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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Give and Take: Mon Jan 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt (7:30) and John Kerr (8:30), directed by Stuart Davids

Kevin apologises to Sophie about going off on God the other night. Graeme sees Rosie and tries to beg her for a date, but gets turned down. The cat's out of the bra when Sophie tells Kev about Rosie's planned boob job on the day of Sally's first radiotherapy treatment. Kevin blows off about Rosie's surgery plans, obviously. Rosie tells Sophie that she's not smart like her, and her appearance is the only way she's going to get ahead in life. She USED to be smart, what happened? I think she's fooling herself. In the Rovers later, Lloyd and Eddie notice a photo of Rosie in a bikini advertising peanuts behind the bar and ogle the picture until Kev finds out and manhandles Eddie getting his nipple *gross*. Kev shoves the photo in Rosie's face and she's embarrassed also, she doesn't even like peanuts, after all. What's Kev going to do?

Tyrone's still alone, and tries another attempt at getting Molly back, even on Kev's suggestion. Tyrone thinks he's making progress by Molly letting him buy her a drink.

David is trying to get Gail to convince Audrey to let him rent out the salon flat. Gail tells David that it's time he do things on his own. Joe is walking on egg shells in fear of Slick Rick. Jason tells Joe he heard about Bill and he falling out over the job. Jason also tells Joe about an agent that works with quick sells so Joe gets right on it. Meanwhile, Gail tries to talk to Audrey about the salon flat for David, but Audrey thinks Gail is trying to shovel David off onto her and isn't taking. Audrey accuses Gail of selling her home to bail out Joe. Audrey reminds Gail that there's going to be a time when she has nothing left to give. Joe meets with the quick-sell estate agent who offers 80k when it's worth 115k. Gail tells the agent to get out of her house and asks Joe what the hell he's doing.

Joe is desperate now that Gail has decided not to sell the house. Joe loses it and tells Gail that she's leaving him for the vultures. Joe says he's better off on his own and leaves, but not before telling Gail that she's a curse-on-men, a jinx. Joe says his life was great before they met and now he's a wreck. Joe also says David probably tried to kill her in self-defense and gets five across the eyes for that. Audrey and David close in on Gail until Joe shows up again to try to redeem himself. Joe tells her about Slick Rick and the trouble he's in. Gail can't believe he's let this happen. What can Gail even do to help Joe out of this mess without losing her home? Gail says she thinks she'll never be happy again. All together now: Poor Gail!

Liz can't believe that Steve and Becky are still rowing. Liz reminds Steve that Becky has a right to choose what she does with her body. Steve chooses not to give a monkey's anymore. Becky gets a strange call and says she has to leave for a bit. She comes back quite sombre. What could have happened? Steve walks into the pub later in a full motorbike outfit, and bike to match. Mid life crisis? Kelly is interested in the motorbike, and takes Steve up on his offer for a ride and a boozin' later - even upstairs in the Rovers flat, much to Becky's annoyance. Becky's in the dumps, but Steve doesn't seem to care. Becky freaks out on Steve for lolling around with Kelly and goes out back for a fag, and looks through the garbage bag that she got off the bus with and starts to breakdown sobbing.

Leanne's excited about the progress they're making on the bar and decides it'd be a good idea to have a "hard hat party." Which is basically a party where they shove booze down the locals throats to get some buzz going about the bar. Peter and Leanne meet up with George who approves of the hard hat party idea. He goes with them to Simon's school for parents meeting where they find that Simon is an excellent little scholar. George insists again that a private school education would challenge Simon's brilliant mind and stop him from being bored and getting in trouble in the future. Peter declines, but thinks hard.

- David referring to Joe as "action man."
- Graeme "drinking in" Rosie's loveliness, and Rosie pretending not to love the attention, although turning him down for a date.
- Tyrone working up the nerve to go into Dev's repeating "no fear, no fear" to himself.
- Steve coming into the Rovers dressed in that motorbike getup.
- Gail for not letting Joe sell her house from under her and standing her ground, for once!
- Rosie saying that her manicured hands are part of her livelihood and Sophie stating, "sure, because everyone's looking at your hands."
- Becky asking Kelly about how bad the "accident" was on the bike. Since it looked like Kelly got dragged behind the bike. Ouch!
- Eddie Windass suggesting they all get bladdered then tells Tyrone was drink he's having.

- Kev giving Tyrone advice to go after Molly. Just stay out of it.
- Joe and his lies trying to sell Gail's house from under her nose.
- Steve's immaturity. What is he doing buying a motorbike, and traipsing around like an idiot anyway? You don't like your wife? Life goes on.
- The sad look on Kelly's face when she realized that Steve wasn't into her, and never would be because he still loved Becky.
- Granddad George and his interference in Simon and Peter's lives.
- Poor Gail Platt, disappointed by yet another man in her life.

Looking forward to:
- What on earth is going to happen to Joe McIntrye. How's he going to get out of this debt?

NOT looking forward to:
- Watching Steve galavant around as a "free man" (drunk) anymore.


gab said...

gail does it everytime marries a nutter

surely she can just release some equity from the house without having to sell it? i know not as dramatic but would give her the money joe needs without moving

cant wait to see the back of him hes a walking time bomb

becky and steve shold grow up and talk instead of playing silly games-and since whenn was rosie thick didnt she used to get a's in school?

Walzing Matilda said...

The Steve and Becky bickerfest is becoming very boring now, these characters have never gelled for me and would have been better doing stories on their own. How come Steve suddenly had a spare crash helmet for Kelly? And how mean was Joe to Gail and of course she forgives him when he comes crawling back.

Anonymous said...

I wanted Gail to yell at Joe instead of the quiet, hurt, serious voice - that slap didn't have enough force behind it either!

Dishwasher Crab said...

Gail & Joe, Steve & Becky - I think we're all getting a bit sick of these storylines.

Best moment of the programme was the look of absolute outrage on Tyrone's face when he thought someone had accused him of being a vegetarian.

Poor b..., like he hasn't suffered enough.


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