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Monday 25 January 2010

Saint Kevin Webster: Fri Jan 22, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

I want to start with an apology for the tardiness of this review, I had some unexpected circumstance to attend to this weekend. So I'll keep this one short 'n' sweet in preparation for today's review later. Thanks for your patience fellow fans!

Written by Debbie Oates (7:30) and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by David Kester

Rosie's decided to sell her car to pay for her new boobs, and can't wait to tell John Stape since "he'll feel like a pimp!" It's a big day for Sally, as today she finds out the results of her lumpectomy. It's good news, as she's in the clear, they've removed all the cancer, but she still has to go through some radiotherapy, just in case. The girls are ecstatic that their mother has good news. Sophie figures her prayer to God helped, but Kevin challenges her as to why God made her mum sick to begin with or lets others die, or lets bad things happen to people. Someone's feeling the guilt-crunch and taking it out on his daughter! Another woman slighted by Saint Kevin Webster.

Jumpy Joe tries to get a cash advance from Bill on the job he's set up for, for "materials," but Bill knows better and declines. Gail's still prepping her pad for sale but has no interest. She and Audrey discuss David foiling the house sale plans. Audrey thinks Gail is silly for giving up a lovely home for a man in debt, and David just doesn't want to be kicked out. Joe's got Slick Rick on his back again threatening for more money. Joe is DESPERATE and almost tries to steal the money from the Cancer Charity Jar only Bill catches him and puts him off the job. Slick Rick finds Joe later, and Joe legs it while Slick Rick and his henchman chase Joe being terrace houses. Joe manages to hide in Tyrone's backyard, but he can't hide forever!

Tyrone is still down-in-the-dumps, so Fiz and John invite him over for tea to cheer him up, and to get some gossip, of course. Tyrone has a drink and tells them that he has no idea why Molly's left him, much to their disappointment and I'm sure Tyrone's as well. Tyrone apologizes to Dev for the plonking he gave him the other day and he also gives Molly's wedding ring back to her. Fiz is fussing over what to cook for Tyrone, and makes John ask Tyrone if he's a vegetarian in one of the most awkward interactions I've seen on Corrie in ages.

Pam finds out about Molly leaving Tyrone and marches straight over to have a word. Pam and Bill discuss Molly and Tyrone's split and both find out that the other knows about "Molvin." Pam reminds Molly that "men don't leave their wives - ever." Ah, words of wisdom.

Mary is fussing all over Norris at the Kabin. She notices that Norris accidentally drops a framed photo of he and Freda and their winning cheque. Mary notices it, and Norris says that Freda must have written to the magazine asking for the photo. Mary points out that Freda is quite "bony." Someone's eyes are turning green. Mary wants Norris to take a break for his health from the Kabin, since he's over-working himself and that she's going to step in. (Where does she park her motor home?) Norris relents, and Mary later throws out the photo of he and Freda into the bin.

Sian is leaving town to live with her mother, on her father's suggestion. She's decided that her and Ryan are too young to live together and needs to be with her mother. Her and Sophie say their goodbyes, and it's a harder goodbye for Ryan. Ah, young love.

Good news for the Devster. Not only does he get to have dinner with his kids and Sunita, but he also finds out through Sunita that her and Matt have broken off the engagement. *Pop* goes the champagne cork in Dev's head.

- Rosie not understanding what "size of her engine" meant, "the size of three large handbags."
- Mary throwing the photo of Norris and Freda into the bin. She's a woman on a mission.
- Fiz being a good friend to her old pal Tyrone. I'm surprised Kirk hasn't been around to comfort Tyrone yet.
- When John asks Tyrone if he's a vegetarian, Tyrone looks offended and asks "why, has someone been saying something?!"

- Rosie still set on ruining John Stape's life, or at least, day.
- Audrey still harping on about Joe to Gail. Just let her be!
- David whining that no one considered him in the sale of the house. Had he been any other son, you know, NOT one that had pushed his mother down the stairs/almost killed his niece etc, I'd have agreed with him. But can you blame Gail for not giving a fig about what David things in matters concerning HER property? No! Shut up and grow up, David.

Looking forward to: What is going to happen with Rosie's whole "boob job" plan. She isn't REALLY going to get those bigger is she?

NOT looking forward to: Having to watch Joe run from Slick Rick and Co. again! That was tense and unnerving.

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