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Wednesday 13 January 2010

O.M.G.: Mon Jan 11, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jan McVerry (7:30) and Mark Wadlow (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt.

Gail and Joe are enjoying their R&R in the Lake District and don't want to return. Joe figures that he and Gail should "have it all." Meanwhile, David gives brother NuNick the send-off. Well, more like the old heave-ho. Both he and Tina seem to be happy that NuNick is leaving the street. David's happy, but Tina just seems happy. Gail and Joe return to reality, and David, from their holiday. Joe starts to research life insurance online. What could he be up to now? A little off-topic, but what happened to David's girlfriend Zoe? Why wasn't she invited to Gail's wedding and why haven't we seen her in a good while? Am I to assume it's over?

Mary's back, but Norris is avoiding her like the plague. He even likens her to a Venus Fly Trap, saying he'd gotten too close once already. What is it with good people trying to push themselves into Norris' affections? Mary tells Norris about a romance she had while away and inquires about who Freda was. Norris assures Mary that he was single, and indeed always will be. He might even start his own monastic order. Oh, Norris.

Rosie's furious that her "glamour modelling" (topless porno shots) are being used to sell drain cleaner and a pervy man's hands have been Photoshopped over her breasts. She thought her photos would be used to sell high-end stuff. Hey, at least it wasn't a herpes prevention advert of something worse. Obviously, no-one else is happy to see this advert poster with the exception of Graeme and the factory girls. Rosie fights with her parents over it later, saying she's going to use the money she got paid for her planned breast augmentation. Sally loses it upon hearing this and throws water all over Rosie and the rowing ensues. Later, Rosie is comforted by Graeme who cries when she cries at the bus stop. Sophie tells Rosie she thinks something's up with their parents and that she thinks they might be splitting up since they're acting so strangely. Close, but no cigar. They decide to confront Kev and Sal, and are informed that they are not splitting, but Sally has breast cancer. The girls are obviously devastated over this news.

Molly and Tyrone are celebrating being married for one year and Molly promises to be a better wife. Guilty much? Does being a 'better wife' entail being faithful to your husband? I hope so.

George and Peter are working on plans for the bar and Ken offers his scorn, yet again. George wonders if Ken is always that dogged or if he's right about Peter's alcoholism threshold. Peter calms George and tells him that Ken's just winding him up. Is Ken right, will Peter fail?

Sunita commissions Dev to help with the twins doomed birthday party. First she needs him to pick up the cake, then she needs him to help find an alternative after their original party location fell through. Is someone getting depended on Dev? Dev offers up his place for the party, and with Jesse as entertainment. The Devster saves the day!

- Norris referring to Mary (before he knew it was Mary) as a "moon-faced munchkin in a large motor home" when trying to describe the person that's been shadowing him. Honestly, how many people does he know in a large motor home? And why was Mary even tip-toeing around anyhow?
- Freda's bon-voyage. She never did much for me and shan't be missed.
- Kelly figuring she can't get time off work because of discrimination since she's single. Janice telling her to write to Obama! Haha.
- Mary hanging her bra and knickers to dry outside the motor home parked on Coronation Street. Dead classy.
- Graeme crying because Rosie was crying over the fight she had with her parents. He is such a strange cookie!
- Mary correcting Norris on how to pronounce Andalucia, *pfla pfla pfla*, and Norris comparing her to Hannibal Lecter. Hilarious!

- Molly sucking up to Tyrone about being a good wife. Should have just been a good wife to start!
- Gail saying she doesn't know how to life without Joe. Oh, poor, poor emotionally doomed Gail.
- Rosie's skanky topless photo on the bus stop. Of all the bus stops, in all the towns, in all the worlds, her porno photo graces mine.
- David teasing Graeme about his hopeless infatuation with Rosie. Isn't that a case of the kettle calling the pot black?

Looking forward to:
Dev and Sunita's twins birthday party and 20 children ruining Dev's flat and Nina's design job!

NOT looking forward to:
More sapping meaningless Molly and Tyrone scenes.


Ena's hair net said...

Thought we were to get a break from the simpering Gail and darting eyed Joe but they are back from honeymoon ALREADY?! I thought Rosie looked very attractive with her hair back and those nice diamond heart ear-rings. Not sure about the relationship with Grahame, she is bound to use him and break his heart. How arrogant and rude was Sunita, I know others like her but I didnt like her first time around and not looking forward to her back on the street with Div.

Anonymous said...

While Sunita was busy wringing round endless places to hold her kids' party, did it not occur to her that she could hold it in her own (large) house, like most people do? Surely better than holding it in a small 3rd floor flat with a death-trap balcony for the little dear to plunge off? More ill thought out scriptwriting.

Dilly Daydream said...

Just a quick point about Freda - I never understood why she always signed to hearing people, I found it really irritating. Or maybe it was just her in general that was irritating??

And to repeat what I said on an earlier blog, although I don't like Rosie Webster, I think she and Graham would make a good couple.

Clare said...

Graeme was absolutely hilarious! How good was Brooke Vincent when herself (Sophie) and Rosie found out about Sally's plight.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying Corrie at the moment a lot going on. Really liked the chemistry between Nick and Tina hope he doesnt leave and there is more of it! The poster of Rosie was hilarious!i think Graeme likened it to the Monkey Weekly!

Anonymous said...

Could anyone please tell me where Rosie got her heart shape earrings from?


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