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Tuesday 12 January 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 11 2010

This week the update’s settling into the swing of things of a New Year. It’s gone with the New theme. New cushions, new wallpaper, new kettle for the tea. But fear not, it’s the same old updates, nowt new there. It’s worked well for 15 years - you think I’m gonna change? And so without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Big story of the week is Gail’s wedding, her fifth, to her fourth husband (she married Brian twice in a fit of optimism over experience). Nick returns and meets his granddad Ted for the very first time. A tearful Ted tells Gail how pleased he is for the opportunity to give her away on her big day. Well, he did miss the first four times. With Gail dolled up in a lace frock with a high neck she exchanges oaths at the altar with Joe. “Repeat after me…” the registrar says although Gail should surely know the words by now. Joe says his vows too and when he got to that bit where he goes: “I do solemnly declare…” I thought he was going to finish that bit off with “…myself bankrupt” but instead he went on about love and honour and stuff that brought more of a tear to Ted’s eye. The reception was held at the Rovers, where else, with Twiglets and Cava keeping the very small amount of people who were there, quite happy. An appropriate tune played on the jukebox, it was Madness. Nick eyed up Tina who pretended not to notice. David watched Nick eye up Tina and in a wonderful moment in the smoking room in the Rovers’ yard, David winds up his big brother Nicky over being a mummy’s boy and eyeing up his new step-father’s girl. “Never call me Nicky again!” yells, er, Nicky as he throws David up against the wall of the pub with a sneer on his face. The happy couple then set off on a one night honeymoon to a cottage in The Lakes with Gail as happy as can be and Joe scared stiff that the loan-shark fella will be paying him a visit any day soon.

Back on the Street, Peter’s plans to open the bar forge ahead when he’s given the all-clear from the Council. George is the sort of fella who’s in the funny handshake brigade, if you ask me and he’ll have met someone from the department, probably Mr Shifti Bakhanda to ease Peter’s planning permission through without any delay. Ken’s up in arms but when is he not? and Deirdre’s scowling again.

It’s Molly and Tyrone’s first wedding anniversary and Molly goes through the motions of playing the dutiful wife. Molly decides that Tyrone will take another job he’s been offered on the other side of town although even Jack can see it’s not such a good idea.

Graeme shed a few tears this week when he comforted Rosie. Well, the poor girl was distraught. She’d had 200 glamour pics taken and the one that the advertising company decide to go and use only ends up putting her bust on the bus-stop in a full frontal poster advertising drain cleaner called Sump. Rosie cries her eyes out and so does Graeme. He’s great. She then goes home to tell Sally and Kev that she wants to get a boob job. This was a wonderful scene, very well acted, as Sally struggled, really struggled, to remain calm while her tactless daughter twittered on.

Over in the factory in a late night one-to-one, Sally tells Carla about her cancer and Carla admits that she too has been through a breast cancer scare but she came out ok. Meanwhile Sophie and Rosie are certain that Kev and Sally have something on their minds and assume their parents are going to split. They confront Kev and Sally and so Sally tells them both the truth too, there’s much crying and hugging and it’s really very sad.

And finally this week, the opening bars of Sheena Easton’s 9-to-5 ring out as Mary returns to the Street. Norris was a little upset when she went away last time so I don’t quite understand why he’s so uppity and scared now that she’s returned. She invites him for dinner in her four wheel drive but Norris turns her down, preferring the Rovers instead and calls her motorhome: “A venus fly tray with central locking.”

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Peter Whalley, Julie Jones, Daran Little, Jan McVerry and Mark Wadlow.

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Dilly Daydream said...

Here's the thing: I can't stand Rosie Webster but somehow I like her and Graham together. I think they'd make a great couple and that Graham would be good for her.

Scott Willison said...

Having Sheena Easton play as Mary stalked Norris was a moment of genius.

Yoork said...

“…myself bankrupt” - HAHAHA
Mary's a real "femme fatale"


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