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Saturday 9 January 2010

Mrs Gail Potter Tilsley Platt Hillman Platt McIntyre: Fri Jan 8, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Julie Jones (7:30) and Daran Little (8:30), directed by Durno Johnston.

Well, it's Gail's big day! Er, should I say Gail and Joe's big day? They had a lovely ceremony with all accounted for (well, except for Sarah and Jason, ironically). I personally thought Gail's dress was absolutely perfect for her figure, age and personality. Would I wear it? Probably, but when you're on the right side of 40 and the right side of 150lbs you could look good in most anything. Not that I'm tooting my horn. Moving on, the ceremony went off with a hitch and with some touching moments between Gail and Ted. The service at the Rovers afterwards was even nice, with a beautiful speech from Gail. However, the business with loan-sharkey and then David and NuNick at each others throats hampered it a bit. But Gail was none-the-wiser to both. Makes you question whether or not David LOVES being thrown up against a wall by a man in rage, doesn't it? We should start a count: how many people have thrown David up against a wall by his neck in rage?

Elsewhere, the rest of the Street wasn't so happy today. Well, with the exception of Peter Barlow, who got planning permission approved by City Council. Much to the chagrin of a Mr. Barlow Sr. Even Steve wasn't happy about it, as he feared for the Rovers' business hightailing it out to another bar.

Sally had a meeting with Carla and divulged her big secret: she's got breast cancer. Carla told Sally that she also had a breast cancer scare a while back and understand what she's going though and told her she could take all the time she needs, full pay. After a couple of screw-drivers in the office, Sally finally broke down and cried where he family couldn't hear her. Oh poor Sal, but this is a fantastic story-line and so far is being done very well.

Tyrone had broken the news to Kevin: he's leaving him for another garage in Chester. Kevin isn't happy to see Tyrone go, but after Tyrone told him Molly was set on it, Kevin backed away from any other discussion. He told Tyrone it was the best time to move now, since they're young and have got no kids. Tyrone admits that he doesn't think they need a move, but Molly wants it. And what Molly wants, Molly gets. Well, except for Kevin. Are they really going to move? I sure hope not! I think after Molly's future revelation she'll be going nowhere fast.

Lastly, the photo of Norris and Freda and their winning checque made it's way into the paper, and Norris isn't the only one unhappy about the photo. Norris didn't like that the photo didn't reflect his 'peaches and cream' complexion. In someplace perhaps not so far away, our lovely Miss Mary wasn't happy to see the photo either. Not of Norris, but of an exuberant Freda stood next to him, as she chalked out Freda's face with her chocolate bar.

- Gail and Ted's touching father-daughter moments. Gail really is getting a second chance. Even at her age, as Audrey would say.
- The look on Liz's face seeing Gail so happy again. Perhaps she thinks it isn't too late for her, menopause and all?
- Mary chalking out Freda's face in the paper with her chocolate bar. Wasn't that fantastic!?
- Carla empathetic towards someone for once when Sally told her that she had breast cancer and needed the time away from work.

- That stinky loan shark trying to suck more money out of Joe! When will the torment end? Poor Joe.
- Jason not attending his girlfriend's father's wedding? More so, Gail's wedding. Jason's almost a part of the Platt family at this point.
- Poor Tyrone having to tell Kev that he's leaving him for another job, and all because of that scheming little Molly!
- NuNick trying to horn in on Tina. Can't he just drool over Michelle or something like all the other guys on the street. Oh, and Tina pretending she doesn't like the attention.

Looking forward to:
More of NuNick on the screen!

Not looking forward to:
What will happen when Gail and Joe come back from holiday. Poor Gail.


Clare said...

I loved Ted's genuine loveliness throughout the entire ep. Carla and Sally's exchange was superb. Nick has taken my fancy ;)

Cobblestone said...

But it happened again! Another of those Hamlet/Gertrude moments: "If you weren't my Mum I'd marry you myself"!!! As David observed "That's just wrong on so many levels ..." Where are they going with this wierd Oedipal thread?

Loved seeing a different side of Carla though. I agree the scenes in her office were excellent, all the more so because she's never really liked Sally hitherto.

Ted rocks!

Walzing Matilda said...

Great scenes with Carla and Sally, superbly acted.

What on earth was Jason doing not attending the wedding with Tina, and why didnt Peter or George tell him to get off when Tina stormed around? Very selfish and quite unlike Peter. Tina's otherwise gorgeous wedding outfit was spoilt by those giant chavvy hooped ear-rings that she seems to have glued to her ears. Spoiled what otherwise was a classy outfit. And what's all this animosity between David and NickY, was it there before, I thought David used to look up to his big bruv?


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