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Saturday 30 January 2010

I'm Pregnant: Fri Jan 29, 2010 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther, directed by Stuart Davids

Liz thinks it's Steve's fault that Becky's left, but he thinks he's done no wrong, as usual. Becky's dead-set on not having Steve be there at her mother's funeral. Becky says she's not grieving for her mother since she got what she had coming. Ouch.

Steve is looking around the street for Becky asking 'round and he goes into the butchers. Claire comes in and starts blubbering about the kids school and how Liz got mad at a teacher, and how "she had colour on her face to begin with, but after!" Becky comes home and tells Steve that a woman she used to know died and she's going to the funeral. Becky tells him that the woman was a bit of a wino and that he could come with her, but he says that a funeral really isn't his cup of tea.

Later, Steve complains about Becky and the funeral to Lloyd in The Cafe. The Croppers over hear and think that Steve is despicable for not taking Becky to the funeral, unawares that he doesn't know it's her mother's funeral. Roy tells Steve that it's his mother-and-law that's died and Steve and Lloyd are out. Steve's not happy that Becky hasn't told him that her mother died and that his marriage is dead as a doorknob. Steve drives away from the street in his motorbike despite his mother's protests. Meanwhile, Becky is out back the Rovers having a fag. Becky casually tells Liz that she went to her mother's funeral that afternoon, leaving Liz stunned.

Liz later apologizes about Becky's mum, and Becky tells her that her mum died of a kidney infection and something in the lungs, she just had it. Becky also tells Liz that she was the only one at the funeral. Becky says she was celebrating at her mum's funeral because in a funny way she felt free. Liz tells Becky she should have told Steve, since they are married. Becky is reading Amy a bedtime story later and starts sobbing and asks Amy not to tell anyone why she's crying.

Meanwhile, Steve's still at some neighboring pub drinking and dancing his sorrows away alone. How very bizarre. He manages to chat up some rather handsome fellas and tries to coax them into going out on the town all drunk already. Someone needs to tell Kelly about this pub. The fellas tell Steve to go home and give it a rest. Steve tries to get on his bike all bladdered with a sausage in his mouth and ends up falling off the bike while everyone laughs. He manages to catch his reflection and doesn't seem to like what he sees. He gets home and meets with Becky sat in the darkness of the pub. Steve asks her why he had to find out from Roy Cropper about his own mother-in-law. Becky says it's not important, but Steve says it is and calls her a big "flump." Becky says she didn't want Steve's sympathy because it doesn't feel like they're in "this" together anymore. Becky drops another bombshell and tells Steve she's pregnant and she found out New Year's Eve. Wowza! Too bad she's been drinking all that alcohol.

It's the first day of Sally's radiotherapy and the family's going. In the hospital, they're all in the waiting room as Rosie's filling out a colouring book. I hope she's colouring in between the lines. Later at home, Sally says she feels lucky that they have treatments this day in age, and she's not living on borrowed time as she would have been 200 years ago. The Websters-sans-Sally go to the pub later and have a toast to her.

George swings by in his fancy car and wants to have a word with Peter. George tells Peter about an open day at Oakhill School so Simon can see it. Peter says they'll go for 10 minutes, but only to laugh at the uniforms if it'll shut him up. It seems George's plan worked because Simon loved Oakhill. Peter and Simon tell Ken all about their Oakhill School visit. Ken reminds Simon that if he withdraws his kid from public education, he's withdrawing his support for a service that should rightly be for everybody. It seems no one's interested in Oakhill but Simon and George, and Simon's only interested in the pool. Ken finds George in the pub and wishes Simon all the best at his new school when it starts, and adieu.

Joe insists that he and Gail need to go away - just he, her and the boat. Is that a song? You, me, you me, and the boat? Or is it the weather? It's good news for Tina, as she tells Joe that she's gotten an offer on the flat. Joe tells Tina that he's planning a surprise getaway for Gail, and she's not to say anything. Joe tells Tina that money isn't everything.

Ted comes by Gail's for a visit and Joe doesn't look that happy to see him. Exactly how many people does Joe have to avoid now? Is anyone keeping count? I believe this is what they call a web of lies. Ted mentions the flat that he loaned Joe money for and Joe says he needs about a week. Ted tells him not to be so scared, he's not a loan shark who's going to drag him into the ginnell and duff him up. The irony.

Joe tells Gail that he's booked them a trip - on her credit card, if that's okay. He wants them to be alone-alone. Oh how romantic. Don't you love it when your man surprises you with a vacation he's booked on YOUR credit card? It's like something out of a fairy tale.

The Devster's on his game as he brings games to Sunita's place for the kids. Sunita invites Dev in for coffee, and she's clearly interest in more. Dev figures that if they were together more that the twins would get more love. Wow, that was bold. Sunita says that if they got together again, that they'd mess it up. Sunita says she's happy that they're finally getting on as friends.

- Simon saying "see you later crocodile" when it's supposed to be "see you later alligator." That kid is so darn cute!
- Gail mentioning that at her work (medical center reception) that when they have technical issues they call it "computer says no." Haha, that was a good one!
- Steve waltzing around with a full face of shaving cream.
- Ken goes out for a walk and Deirdre yells after him "stay away from that canal!" Haha.

- Why on earth was Steve asking around at every place on the street to find where Becky was when the obvious thing to do would be to check the cafe first. Duh.
- Sophie noting that their going to Sally's radiotherapy treatment with her is a "family outing to the cancer wing." How sad.
- Is Steve just about the most unsupportive husband ever? My word he's self-centered.
- George pushing his influence on Peter again.

Looking forward to: Scenes without Becky/Steve tension from now on! And hopefully seeing the backside of Steve's motorbike outfit?
NOT looking forward to: What George's intentions are with poor Simon and Peter.


Square Eyes said...

Right thers something wrong i thought Joe and Bill Webster fell out after the whole charity money stealing in the pub but bill says something about him and joe and mentions it again to kevin.i dont remember what it was now but i thought they had fallen out? also who was rosies boyfriend craig that kevin mentioned in thursdays episode? did we meet him?

Llifon said...

Yup. Craig Harris, brother of Killer Katy who murdered her father Tommy in the garage. Craig and Rosie became Goths and were going to escape to Berlin, but it was only Craig that went.

Square Eyes said...

oh yes its coming back to me now!!
That goth stage my how things have changed thanks for answering!

Dilly Daydream said...

I loved the way things were being tied in by different people in different scenes like Amy's library book and the car parking thing. Very clever writing I thought.


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