophie tells him she’s prayed for her mum. Kev wants to know what use prayer will do and loses his temper with his youngest daughter. He also comes close to hitting his eldest when he finds out that Rosie’s selling her car to pay for a boob job. Rosie’s on the phone to a prospective car buyer who wants to know how big the engine is. “It’s about the size of three handbags,” the daft mare replies.

It’s been a sad week all round, all things considered and there’s more of the same in the Rovers as Steve and Becky continue not speaking. Becky’s had bad news, her mum has died, only we don’t know that yet and she’s not told anyone. She’s keeping it to herself, all that pain inside of her, and all of her anger is growing as Steve acts on like he’s single again, buys a motorbike and takes leggy Kelly Crabtree for a spin around the block.

Over at Gail’s it’s no bag of laughs either. Joe’s desperate over his debts and eyes up the collection box in the Rovers the girls have started for Sally’s cancer charity. Bill gives him what-for when he spots Joe lusting after the loot. After Gail throws Joe out when he calls in a property management company who offer tuppence-ha’penny to take the house off Gail’s hands, the pair of them argue in the street and she slaps him right hard. I loved this bit. It’s about time Gail stood up for herself. Audrey and David are over the moon that Gail’s seeing sense about Joe but she forgives him later on when he comes clean about how much debt he’s really in. As Audrey would say: “Oh, Gay-ell”

The only person who had a bit of fun this week and a smile on her face was Mary from the motorhome. She only went and stole the picture of Norris and Freda that was on display in the Kabin, hid it under her coat and dumped it in a bin. She’s matahari in an anorak, that one, a femme fatale styled by BHS.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Debbie Oates, Peter Whalley, Mark Burt and John Kerr.

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