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Friday 15 January 2010

Wheely Bin Fairy: Thu Jan 14, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Joe Turner, directed by Ian Bevitt

Eddie is once again trying to stash his trash in someone else's bins, in about the most disgusting dressing gown one has ever seen. Exactly how much trash does he produce? They're only three people in that household. Kev and Joe notice there's been another visit by the "wheely bin fairy." They immediately recognise Eddie Windass' brand of lager cans. Kev confronts Eddie about stuffing their bins and threatens to put him in the crusher if it happens again.

Kev tells his daughters to act as though everything's normal, so Rosie thinks that it'd be fine to get her boob job done. Rosie argues that if she doesn't get a boob job, then she won't be able to get spots in the booby calendar that Kev has in his garage. Therefore, she's getting a boob job to sell to people like him. Kevin doesn't argue because he figures she'll never be able to afford the surgery anyway. Speaking of surgery, Sally is busy packing her bags for her overnight lumpectomy.

Hayley talks to Carla about why Sally gets time off, but not Kelly. Carla reminds her that this is her business, and it's not of Hayley's, er, business. Kelly wants answers so she confronts Carla herself. Carla tells her that she decides who gets time off and if they don't like that, they know where the door is. Later the factory girls see the Websters with a suitcase and confront the girls about why Sally's on holiday and they're working. Kelly figures if Sally's on vacation then she hopes she never comes back at all. This hits a sour note with the Webster girls and Rosie goes to the Rovers to tell them off for slagging off her mum and tells them she's off because she's ill and going for an operation. Kevin comes and and tells everyone that Sally has breast cancer and requests that they be sensitive about it. Meanwhile, Tyrone overhears this and is confused as to why Kevin said nowt. Tyrone and Molly tell Kev that if there's anything they can do, they can do it and that it's times like this that families stick together.

It's Ryan's birthday, so Michelle aka "mother of the year" makes him a "toast cake." How Dickensian. Is he really 18 already? I don't know why I'm not surprised about how little I know about Ryan Connor. I thought he was Sian and Sophie's age (15)?

Gail is in la-la-land practicing her new signature as "Gail McIntyre." You're married, get over it. Joe introduces Gail to a life insurance policy he wants them to take out. Gail thinks they can't afford the premiums, not now. Joe eyes her signature attempts and looks thoughtful.

Jesse's getting ready for Dev's children's party and Sean begs for an audition. Dev's party is going swimmingly. Alright, who makes a better Hiyalowa in drag? Kirkeh or Sean? I think Sean looks fantastic. Jesse's not happy with Sean since he's usurped his 'star of the show' crown. Jesse wants Sean to be less "star" more "gormless." He should have kept Kirk then! With all the reckless children around, it's Sunita who breaks Dev's best glass and offers to come by with a replacement. An offer that Dev cannot refuse. Sunita thanks Dev profusely outside the flat and Matt doesn't look happy to see their positive interactions.

- Sean saying he was "born to perform." Sean is so faboosh.
- Kev threatening Eddie Windass over the bin stuffing issue. Kev loves to put people straight.
- Rosie sticking up for her mum! That's the Rosie I'd like to see more of, personally.
- Claire helping out at Dev's party. She really is a sweetheart, even though she's super-annoying. Like that person you hate to love. Or is it love to hate?

- Rosie wittering on about a boob job. Seriously? Could she be anymore vapid?
- Eddie Windass in his gown and shirt, and disgustingly dirty socks. Barf-o-rama. I'm going to have nightmares tonight.
- When Tyrone finds out about Sally's cancer, he tells Kev that families should stick together, and Molly just plays ignorant and guilty the whole time. Ugh. Molvin still bothers me long after it's over.

Looking forward to:
Seeing more of Audrey and her new "beau."

NOT looking forward to:
What Joe is planning with this whole life insurance scam.


Ena's Hairnet said...

Where were all the children at Dev's party, thought 25 were expected and we only saw about 5 playing quietly together by the sofa - eh? Why was Claire helping? She is not a particular friend of Dev is she? Sorry cant stand her and she makes any scene she is in annoying and pointless. Loved Sean as Hi-ah Lower, at least he makes the very boring Jessie a bit more interesting. Love the way Joe's eyes dart from side to side whenever he has a (disasterous) cunniing plan! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Claire is very very annoying..........


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