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Sunday 10 January 2010

First Corrie weekly awards of 2010

Welcome to 2010 and another round of the weekly awards! I've added a bit of wedding comment at the end. Remember that we had a running count of Ambulance chasers last year? Well thanks to a comment in Yoork's update, I think we should keep a count of "Wall Rage" incidents, how many people get shoved up against a wall in anger. We've already had a couple and the year is barely started so we might do this on a monthly basis. And now to the awards...

What 2010 Builders are Wearing Jason looking very muscular in his gear and Bill looking tough in orange. Let's not forget those fetching safety goggles!

Jumping the gun award: Gold Star: Joe McIntyre asking Peter for an advance for work he *might* do for the new bar renos. He also gets a star for Lying Prat Award, lying to Ted to get cash "for a deposit on a flat" (why can't he sell the boat or give Rick the boat?)

Wash the image out of my brain award: Rita in a lycra all-in-one body suit doing Pilates!

Got your priorities straight award: Deirdre for insisting that the smart uniform is top priority for a good school.

Potential bunny boiler award: Mary's back and she's not happy with Norris and his arms all over Freda in the magazine photo!

Soap Opera Phrase of Doom: Audrey "I was wrong about him" (oh no you weren't!)
Gail "I feel I've been given another chance at happiness" (groan, that's it, she's jinxed herself)

Lines of the week:

Ted about Nick "He's not like David is he?"
Ted to Joe "Any last minute doubts?" Joe "Only whether I'm good enough for her" (you aren't!)
Audrey to Gail "You getting a second chance at your age " (fifth chance?)
Graeme about Norris' picture "It's a surly, short, old baldy bloke in a tank top. It looks nuffink like you at all"
Audrey "What we should do is shut up and let our children lead their own lives"
Nick to David "DON'T CALL ME NICKY!" (Oh it's not that bad!)

A photo of the blushing Bride. Sorry. Coy isn't really working for Gail, is it?

And how was the wedding for you? Well I thought the tender scenes between Gail and Ted were really, really touching. The teasing Gail got for her fifth wedding from the neighbours was fun along with sarky remarks from David and Graeme but the wedding itself was run of the mill and seemed to take a long time! Most of the time when we have a registry do it's over between one scene and the next and this one covered half the episode, or it felt like it. (Did you notice, I think the registrar is the same guy that didn't marry Steve and Becky last year when she got drunk) Gail looked very nice, I thought. Joe was nervous and not very confident at all, considering he thought he was free and clear of the debt man. He's not, of course, and found that out sharpish while David lurks in the corners spying on Nick chatting up Tina and Rick chatting up Joe!

On other matters, Nick got all bent out of shape when David needled him and called him Nicky and it all fell apart between the two brothers, slagging off each other's father and Nick putting David on notice. Thing is, Nick gave David a hard time for all the hurt he's caused the family. Well, where the heck were you all these years, Nicky? Daran Little, the writer for that episode, scores again!


John said...

I wondered where I'd seen the registrar before - then it occured to me that he played the DJ "Andy Evol" in the Maureen Lipman sitcom "Agony".

Walzing Matilda said...

Just heard that Gail is to go to Gaol accused of Joe's murder, did she or didnt she? LOL!

Fishwife said...

Aha! That would be Peter Blake, the "Andy Evol" actor. I see from his web page that he has been in Corrie before, playing Nick Gerraty in 1994. Anyone remember who that was?


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