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Wednesday 20 January 2010

How will Molvin get found out? My money's on Sophie

Awwwww.... couldn't you just hug poor Tyrone? His heart was broken. He got the shock of his life, trying to sort out his marraige and having his wife turn it back on him. She doesn't love him anymore. She denied there was someone else and he just couldn't figure out what he'd done wrong. He went through the gamut of emotions from denial through to pain to anger but in the end, he was outside trying to persuade her to stay while the neighbours watched in shock.

The reason I'm saying all this is because of one of the people watching. Did you see Sophie's face? She looked sad for Tyrone but I had another one of my "inspirations". I may be way off the mark, but I think Sophie's going to be the one that discovers her father's infidelity. Somehow. Some way. She's going to be the one that figures it out or overhears something and puts it all together. She won't tell her mother but Sally will probably pick up on tension between Sophie and her dad. Secrets don't stay that way on a soap.

I don't know what's going to happen so this isn't a spoiler, it's speculation gleaned from a long, long time of soap-watching. There were rumours of Molly getting pregnant and if that is true I reckon she will in fact go back to Tyrone but I do think that he's better off without her because she won't be faithful. I don't think they will be like Jack and Vera because Tyrone is not like Jack at all but Molly could very well be another Vera in the making.


Cinema Boy said...

I disagree, I think Tyrone makes a perfect Jack. Not sure about Molly being a Vera, she doesn't have the charisma.

It would be a great story if Molly was pregnant. I can't see Sally finding out about the affair, they won't break Kevin and Sally up.

Rachel said...

Yes, Sophie knowing about Kevin and Molly would be an interesting twist. When Sally was 'involved' with Ian Davenport, Rosie discovered the affair and they didn't get on for quite sometime. I wonder how it would affect Sophie's relationship with her dad considering how tight they are?

Anonymous said...

Oh...if it really is Sophie that finds out/figures the affair out then that's one more disappointment played out right before her eyes:

Ben her perfect boyfriend -- fallen
Sian breaks her chastity vow
Kevin her dad and his lying not necessarily to his wife, but to her - Sophie.

All the people around her have let her down and she'll wonder what's the point in being Christian...hmmm, wonder how a soap can portray someone sensitive and brainy but ultimately sensible like Sophie going through inner turmoil... can't really picture her taking up drinking, promiscuity, etc...

Yoork said...

Yeah, I think Sophie might be the one to find out. If for any reason by the fact that she's the only one concerned in this entire storyline with more than two brain cells to put the pieces together. Well, her and Pam, but Pam already knows. Right now, Pam and Bill know. But they don't know each other knows. Well, at least as far as we know. And it might be possible that "someone" (Sophie?) overhears something she's not meant to.

gab said...

good theory about sophie finding out-i think she will dig deeper and work it out that its her dad

molly shouldnt go back to tyrone if she is pregnant will do more harm than good

Tvor said...

I don't see Tyrone as similar to Jack because Jack was always a chancer, someone to scheme and try it on whenever he could. He loved to get one over on a boss or on the wife. Jack was a skiver, too. Tyrone is a hard worker, he's sweet and honest and definitely not a schemer or someone that would be a game player. He wouldn't be the one to think up the scams, he's the one that gets sucked into them!

Sue said...

I felt the same thing when the camera paused on Sophie's face. For me, I wondered if she already knew and was, because of her Christian and charitable views (similar to Emily) willing to let things ride as long as no one was outright being hurt. Now that she sees the damage to Tyrone, and is likely confused (because finally Kevin was pulling his weight as Sally's husband again), she will have to make some hard decisions.

gadgee said...


It's been rumoured for a while now that Sophie's gonna be Corrie's first lesbian character. Apparently she's gonna start dating Sian. Maybe Sophie finding out about Molly and her dad's affair could be the start of that story line?


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